Ryo's Beginning & POV

It's not all that easy to be two different things at once.

My name is Ryoichi Charleston.

My father was a British man and my mum was a Japanese woman. Stange i know, but i loved them both. But them being different races meant that i was mixed with both races. I was one of two worlds. And i didnt truly belond in either countries,

When me and my mum were still in Britan, the land of my birth, my father came down with a gastly disease that he couldn't recover from. And since he couldn't recover form it, he died in his sleep. It was a bloody tragic day. I had never seen my mum cry so much. And i had never seen myself cry as much as i did that day.

After his death, we had no choice but to move to my mother's country.

Chapter 2

"This is where i was born, my son. This is you're new home."

I looked out at the land my mother called home. It looked different from Britan. It was larger and much more beautiful. I loved it instantly. And it felt right.

My mum always told me stories of this rich land, how the economy was rich and the cites were big and the people were nice. But that was only her opinion. The truth was that not all of them were nice.

"What's wrong with your eyes?" a boy once told me.

"You're a half-breed," another boy said, taking a peice of my blonde hair into his hand. "I don't know a since pure japanese person with hair this color. And blue isn't a normal japanese eye color. What are you?"

I puzzled and puzzled but found the words to say.

"I was born in Britian," I told them in my normal british accent.

The sound of my accent made him bloody curious.

"What's that sound in your voice?"


"That accent. It's also not japanese."

"I am half British," i told him.

"You mean your half weird?" the first boy said, rudely.

My eyes narrowed toward him.

"I beg you pardon, my good fellow?"

Both boys chuckled at me.

"What does that mean? 'My good fellow'? Is that even human?"

"It's a very common term among Britian folk."

"It's isn't common here, freak."

I flinched, the insult taking me my surprise. I could have cried if i wanted to but what i really wanted to do was beat the bloody hell out of him. But my concious was telling me not to do anything.

But that was the least of my problems.

One night, i walked into the house to find my mum lying on the floor, fighting for air.

"..R..ryo..." was the only thing she could say to me.

I ran up to her, panic striking every part of me. I didn't know what was wrong with her until i touched her. I felt something wet and sticky all over my hand. I look at my hand. It was all red. My mother was covered with blood. I finally noticed that my mother had been stabbed.

"..R..Ryoichi...please be strong my son..." was her last words to me before chocking on her last breath.


Days passed after my mum's death. After her death was discovered, some people came and took me away from her. I never saw her again after that. I couldn't even go to her funeral.


"Everyone, this is Ryoichi, and he will be joining our family starting today," said the lady at the orphanage.

I was standing in a room full of ophans like me, except none of them were half-anything. Just pure japanese. I was bloody scared. Not a single blond head, not a single set of saphire eyes, no ivory skin, and especially no bloody British accent.

But looking around the room more carefully, I knoticed a girl with unusual orange hair and eyes, with two small horns growing from her skull. She was looking at me, surprised. I was looking at her with the same expression, but it was more curious than surprised. I found the girl absolutly admiring. And quite lovely.


After the teacher let the class met me, she released us all to play outside. I looked around for the girl with orange hair and eyes but i couldn't find her anywhere outside. So i assumed she was still inside. I ran back to the doorway to go inside, when i got cornered by three boys, all evil looking.

"Heh, what's with your accent?" one boy had said. "It's not Japanese, I know that for sure. Just what are you anyway? You're so pale."

Then, he grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked me forward, causing me to scream out in pain.

"And what's with this color? It's so weird. Just like you. And those freak eyes you have are just as weird. Why don't you go back to where you came from? You're a freak!"

Afterward, he threw me by my hair onto the ground. I was able to help myself up, a frown found its way across my face as him and his friends began to point and laugh at me. Besides those rude children from my mum's old neighborhood, I have never experienced such cruelty.

Suddenly, I felt the wind in front of me blow and I felt the precence of someone in front of me. I looked up, my eyes widening with surprise.

It was the girl with orange hair and eyes.

"Leave him alone," she shouted.

The boy and his mates all stared at her, fright filling them with hilarities.

"Oh shit! It's her! Run!" They all yelled, running in fear. It was obvious that they had had an encounter with her not too long ago and wasn't ready for another one.

The girl kneeled down toward me, my eyes still wide as fine china.

"Are you okay," she asked.

I was blasted. I couldn't speak for a few seconds.

"Yes, I'm fine."

Her eyes were much more lovelier up close. They were even more lovely when they widened.

But then i saw them.

Her horns.

"What are those? Are those horns?" i asked her.

Her eyes filled with fright for the most peculiar reason. Clearly she wasn't treated very nicely because of them. On her delicate body, I saw several fading scars as if she had been in a few fights. I don't know why though. She was so cute.

"They make you very lovely," I told her with a smile.

Her eyes filled with shock and relief.

"R…..really?" she asked.

"Yes. Simply smashing. They're bloody brilliant. So lovely," I told her.

She blushed, making her cuteness level rise. I couldn't believe the feeling I was feeling.

I was in love.

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