Of Rose Weasley, little can be said about her, except that she had honour. However, when anyone pointed out this, she always said 'how can you have honour? People don't own honour!' It would also be a good idea to mention she was extraordinarily picky. Picky, but honourable. An odd combination, but with Rose... somehow it worked.

But what other traits did she possess? Some said she was clever, which Rose denied. They also said she was rather pretty. Rose denied this, on the grounds that looks were not a trait, and that she wasn't. However much she denied these comments, though, you could always see a faint glimmer of joy every time she was praised. Though she never praised herself, or pushed for praise, because, as she was known for saying, the honourable do not fish for compliments.

In short, Rose tended to live her life by the simple rule: Love all, trust few, wrong no one. It fitted in well with her life and the way she lived it.

But, as always, those who live by one rule are annoyed by those who live by the opposite. Rose was no different. In her case, the person who did live as the opposite was a certain Scorpious Malfoy. He infuriated her.

But life has a way of pushing people together. It was this rather odd feature of life that found Rose in the library in late evening. It was also the pattern of life that found young Malfoy sauntering to complete his homework.

What was Scorpious? Scorpious was a good looking, clever Ravenclaw, like Rose. If you were to skim over his personality and traits quickly, you would be forgiven for thinking he and Rose would be great friends, maybe even great as a couple. However, unlike Rose, he was not honourable. He was, in fact, verging on dishonourable.

To put them together looked odd too. He was tall and lanky, with an always immaculate crop of blonde on his head and bright blue. She was also tall, but 'full-figured', with auburn hair and, in her view, dull brown eyes. One could not help but draw contrasts between them, yet they seemed to complement each other oddly.

There are those who say that opposites attract, and that if he says he hates you he loves you. Whilst that may be true to some, both Rose and Scorpious had hoped that, in their case, it was wrong.

But, as we all know, there is a time in every person's life when things they don't like happen. These moments happen randomly. Sometimes, they slip by almost unnoticed, until they are spotted and someone's entire world comes crashing down.

The following is about one of those moments.