Here's an idea I've had for a while and I know it's strange but it's been flying around my head for weeks and it won't go away unless I make it into a story. So here's a taste of it. Hope you like it and if you have any ideas for this strange story, feel free to share.

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Conan was on his way home from school when he received a text from Haibara, who had stayed home from school saying she was on the brink of a break through in the research APTX 4869 and couldn't be disturbed, telling him that she had a permanent antidote to said poison. After looking at said text he rushed over to Agasa-Hakase's house like a speeding bullet (or close to one since he didn't have his skateboard with him) excitement flowing through him with every step he took. He was half way there when he remembered that Ran would be worried if he didn't let her know that he was going to be home late so he pulled out 'Conan's' phone and dialed her number while still running. The phone didn't ring for very long, that must mean Ran wasn't too busy with whatever she was doing.

"Moshi-moshi?" said a voice Conan recognized. "Conan-kun?"

"Hi Ran-neechan," said Conan internally wincing at having to call Ran neechan. "I'm going over to Agasa's for a while so I won't be back right away."

"Okay then," said Ran on the other line. "Just be back for dinner Conan-kun, or the food will get cold."

"I will Ran-neechan," answered Conan nearing his destination. "Bye," he was rounding the last corner when he hung up the phone and slipped it into his pocket.

Passing the gate of the Kudo Mansion, Conan came up with an idea, so skidding to halt, he turned and dashed up the path to the house, grabbing his 'older' clothes and quickly running to the house next door. There inside was a girl with strawberry blonde hair and a lab coat hanging from her shoulders, she was standing in the middle of the living room facing the door when Conan came in.

"So where is it," Conan asked Haibara excitedly.

"Here," she answered holding out her hand, and in that hand was a small red and white pill. "But I must warn you, there may be a slight side effect when you take this, I don't know what it is so be careful-"

"Okay, okay, give it," said Conan anxiously, plucking the pill from Haibara's hand, and running to the closest bathroom.

Conan didn't really lock the door just in case anything went wrong and someone couldn't reach him in time. So once he was ready with his 'older' clothes to the side for when he was back to normal, he took the pill. Instantly pain shot through his body and he cringed as his muscles tensed. His heart pounding and racing as a result from the pill forcing him to cry out with every wave of pain. He couldn't see for he was closing his watery eyes, wincing. Just when he thought he was dieing, he passed out and cool darkness engulfed him bringing along with it…relief.

What felt like hours later Shinichi woke up but didn't open his eyes for he was wanting to go back to sleep. After a few seconds he realized that he was in a different room than before because he could tell he was laying on something soft like a bed, and in the silence he could hear voices around him, talking about him and they sounded worried. He slowly opened his eyes a crack and everything was blurry but when he lifted his hands to rub them he could see enough to tell that they were normal and he smiled even though he was still tired and sore. After he rubbed the sleep from his eyes he looked around and noticed that, besides being in a bedroom, nothing was right at all. Everything was even larger in size than before, like he was two inches tall.

"What the -" Shinichi still trying to see the whole room at once. He glanced towards the door and saw two people standing in front of it.

Haibara had been sitting on the bed in front of Shinichi and watching him with narrowed eyes as if she was waiting for him to jump up and run away. It seemed that she was there to let the other two know when he woke up, and sure enough she was.

"Hey," she said turning to Ran and Agasa. "He's awake."

At her words Ran rushed to the side of the bed with tears in her eyes, tears of worry and fear. Shinichi was confused, why was Ran crying? He understood that she would cry if she found out the truth about Conan which from what he could see, she did, but they would be tears full of hurt and emotional pain not what they were now. He tried to sit up but his muscles were still sore from the change so he just stayed where he was. He looked up to see Agasa-Hakase also stepping over to the bed.

"How are you feeling?" asked Agasa worried.

"Sore but otherwise fine," Shinichi said to the three faces staring at him. "Why?"

Haibara, Ran and Agasa all glanced at each other with nervous looks (well Ran and Agasa had nervous looks on their faces but obviously not Haibara) before Ran brought out a small compact mirror and held it in front of Shinichi. What he saw in the mirror was nothing he expected, a small doll version of himself in some sort of hospital gown. His eyes widened in shock and so did the doll version of him. Everything he did the tiny manikin did too.

This is not good, Shinichi thought looking up at Ran and then at Haibara and Agasa. At least it all made sense to Shinichi now, seeing his reflection certainly explained why the room was so much larger. He literally was two inches tall.



There's my first chapter of this story hope you like it. Sorry it was soooooo short but I had a hard time coming up with ideas for the chapter so I wrote down whatever came to mind. That kinda seems to be how I write. So hope you like it and it is okay to say how weird it is because I think it's weird too. Please review, they're quite accepted! See you next chapter….maybe.