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Shinichi was very excited. He was sitting on the counter edge in Haibara's lab, waiting to be given the temporary antidote. Haibara was making preparations on how to give him the prototype antidote. Ran and the other teens are sitting off to the side waiting to see what happens. Haibara then hands a thimble, filled with thick light blue liquid, to the tiny detective. He takes it eagerly and brings it up to his lips. But before he could take a sip, Haibara stopped him.

"You have to drink all of it otherwise it won't work," the mini scientist informed as she was stacking research papers on the formula for the antidote and filing them away. "That's the smallest amount I can give you that will still work and the largest amount for you current size. And I suggested you drink it all at once, otherwise it won't work properly."

Shinichi nodded quickly and downed the liquid. After finishing it he made a face of disgust. The stuff tasted like some sort of thick gooey paste and the aftertaste was practically glued to his tongue. The residue of the liquid, stuck to the rest of the inside of his mouth. He speaks up after most of the residue and aftertaste is gone.

"How long will it take?"

"I can't know for certain, but I'd say between 30 minutes to a full hour," replied Haibara now putting the files away. "You might want to find something to do until then or you might drive yourself mad with anticipation," she then slides out of her chair and leaves the room.

A tanned hand appeared in front of Shinichi and he jumped off the counter into it. Heiji followed behind Ran and Kazuha out the door and up the stairs. The girls had insisted on all four of them watching a movie. They didn't want to spend the time with their nerves being grated into shreds from not knowing if the antidote would work or not. The boys reluctantly agreed. Only because if they went over the case they would drive themselves crazy since there were no new leads.

The boys sat waiting on the couch as the girls flipped through the TV channels to find a TV movie. Shinichi sat on the back of the couch next to Heiji's head and below him was Heiji's shoulder making it easier to climb down to the cushions if he needed to. The girls found an hour long TV special and settled down on the couch before the opening credits started. Heiji sat in the middle with Kazuha to his right and Ran on his left. Shinichi was sitting in between Ran and Heiji still on the back of the couch with his feet hanging off the edge.

The movie was a mystery romance. It was about a detective who fell in love with the victim of an attempted murder of which the detective was trying to solve. The boys were excited about the mystery part of the movie but when the romance came in, boredom instantly set in and they rolled their eyes as the girls gushed over the cute scenes.

When the movie ended an hour later, Shinichi began to feel a strange sensation starting in the pit of his stomach. At first he put it off as a stomach ache and ignored it, but then his heart began to race and his breathe came in pants. Sweat beaded on his forehead and he put a hand to his chest over his heart as if the action would calm it. That's when the pain came. Shinichi winced as he felt what felt like hot molten iron flowing inside his body and sharp stabs piercing him along with the burning pain. He let out a small whimper unexpectedly and hoped no one heard him.

He was wrong.

He had both eyes shut tight from the pain, and when he opened them again, he saw the two giant faces of Ran and Heiji staring worriedly at him. He could also see Kazuha looking at him from farther away, her face had more curiosity in it than worry but it was there.

"Hey Kudo. You okay?" Spoke the osakan detective with concern.

"I… I think," Shinichi started, the severe pain proving speaking, and keeping his eyes open, to be difficult. His next words came out in a quick huff. "I think it's starting!"

A few seconds went by before the light bulb flashed over everyone's head. They were so engrossed in the special, that they almost forgot why they were watching it. Shinichi tried to stand up, but the pain became overwhelming and he stumbled off the back cushion of the couch and over the edge.

He didn't fall too far. A hand was right there to catch him. He was lowered to the seating part of the couch and deposited on the soft cushion. Shinichi was curled in on himself the pain too unbearable. He felt a gentle pressure against his arm move up and down it. He deduced that the pressure was Ran finger trying to comfort him and hoping to ease the pain. And as if the action was working, the pain subsided quicker than when it appeared.

He sat up, and wiped the sweat off his forehead. He looked around and saw that nothing had changed much. If that was the prototype taking affect then shouldn't he be back to normal? He glanced up into three gigantic, expectant faces.

"Do I look any different?" He asked the three giants above him.

"No. Not really," Heiji answered lowering his hand. Shinichi stepped in and Heiji lifted him back on the back of the couch.

"Maybe 'cuz it was a tiny amount, it made you grow a tiny bit?" interjected Kazuha.

"She might be right," inquired Ran. "I'll go get a ruler," and with that, she left. Kazuha followed soon after to help.

Heiji and Shinichi were left to themselves and automatically their brains went straight to the case. They were in the middle of a discussion when Ran and Kazuha came back. Shinichi jumped to the coffee table so they could obtain a better reading. That was, until Heiji stepped in and plucked the tiny detective between his thumb and forefinger and placed him close to the middle of the table. Shinichi looked back at the tall tanned teen, annoyed, and found a sheepish grin on his large face that told Shinichi that Heiji wasn't think when he did what he did. The small teen just shrugged it off, he was still irritated, but he knew it would be stupid to hold it against the Osakan teen.

Shinichi stood as straight as he could and waited as Ran positioned the ruler right behind him. When he sensed Ran's fingertip mark where the top of his head was, he moved away and turned around to see where her finger rested. What he saw, was that he was now a fraction of an inch taller than before. His heart sank and he let out a sigh of disappointment.

"Only a fraction of an inch?" Heiji's voice spoke quietly in sad astonishment. "Man I thought this stuff was supposed to work!"

"I told you that it was the smallest amount I could give you," Haibara's voice sounded from behind Ran. All the giant teens jumped out of surprised, Shinichi was the only one who saw her coming and had no reaction other than an annoyed look aimed at the girl. "That small of an amount must have not had that much of an affect. Though compared to your size I'd thought it would work more," with a shrug of her shoulders she continued. "Oh well, I guess I'll just have to work on it more," and with that, she left.

After that, Kazuha and Ran went to check on Akane in one of the guest rooms. They wanted to make sure she was doing well since she first woke up. Shinichi and Heiji moved to the kitchen counter and discussed their old cases and compared the level of danger they were in solving them. The small teen was sitting on the counter with his feet hanging over the edge while the larger one sat on a stool next to him.

"And then he had me pinned to the ground and was about to pull a gun on me when-"

"The police came and distracted the guy long enough for you to get away an' he got thrown in jail. You already told me that one!" Heiji exclaimed annoyed and sending a small glare at the tiny teen. "Don't you have any new cases I haven't heard about?"

"Well what did you expect?" Shinichi replied looking up at his tanned companion. "I've already told you about all the ones I solved on my own. And besides, the most dangerous cases were the ones we both solved." Shinichi leaned back on his hands and slouched.

"They weren't all that dangerous," Heiji grouched somewhat defensive and looked away.

Shinichi knew Heiji was right, but he didn't want to say anything, thinking that it would be pointless to mention it. He began kicking his legs out, a habit he picked up from Conan. Realizing what he was doing, he stopped, and with a blush tinting his cheeks, he glanced out of the corner of his eye to see if Heiji was watching. It was his luck that the larger detective was staring off in another direction at the time. Shinichi sighed in relief. He turned back to his friend and noticed that something was different.

Shinichi noticed that (even sitting as close as he was) that he didn't have to crane his neck as much as he had to in order to look Heiji in the eye. Puzzled, he stood up on the counter and viewed the objects around him. He found that the salt and pepper shakers nearby were a foot shorter than they were before. He looked to Heiji's arm and discovered that he gained a foot or so from what he could only see.

"Whatcha doin' Kudo?" Came Heiji's voice from above.

"I-I think," Shinichi met the giant's eyes with shock in his own. "I think I grew! Quick! Grab the ruler!"

A minute later…

"It sure looks like it!" exclaimed the tanned teen pulling the ruler away. "Yer now exactly three inches tall."

Shinichi was ecstatic at the news! He believed he was doomed to be two and a half inches tall for the rest of his life, never being able to go back to his old life and not have to hide from the world. He was suddenly full of energy! Enough energy in fact, that he believed that he could run laps around the kitchen counter. Which is what he almost did, if he wasn't snatched up by the back of his collar pinched between two giant fingers. Shinichi struggled a bit as an automatic reaction, but quickly stopped when he remembered that he wasn't in any danger.

"Whoa, whoa, calm down there," Heiji said, tilting his hand so that Shinichi laid in his palm. He then let go of the back of the small teen's collar and curled his fingers loosely around the tiny figure. "Don' wan' ya runin' off the edge." He raised his hand to his face so he could speak to Shinichi at the same level. "Should we tell that girl about this?"

Shinichi nodded in agreement as he sat up in the hand. "Good idea." Even the hand seemed smaller than before. He held on to one of Heiji's fingers as Heiji moved his hand closer to his chest a bit too fast.

Haibara was in her lab fixing up the antidote when Heiji walked in carrying Shinichi in his hand. The tanned teens set his smaller counterpart on the counter, pointed at him and said in a voice full of determination:

"It seems like the antidote does work!" Heiji exclaimed. "It's just slow!"

"It appears so…" Haibara answered turning the seat of her chair to see Shinichi better. "When did you noticed a change?" She was asking Heiji the question but it was Shinichi who replied.

"A minute ago," he answered letting his feet dangle off the edge of the counter. "We were in the kitchen when everything seemed different to me."

"Different how?"

"Everything was a foot shorter than before," Heiji and Haibara gave him a weird look before he continued. "From my perspective it was."

"What does this mean?" Heiji cut in feeling a little annoyed at being ignored.

"It means-" Haibara turned her full attention back to the tallest one in the room. "-That my work wasn't a total waste and that I can add this new information into my notes for the formula."

"What about how slow it's taking him to grow?"

"It's been half an hour since he felt the effects of the antidote?"

Shinichi nodded his answer.

"Have you been feeling any pain?"

"Not since the movie ended," he replied truthfully.

"Then I hypothesize that it takes half an hour to gain a half inch in height and because the effects are so slow he is unable to feel any pain, which is a good sign." She paused here to pullout her notes and write somethings down. When she finished, she continued: "I suggest you keep an eye out for any changes in the next few hours and keep me updated so I can track its progress."

Both Heiji and Shinichi answered in a nod and left the room, Shinichi sitting once again, in Heiji's hand.

Hours later found the two teen detectives looking over the case files of the still missing people, hoping they could find anything they could use to identify the victims in their childhood forms. Shinichi had reached the eight inch mark the last time they checked and was having a difficult time adjusting to the change.

After spending a little over a month at two and a half inches tall, Shinichi had become used to living in a giant world where everything towered above him. So now that the giant world was shrinking around him, he felt he was taking up more room (which he was by the way). He also had to find new clothes to wear every so often because he kept outgrowing the old ones. His latest ones were bought in the doll section of a toy store. He also out grew his anti-gravity belt and his gloves and shoes to help him climb vertical surfaces.

Shinichi was also a lot clumsier in his actions with the size change. More than once did he almost fall off the edge of any surface he was standing on because he misjudged the distance. The other three teens had to catch him and put him back on said surfaces, on many occasions. But although there were some troubling circumstances, there were also exciting achievements being made. For example, Shinichi was big enough to be able to walk around on the floor without fear of not being noticed, and he didn't have to crane his neck so high when talking to Heiji, or Ran, or anyone else for that matter! He was just happy that with each passing hour, he was closer to being at his normal height.

In between the hours passed, Ran and Kazuha had gone to the store to buy food for dinner and were now making it in the kitchen. Hisako and Kanae had appeared from their rooms and were talking amongst themselves. Kazuha brought Haibara out of her lab saying that she had been working in there for hours nonstop and desperately needed a break, (much to the small scientist's annoyance) so Haibara helped with the cooking. Shinichi and Heiji were ignoring everyone in favor of searching for a clue to bring them closer to solving the case. So far, they were going around in circles once again. They decided they weren't going to continue until they could talk to Akane if they hadn't decided that before.

Dinner was made and everyone was sitting at the table enjoying it. By now, Shinichi had gained an extra inch and was sitting by Ran, eating off her plate. Heiji and Kazuha were sitting off to the side in the middle of an almost argument, Hisako and Kanae were conversing amongst themselves and Haibara was keeping to herself and mostly ignoring everyone.

After dinner, Shinichi was now nearing a full ten inches and didn't show signs of stopping. He and Heiji ended up staying at Agasa's house because the small detective couldn't fit in his usual hiding places when going outside. Ran and Kazuha went back to the agency for the night and wished the boys a goodnight before leaving.

Shinichi and Heiji stayed up waiting for the time when the antidote would wear off so they could inform Haibara and she could take notes. It wasn't until three in the morning when the effects of the antidote lessened and the boys finally fell asleep.

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