Chapter 16



It was supposedly an ordinary Monday morning, an ordinary school day that students look forward to seeing their friends again after the weekend and at the same time loath for the start of a torturous week of homework and studies. However, a single person's presence, casually walking by the gates of their school, had changed that expectation within the minds of most of the population. A student with a slick black gakuren and a red armband worn by his left sleeve was a glaring obvious meaning to anyone who went to Namimori Middle, a member of the Disciplinary Committee.

Upon recovering from this unexpected event, some went to watch this individual in awe, fear, scrutiny, and ridicule. Some had instantly went to gossip in their not-so-hushed tones about this certain occurrence. Of course, it is certainly out of the ordinary to see that gakuren in the time of spring worn by him of all people. Only delinquents lead by that infamous bloodcurdling lark wore that atrocious out-of-the-season clothing. And to think he would even dare wore such a thing? It is unthinkable even to the mind of the subject of this revelation.

"Just ignore them. Don't freak out. Don't freak out. Don't freak out!" he thought, chanting to himself while trying so hard to calm himself down even though he's actually already sweating profusely underneath his clothing. He had to ignore all the attention he's getting because he had to do this else face the bloody and painful consequences brought by a demon baby tutor, no matter how much his mind screamed for his young mind to run.

Suddenly, a sneer took his attention. Apparently, Hayato had been holding back really hard to not throw in a few dynamite sticks to his schoolmates. His bomber friend is obviously annoyed, their schoolmates' gossiping is today's reason, whilst Yamamoto had been silent throughout their whole walk to school. It's been like this since they left his home this morning sans for the usual exchange of greetings, as well as the sneers and grunts from the Italian silverette, it's been relatively quiet between the three. It's really an unusual event. There was no one-sided banter between his two guardians, Yamamoto wasn't the reason for Hayato's irritation, Hayato hadn't pulled out a single dynamite, Yamamoto was smirking amusedly, he wasn't running late, and he wasn't the one being ignored for the first time instead it was his companions that had not been the center of attention which is quite a feat in itself, since the two had been really popular.

Tsuna sighed to himself. He honestly hadn't expected to take part on such a committee so infamous that all of the townsfolk had learned to fear. He wouldn't even think of joining if not for the fact that his tutor had deemed that it would be a good addition to his curriculum on training as a future mafia boss. He had wanted to laugh at his tutor when he had first heard of it but the serious expression on the baby mafioso made him swallow, hard. The kid-like hitman had explained it to be necessary. The committee would apparently give him experience on dealing with small fry thugs and yakuza as well experiencing, though to a mild degree of the mafia hierarchy like-structure (i.e. boss-underling relation), a subordinate's life.

'Anything big begins from something small,' his tutor had said. And thus, his appointment as a disciplinary committee member became official.

As he had urged his two companions to continue without him to their classroom, he had carried on to his new routine. Nursing his head as he stood in front of the committee room, he dreaded this time to report to his new superior. It was some sort of a member's obligation to report dutifully to either to the head prefect or to their second-in-command at least once a day. And since it's his first day as a committee member he was ordered to present himself before the morning bell rings. This also meant he has to wake up really early just to get on time. Breathing in deeply, he put on the most stoic face (but inwardly he was in terror) he could make as he entered after knocking the seemingly-innocent entrance to the reception room.

"Ah! Sawada-san, we were expecting you," the voice of one Kusakabe Tetsuya greeted him as soon as he had fully entered the room, "Hibari-san went to patrol the school grounds so he couldn't meet you personally today but he did told me to brief you over with our committee protocols."

Internally sighing in relief, he smiled at the only other person on the room, "It's not a problem Kusakabe-san."

Nodding, Kusakabe started explaining to him his duties as part of the organization. The pompadour-haired-fellow told him the grounds he'd be checking in with certain periods of times during the days he's required to be in duty. Although he's now a prefect, he wasn't obliged to serve the committee all days of the week unlike the rest of his now co-prefects. Reborn had purposely convinced Hibari ( though to what grounds had he done so he didn't he didn't wanna know) to let him off during the weekends due to the fact that these days were reserved for something else. 'An exemption' is what his tutor had pointed to him. And part of the exemption he had appreciated from all this was the part where he wouldn't have to style his hair to a pompadour. He was really glad about it that he couldn't help but smile.

"Besides patrolling the grounds, you'll also be obligated to hold off fights, initiate appropriate punishments, and investigate things that seem suspicious when told so by the chairman and anything else the chairman orders…" Kusakabe filled in while taking a few papers and checking them one by one, "It seems that you're only main requirement is to patrol during lunch breaks and… hmmm?"

"Is there something wrong, Kusakabe-san?" he asked as he raised a brow when the other worn a confused face.

"Oh… uh… nothing… I knew you're on a special case here but I didn't know that you have to patrol with the chairman after school ends… hmm… he wouldn't normally had anyone accompany him, in fact he would always go alone.* I've only come with him a few times, but that's only 'cause I need to report urgent matters to him…

"…hmm… he must like your company then…?"

'I doubt he does,' Tsuna immediately thought, 'it might have been Reborn who told him so.'

"Uhh… is there anything else, Kusakabe-san?"

The prefect thought for a moment before answering, "Actually, there is something else." A pause, as if trying to decide on something, before the boy had continued, "It seems that… there had been disturbing… explosions coming from the back of the boxing club's room recently, could you check that out? The chairman has been really busy to go there himself but I think it'll be fine if it would be you. You know of Sasagawa Ryohei-san, right?"

He nods reluctantly as the other smiles, "Ah, that's good. Sasagawa-san could be really hard to deal with and I think that's why the chairman's trying to keep himself busy with other things just so he could avoid dealing with the boxing captain himself. He found Sasagawa-san really troublesome even though he disliked disturbances like these, so if you wouldn't mind, could you go there instead?"

A twinge of worry flew to his face but he had quickly replaced it with a fake smile of acceptance as he nodded his head to a yes.

"Alright. Well, that's all… you're dismissed. You can just come here after your lunch for your patrolling duties…"

With that, Tsuna exited the room. He's not looking forward to being a prefect but if it's something he has to do, then he would. "This is for everyone…"

Walking in to his homeroom, he found himself as the center of attention once again. He has stilled for a moment before proceeding to his desk. This sudden change really is getting into him now. Before, he would either be ignored by the class or be the center of ridicule for the class; but that changed when he had showed potential to be able to keep up with the norm these past few weeks. He had actually liked it that way. He wasn't ignored because he's a nobody anymore; but instead because he's like every other student; though being best friends with two of the most popular boys in their school does give him more attention than the norm sometimes. However, today, as he paraded himself wearing the disciplinary committee's uniform he could feel the scrutiny and fear from students. And that wasn't what he wanted. Blending in like an average student is something really likeable but being the cause of fear is something he detests. Frowning a bit with that idea, he looked ahead to the blackboard trying to pay attention to keep his mind off of troublesome thoughts. He still gets difficulty with some of the topics in every other subject, but he could manage somehow, Reborn's tutoring is finally paying off. But that shouldn't be what he should be mulling about. He needs to think of how he'll be able to talk with Ryohei.


"And there goes the bell," he sighed. He hadn't even thought of a single plan on how to talk with Ryohei the whole morning period. Arranging his things and taking out his lunch, he along with Hayato and Yamamoto had walked off to the rooftop for their lunch. It was peaceful for awhile until Hayato had finally had it and blew off on Yamamoto. It was nice that some things hadn't changed. But he had to cut his lunch break fast 'cause he had some patrolling to do which would sadly be the norm from now on. Sighing once again, he packed his empty bento and gestured on leaving. The other two would have come with him, but they all knew Hibari would definitely disapprove of the crowding so he had to leave them to their devices, and of course making sure Hayato wouldn't start to try to kill Yamamoto and every other student he sees fit to blew off.

Patrolling wasn't really much of a problem; all he had to do was walk around and make sure nothing is wrong. But then again, when was it that nothing wrong had happened to his life once Reborn had shown up. Stopping a grimace from showing, he started strolling toward the delinquents towering over their victim. He gulped; apparently, said delinquents were one of his former bullies.

"Don't run away. The poor kid needs help. Don't run away!" he convinced himself as he had kept his outer demeanor stern, "Here goes nothing."

"Excuse me," he nearly squeaked out as one of the delinquents had seen his approaching figure but caught himself as he had immediately noticed a glint from a nearby classroom that looked suspiciously like a gun.

"What are you doing with that student?"

One of the delinquents raised a brow at his clothing then fixed a smirk on his face as they finally realized who he was.

"Ahh… Dame-Tsuna. It's been awhile, hasn't it? Are you here to offer us your lunch money? You know, for old times' sake~" delinquent one snickered while signaling his other two companions to keep hold of their victim. Said victim though hissed as delinquent two clamped both his arms behind his back.

"Don't touch me!" the victim demanded.

Tsuna, recognizing the voice, turned to the victim, "Sato-kun?"

"Tch. Sawada. Leave me alone. I can take care of myself," Seiji twitched. He still hadn't gotten over his "Dame-Tsuna is actually a mafia boss" thought even though said person had technically had gotten him revenge for his brother.

"Hehhh~ Having a lovers' quarrel, now are you?" delinquent three snickered, amused.

"So, who's the male in your relation?" delinquent two popped in as he pulled up a handful of Seiji's hair to be able to see said person's face, "Tch. You two can't be male, you're both too girly."

Laughing, either of the three hadn't even noticed the growing malicious aura from the new prefect, "Oi. Let go of him this instant."

"'Hai!" is what you'd want me to say but no can do kid. We like harassing wimpy kids like you very much. It relieves stress, yah know?" delinquent one gave the brunette a bored stare then continued harassing Seiji.

"!" a hand clutched delinquent one's arm.

"I said LET. GO. OF. HIM." Tsuna tightened his grip, making the delinquent wince in pain. Anticipating the other two would assault him, he yanked the arm forward and delivered a kick to said delinquent's stomach. The other two ran to him with their fists in a ball, and in response, Tsuna ducked underneath them and swiped them off the floor with his leg. He punched the face of the first one to stand and kicked the side of the other. This continued in another minute as he cycled kicks and punches, dodging when needed and trying not to trip on his feet, to the three till they couldn't stand anymore. By this time though, a few had already noticed the event and had started calling for more attention at what was happening. Tsuna massaged his fist as he tried to ignore the crowd and silently apologized for hurting the three.

"Can you stand?" Tsuna asked while Seiji huffed and stood up. Both looked at the crowd gossiping about what had just transpired. Massaging his temples, he sighed once again, "Hibari-san's not gonna be happy with this."

Finally taking notice of Tsuna's appearance and the unmistakable red armband, Seiji momentarily cringed and edged a bit in habit whenever he sees a prefect, "W-Why are you wearing that?"

Tsuna raised an eyebrow at the brief stutter but settled for an answer since he knew people would ask him that sooner or later. Better do it now in front of other students to get it over with and avoid having it repeated to others.

"I'm part of the committee now," he said simply, still hoping trying to evade saying the actual reason for it.

"Obviously, but why?"

Groaning inside his head, he put on a nonchalant face as he uttered his prepared answered, "I decided that I needed to grow a backbone so I asked Hibari-san to make me a prefect."

Seiji scowled at him, obviously not convinced but didn't comment, he figured it got something to do with being a future mafia boss, as the crowd conjured even more gossiping.

"Hibari-san's really not gonna like this," Tsuna said loud enough for the crowd to hear and just as immediately, the crowd dispersed in fear of getting bitten to death but did not stop with their gossips proceeding only in a much hushed tone.

"I'm leaving," Seiji walked off without waiting for an answer. Tsuna watched the other until he turned around a corner, limping a bit to the direction of the infirmary. Satisfied that his classmate would be getting himself treated, he turned to the three unconscious delinquents.

"Everyone's gonna think I'm a delinquent now as well," he scowled as he sent a message to Kusakabe for a clean-up. The committee's vice-chairman had given him his number in case he needed to report something, it seemed to be the most efficient way of delivering information but that didn't mean that he's not required to make a report about it in paper. Twitch.

Nothing happened after that for the whole lunch period so he was a bit proud of himself for doing a good job for his first assignment as a prefect though he still felt awkward about being in the disciplinary committee. Whimpering at his current situation, he really don't want to be part of the committee, he tried to once again to keep up with his lessons for the afternoon and went back to thinking ways to talk to his Sun guardian when the teacher wasn't looking.

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