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Tsuna slumped down on his bed and raised his hands as if reaching for the ceiling, He looked at the two rings on his fingers, one is of Natsu's and the other is the Vongola Ring.

In the future, they said that I became the boss… Does that mean that I should just accept it? He asked himself and held his hand to a ball. He groaned, but if I do become the boss then Yamamoto-kun, Gokudera-kun, Onii-san… everyone would get involved as well. Kyoko-chan and Haru-chan would be in danger. I can't let that happen.

He took his hand and turned to his side. Then, he saw the ring Lancia have given him.

Even Lancia-san got a hard time because he joined the mafia. And besides… Am I even capable of becoming a leader? He asked himself but there was no answer. He stood up and looked up to the dark sky through the window.

"Reborn… I know you're awake," he said as his intuition was deemed correct when his tutor sat up.

"What do you want, dame-Tsuna? It's in the middle of the night…" Reborn answered lazily. Tsuna raised his eyebrow; he was expecting his tutor to already know what he was thinking.

"Hmph. Don't look at me like that. Just spit it out already," the other casually said.

Tsuna then shrugged and turned his gaze back outside though his attention was to the baby hitman, "Do you know what the Ninth's reason is as to why he made me his heir?"

"Because you have the Vongola blood,"

"Not that… I already knew that,"


"I know I'm not the only person with the Vongola blood so why did he choose me? I'm nothing but a no-good person. I'm sure there's someone out there with a better standing and much more talented that has more potential in leading than me,"

"Stop asking stupid questions like that. The Ninth wouldn't make you his heir if he knows you're not capable of the position,"



"What about you, Reborn? Do you think I could do it?"

"You really are an idiot," Reborn smirked and went back in his sleeping position, "Why do you think I'm here, huh? You think I'm just here for show… Think, will you!"


"And besides… If I knew you aren't capable to be a boss, then I wouldn't be here regardless of the Ninth's order,"

His eyes widened in surprise. He was going to ask again but he stopped when he saw his tutor is already asleep. Then, he smiled and fixed his tutor's blanket and went to bed himself before muttering a silent good night.

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