A/N: I don't own nothin'. This, as you may have guessed, is the intro- but don't worry, all the characters will later be digested by a bunch of angry 'nids. Hehehe.

"Is it really over?" I whispered to Edward.

His smile was huge. "Yes. They've given up. Like all bullies, they're cowards underneath the swagger." He chuckled.

Alice laughed with him. "Seriously, people. They're not coming back. Everybody can relax now."

There was another beat of silence.

"Of all the rotten luck," Stefan muttered.

And then it hit.

Cheers erupted. Deafening howls filled the clearing. Maggie pounded Siobhan on the back. Rosalie and Emmett kissed again-longer and more ardently than before. Benjamin and Tia were locked in each other's arms, as were Carmen and Eleazar. Esme held Jasper in a tight embrace, then turned to Alice, but stopped at her expression. I stared at Alice too-her expression was one of blank shock.

"Alice? What's wrong? Are they coming back?" asked Jasper frantically, shaking Alice.

"I...I don't know" said Alice, her eyes blank and staring.

"What do you mean?" I hissed. Gradually, all sounds of celebration died out through the clearing as everybody focused on our conversation. "Edward?" I asked, turning to him, but his eyes were also blank.

"Edward?" I snarled into his ear. "What's going on?"

"Our future has just disappeared" came Edward's panic-stricken whisper. "As has the future of..." He choked.

"The future of what?"

He turned to me, eyes full of horror.

"As has the future of the entire planet."

I didn't understand. By the reactions of the vampires and wolves along the line, neither did they. Emmett laughed uneasily, while confused whines escaped several of the wolves.

"How can the entire future of the planet just disappear?" I asked, wondering if this was all some weird joke Edward was playing on me.

He looked at me, terror obvious on his face. "I don't know" he said brokenly. "I don't know!"

Then Edward's head snapped up again, staring up into the overcast sky. I looked up too, shading my eyes. For a moment I saw nothing, and wondered what Edward was so stressed about. Then I saw emerging from the bottom of the layer of cloud. A small black dot, at first, but getting larger every second. Then more black dots followed the first. I narrowed my eyes, squinting- it looked like nothing I'd ever seen. Before I could get a good view of it, it impacted into the Earth at the other end of the clearing with massive force, leaving a large smoking crater.

"Edward? Can you hear anything?" I asked. I wasn't sure what these strange things were falling from the sky-they looked almost organic- but I had an instinctive feeling it wasn't anything good. I sighed. Yet another thing was threatening my sleepy little town.

Suddenly Edward was on his knees, letting out a shout of rage and terror. I was beginning to feel panic stirring in my chest. "EDWARD!" I screeched, dropping to my knees next to him.

"I can hear their minds!" he groaned, putting his hands to his temples. "They're all linked to some... massive intellect, back on their ship! Their only purpose is to... to... eradicate all life..." His voice trailed off into a horrified whisper. Then I could smell them. An unearthly, weird smell that gave me a violent nauseous reaction.

Then the first things emerged from the hole.

They looked hideous, like monsters crawled straight from a nightmare. Everything about them screamed 'WRONG'. They had too many limbs, snarling, bloodthirsty, tooth-filled jaws. Their heads were too long, and covered in some kind of plated armour that also covered their bodies. And on the end of two of their limbs were long, vicious, ripping claws. Some of the creatures, instead of having jaws, had horrible, sucker-like tendrils, standing on two limbs like a human, but with massive talons as well as claws. A small part of my mind processed all of this. The greater part of my mind felt a freezing, mind-numbing terror as the creatures advanced on our now frozen line. More transports fell out of the sky, disgorging ever more twisted creatures. It was so unreal, it was almost impossible for my mind to comprehend.

My mind was otherwise occupied after these thoughts. An even more insane creature, with a gigantic, exposed brain, floated out of one of the landing craters. And as soon as it exposed itself, I felt a massive force tear through my mental shield, and Edward gave a bloodcurdling scream, slumping to the floor, jerking and spazzing out in agony. I crouched beside him, screaming myself, unable to come up with a reason for this torture besides the sadistic impulses of Twilight-hate of the author, then Edward gave a final jerk and lay still, blank eyes staring upwards.

"Kill, we must" he hissed, and I instinctively knew that it wasn't him speaking. The aliens were speaking through him, using him as a mouthpiece.

"Why?" I screamed. "What have we done?"

"Gay sparkling vampires, squealing fangirls and a Mary Sue" Edward hissed, undisguised malice in his voice, "You must not threaten the Hive Mind. You must be devoured" he hissed, turning his head to look at me with glassy eyes, hate sparkling in the backs of them. "You must be devoured" he repeated, grinning, then he fell back to the floor with a thud.

The first monsters leapt over the ravine in the middle of the field, and approached us with unmistakeable bloodlust in their alien eyes.