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Theme: 025. 'So I'm crying'(Roy) *Spoilers for up to chapter 16*

It was the anniversary; Hughes had died five years ago today. Roy was still awake. He had opened up a bottle of bourbon almost half an hour ago, and now the bottle was almost empty. Riza had been watching the whole scene silently, yearning to hold him, to somehow ease some of his pain. He just sat and stared out the window. Breath now tainted with alcohol, spirit weighed down with grief. It was how it was every year. If she went to bed now, when she woke up he would still be there staring out that window drinking the remains of his bourbon; maybe even starting on a new bottle.

That's what happened, grief affected everyone differently. Some cried, others drowned their sorrows in booze; Roy was the latter. It was silent, the moon slowly crept out from behind the clouds, and Riza could now see his damp face. She crossed the floor and sat beside him.

"Roy…" Only one word, because this didn't seem like the time for words.

"So Riza, it seems I'm crying." It was Roy who spoke not looking at her but at the moon now.

It wasn't right for him to cry, he was strong. Hell, she had only seen him cry once before this, and it was at Maes Funeral. She stood up, blocking his view of the window. His eyes met hers. It killed her inside, the look his black orbs held made him look so broken. She leaned forward before wrapping her arms around his neck.

"…so strong…" It was barely audible, less than a whisper. Her husband was not weak, she knew that, and no matter what he did he was always going to be her rock.

They stayed like that for a long time; Roy made no noise to indicate he was crying. The only way Riza could tell he was still crying was the occasional gasp for breath, and the shaking. Roy eventually stilled, bringing her closer to him.

"He'd be happy for you." Riza placed her hand under his chin so their eyes would meet. "He did always wonder who you were going to marry, and he waited for you to become a doting daddy. It all happened didn't it?"

Roy nodded, and opened his mouth to speak before being interrupted by the voice of a small child. Maes Mustang was in the doorway large blue blanket in hand.

"Daddy, I had a bad dream…can you tuck me in again?" Roy placed his empty glass on the table before picking up his son.

"Sure, kiddo." He gave him a small smile before looking back at Riza. "I guess it did…"

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