Title: Romancing a Leopard for Dummies

Author: Melissa Someone

Story Category: Power Rangers

Generation: Jungle Fury

Rating: Teen

Summary: Casey has no idea on how to romance both a woman and her animal spirit...

Pairing: Casey/OC

Inspired By: Nikutai No Kizuna – The Ties That Bind and Forgotten Past

Disclaimer: Don't own PR, Saban now holds the rights!

Universe: AU

Dedication: To Chelle - who, three years ago allowed me to use the ideas from Nikutai No Kizuna , provided I didn't write Forgotten Past as a Casey/Lily story. I still don't think she knew what she was getting into when she and I started talking on Yahoo. I mean, I can be a bit crazy.

Chapter 3:

A Taste of Poison

RJ was laying back comfortably in Rhonda, watching Judge Jamie with much interest. He popped a handful of popcorn into his mouth just as the Judge started going in on the Plaintiff.

'Ah, these are the days...' he thought to himself, glad that Master Mao had sent the rangers to him. He no longer had much need to check on things downstairs and he was reveling in the newfound freedom. However, today, he had awoken with the sense of tension in the air and as much as he tried to ignore it, he couldn't quite forget the way Jasmine and Casey both seemed on edge earlier.

He knew long before Jasmine opened the door to the loft, that she was coming upstairs and was completely frustrated, the waves of frustration seeming to roll off her and all over the room.

"I can't take it anymore!" RJ looked at his student from head to toe. She was covered in pizza ingredients. "First he has a food fight with Lily and then me." RJ raised an eyebrow at the dirty Pink Ranger. "If I wasn't still missing Tora, I'd say that idiot is trying to flirt with me!"

"That 'idiot' as you put it, is in charge of the Ranger team." RJ replied, blandly.

"Oh...yeah. That makes you an idiot too because you put him in charge." Jasmine snapped. RJ rolled his eyes. "Sorry, RJ. But Casey clearly has made me angry."

"Clean up downstairs, and then we'll talk after your shower..." RJ replied calmly.

RJ came up the stairs to the loft, catching sight of Casey twisting a basketball in his hands as he sat on the couch.

"Great job on the kitchen, if I didn't know any better I would have said that there was no way you two could have had a food fight. I never dreamed you two would work so well together." RJ praised the cub.

"Yeah, thanks..." Casey mumbled, looking somewhat startled. "Hey, RJ... Could I ask you something?"

"Well technically, you already have, but what would another question hurt." RJ quipped, getting a faint laugh from the cub.

"Right... What I want to ask is... How do you get a girl to like you?" The question startled RJ, though he didn't let his surprise show.

"What makes you ask?" RJ responded quirking an eyebrow as he looked at the cub.

"I... Well, there's this girl I like and... Well my attempts at trying to get her to... open up, haven't been all that successful."

"Oh, I get it now... First off, Casey, Jasmine doesn't like getting tomato splattered all over her back, anymore than Theo likes to see the messes that are the result of the three of you running off to fight Dai Shi's minions while Fran is the only one here to... run things... Second of all, are you sure you want to pursue Jasmine, she tends to be... quite... stubborn, and then there's Theo to worry about. I know he still views her as his baby sister."

"Yes, I'm sure, RJ..."

"Not to mention... She's still very much... attached to this boy she used to know... I don't think she'll ever let go of him the way she goes on and on about him..." He heard a disheartened sigh leave Casey's lips as the cub slumped his shoulders. "That doesn't mean you don't have a chance, it's just a very... slim chance; That's all.. You're going to need to be on your best behavior, show her what a gentleman you can be. " The exasperated roll of the cub's milk chocolate orbs as Casey looked at him, made RJ wonder if there was even a Rat's arse of a chance for the cub. "Look, I know it's not easy... But, you'll just have to trust me on this."

Jasmine had arrived too late to the battlefield to find Casey suffering from Stingerella's poison. This made her angrier than she had been earlier in the day. "Hey, Dai Shi!" She called out. Jarrod's body flinched as if recognizing Jasmine's voice. "I am so going to make sure we pay you back a hundredfold for this. Nobody hurts my red Ranger and gets away with it."

"My red ranger?" Lily mouthed to Theo as Theo shrugged.

"You..." Dai Shi turned around. "You are the daughter of Jan Kandou?" Jasmine stood there resolutely staring Dai Shi down.

"Yeah, your point is?" Jasmine countered.

"Your father was responsible for imprisoning my brother in that hell you call a seal. Just like the Pai Zhuq is responsible for capturing me inside a box." Jasmine laughed. Puzzled, Dai Shi just watched her.

"Well if you wouldn't try to destroy the world and all that we hold dear, then we wouldn't have a problem with you, now would we?" Jasmine said, calm as the sun came out.

"You will pay for your father's act, Pink Ranger." After his threat, Dai Shi stomped off.

Jasmine made a fresh washcloth for Casey. "As I told Lily...Casey has one mommy, he doesn't need two." Theo tried to grab the washcloth out of his sister's hand but the Pink Ranger was faster.

"Well, his mommy isn't here, now is she?" Jasmine quipped.

"Okay, I want to know why you felt possessive of Casey earlier. If you aren't more careful, you could end up being Casey's Aikoka instead of Tora's."

"That's none of your business." Jasmine snapped.

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