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Quil was the first to go. I saw it very clearly, as our line pulled back into a protective semicircle. One moment the brown wolf was slowly backing away, fearful snarls escaping from his muzzle, the next a massive alien beast emerged from the shrubbery just behind him, lightning quick. One slash of the huge claws above its back, and Quil's head left his shoulders in a spray of bright arterial blood, propelling his head several metre, staining the snow it flew over a bright shade of crimson. His head rolled a few times, and came to rest against a tree, Quil's last expression of bewilderment and, terror and pain frozen on his face. His decapitated body staggered around as if drunk for a few more seconds, then collapsed in a growing stain of red.

The next was Kate as she darted forwards out of the line, trying to attack the alien that had killed Quil, her eyes narrowed in shock and fury. She tried to get close enough to shock it, but as she ran at it, more, smaller aliens emerged from the shrubbery, and attacked her from behind. The first one to reach her got her shock on full power, and it collapsed to the floor, making an intensely loud chittering which made every one of us press our hands to our ears. However, several more creatures attacked her from several sides, first ripping her arm off in a high pitched shriek of agony, then as Kate stumbled back, they attacked again, bowling her over and ripping chunks out of her body. Bits of stone showered over the clearing, as Kate was ripped to miniscule pieces with bloodcurdling screams, with a suddenness that shocked us, and left us unable to react. Garret broke out of the trance, roaring with fury, and leapt over the ravine, aiming for the biggest concentration of the creatures, concentrating on getting revenge. He reached the edge of a recent crater, but his charge was stopped abruptly when a massive talon flashed out of the hole and sliced him clean in half. His legs, carried by his forward momentum, flew over the crater and disappeared into the trees at the far end of the clearing, still flailing. A crushing claw emerged from the crater, grabbing his struggling top half and ground him into dust, falling with a soft hissing noise into a rough pile at the edge of the crater.

There was a shocked silence. Then everything happened very quickly.

I felt a lance of power emanating from the floating creature rip through my shield again, and Seth suddenly collapsed, his brain imploding. Blood and brain matter poured in a viscous flood out of his nose and ears to pool on the floor around his body, twitching in its death throes. Leah howled in pain and fury, and darted forward to avenge her brother, but was cut short by a mutant darting out of the sky, and carrying her up into the sky, leathery wings beating the air. It swung her body into a tree, and a splintering crack rang through the air. It carried her limp and swinging body up to a treetop and began to feed, ripping steaming hunks of meat from her corpse, blood dripping down through the foliage to fall as a gentle rain of crimson and the bottom. My attention was suddenly distracted as a viciously clawed hand punched through the turf at the feet of Eleazar and dragged him underground. Carmen cried out, and lunged for her lover's rapidly disappearing body. Even with her vampire speed, she just managed to catch onto his hand, which was waving around over his head in a blind panic, but all she succeeded in doing was to get dragged under the soil herself. They disappeared under the level of the turf, and the ground started to vibrate, screams, snaps and alien growling coming from below.

"OK, everybody stay where they are!" I said, voice high and shaky with panic, struggling to keep my balance on the ground that was still shaking, sounds of death coming from beneath us. "Nobody leave the ring- NO!" I screamed, as Sam's wolf pack leapt forward, obviously thinking attack was the best form of defence. Bad idea. They leapt towards the aliens, who were advancing in a wave of death, only twenty or thirty metres away from our retreating defensive semicircle. The charging wolves were quickly overrun by the living tide of slashing talons, loud howls, yelps and the sounds of chitin on meat erupting from the melee that had erupted in the middle of the line of aliens. The beleaguered wolves were covered entirely by the bodies of the monsters, who had gone crazy, as if some kind of twisted feeding frenzy. I don't know how long we stood there, already reeling from the friends we had lost, our bodies frozen at the back of the clearing, watching but not daring to watch our allies being ripped limb from limb in the middle of a whirling melee of claws, talons and alien, many-limbed bodies, but eventually the line began inexorably to advance again, slowly at first but picking up speed.

It was then that I realised there was no way of fighting against such a... swarm. Hunks of meat, flies already swarming around them, and a massive deep red stain in the exposed earth where the snow had been crushed and swept away underfoot bore mute witness to that. I could only try to save as many of my friends still alive as I could.

But judging by what I'd seen, I doubted any would get away alive.

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