Oops, I had totally forgotten that I hadn't uploaded the epilogue... Sorry about that! (And also disappearing from this site for 2 years...) Anyway, the last bit of Apopalips:

Epilogue: Aftermath

Almost hour after the Sirius Black disappeared, the center of the Great Hall flared with a golden light and dark gates appeared and opened. Harry backed away from the portal until he was sitting on the teacher's table. His almost kind of mother would have probably scolded him if she had noticed, but as it was, everyone was too busy to notice his actions.

Madam Pomfrey was the first person through the gate, although dozens of hospital beds followed her. Remus was another authority figure, but he worked with Lily and the other people in the alternate world to transfer the injured out of the Great Hall. Madam Pomfrey stayed in the Great Hall until the last of the beds came through.

There was a waiting period of fifteen minutes before the next group came through. This time Elizabeth Burke was the leader of the pack, along with Molly Weasley. Molly was the one to follow the alternate Sprout to the guest rooms, leading a long line of women and children. After another fifteen minute break, the civilian men started to stream through, lead by Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke amongst others. After the civilian men and the secondary leaders were through, Harry brightened as his friends finally came through the gate.

His friends actually noticed his location and instead of following Carlton Lassiter out of the Great Hall, they trooped over to where Harry was sitting. Parker, Luna, Ron, and Neville sat down on the table with Harry, but the others just leaned against the table and watched the gate travelers

Draco leaned on the table right next to Harry and rested his arm on Harry's knee. Harry patted Draco's head before going back to watching. The military and the council forces moved quicker than any of the other groups, as they were more used to doing procedures such as this.

The wait after the military and council forces were through was only for five minutes before the Council stepped through. Harry laughed when he saw Riddle and laughed even harder when he felt the glare through Riddle's sunglasses. Nate led the Council over to where Harry was sitting and greeted his team.

A minute afterwards, the gate flared a golden light and disappeared, leaving the Sirius Black and James Potter standing in the center of the Great Hall. As the rest of the people trickled out of the Great Hall, the Grandfatherly Figure, the Sirius Black, and the almost kind of parents headed over to the teachers table.

Lily gave Harry a stern look when she found him sitting on the table, but he ignored her, paying more attention to Nate. The Grandfatherly Figure was the first one to speak up, however. "Greetings and welcome to our Hogwarts. You seem to have gotten here all right and I hope that your stay here will be enjoyable."

"We understand that you have a bit of a problem, yourself," Riddle said. He tilted his sunglasses down to show his red eyes. "Let's talk about Voldemort and how you're going to defeat him."

An hour and fifteen minutes after the last actual person in Hogwarts left, the biobombs were finally dropped. They screamed as they rained down from the sky and all of the humans left in the world screamed as the biobombs detonated. The captured aliens left behind on earth also screamed as the gasses got to them. The chemicals within the biobombs were set to only kill humans, but the captured aliens had traces of human DNA in order to blend in with hopes of going undetected.

The animals remaining on earth had no idea what was going on, as they were unaffected by the biobombs, save for the force of them hitting the earth. Most of the magical creatures were likewise unaffected by the chemicals; whatever human DNA might be in some of them was so slight that at the most they just got sick. The vampires and the werewolves started out as humans, so they either went with the Hogwarts troop, or they left with other rides off of the planet. The inferi were the only creatures wiped out by the biobombs.

The aliens monitored the planet until they were satisfied that all intelligent life was destroyed. Confident in their belief that they had conquered the human race, the aliens took off for another planet to 'play' with. Free of their presence, magical creatures began to emerge from their hiding places.

It took humans half a day before the chemicals had dissipated enough for them to scout out the earth to be sure that the aliens had gone. The Hogwarts troop waited a full twenty four hours before they returned.

In direct contrast to their evacuation, the military forces and those who worked for the Council were the first groups through. They checked the entirety of Hogwarts for any breaches in security before they signaled for the other groups to come through. The civilian men were the next group through, along with the secondary leaders. Then the women and children came through, clearing the way for the injured to arrive. When the last group was through, the Council and the last of stragglers came through the gate, which flashed before disappeared.

Harry, surrounded by the Council and Parker, grinned and announced: "Honey, we're home!"