Another Perfect Day

Part One: The End to a Perfect Day

Disclaimer's Note: I just want to say that DBZ and all it's character's don't belong to me but I wish they did. So please don't sue me. I am only using them for my story.

A/N: Sorry if the character's appear OOC. I'm sure they are since this is an A/U fic. If you don't like them then tough don't read this then and if the idea of Trunks and Pan disgusts you tough don't read it then. Please don't flame me this is my first fic though I have written a lot of poems so please be gentle on me. That's all for now Ja' ne. And Happy Valentine's day to everyone even though mine sucks. Ok now on with the fic.

* * *

It was a dark, quiet evening at the Son household. Pan was sitting alone curled up on the couch, in the living room, reading a Harry Potter book. (A/n: I know really dumb to put in a dbz fic.) She was just getting to the good part when the phone rang.

Ring. Ring.

"Moshi, Moshi?"

"Hey baby. How's my favorite little one?" Uub asked.

It was Uubu, Pan's boyfriend of 6 months, and she loved him to death.

"I'm good; just sitting here reading a book. What's up sweetie?"

"Not much. So are you all alone?"

She already knew where this was going. Where it went every time things like this came up.

"Yes, Uub, and no you can't come over."

"Oh, and why not? Do you not want to see me or spend time with me?"

"Yes, I do. But you know that I can't have anybody over when my parents aren't home."

"Uh-huh. I see how it is. I'm not important enough for you am I? You can't even break the rules this once since we haven't seen much of each other for the past month. You are always training or hanging out with Bra and Marron. So what's more important me or all that?"

"Uub you know that it is all important to me and you are equally important too."

"Yea well it doesn't seem that way. Thanks to you, you just ruined another perfect day. My day was going so great and then when I want to come over and spend some quality time with you, you turn it to shit. So you know what I just won't talk to you seeing as to how you are too busy for me."

"Oh come on Uub that is not fair you know that is not my fault. We can't always spend time together. And I don't see how I ruined your day when I did nothing to you."

"Well, Pan that is just the point. You never do anything nor do you ever listen to me. So, you will probably hear from me later in the week, but since you don't seem to care all that much it won't be for two weeks or whenever I see fit. Ok?"

"Come on that is not fair." (She pauses.) "I'm sorry. And I love you."

"No you don't. I'm tired of hearing all these lies. Good-bye Pan. Talk to you whenever."

Click. (Dial tone.)

Pan just sat there staring at the phone, completely unbelieving of what he just did. Though he had done stuff like that before he hadn't in a while. She thought that he had stopped after he promised that he would. Some things never change. She placed the phone back on the receiver and since she wasn't in the mood anymore to do anything she decided to go to sleep. She pulled the throw off the back of the couch, repositioned herself and went to sleep. She woke up later to the sound of something banging against the window in the living room. She got up to investigate and saw a drenched purple-haired bishounen outside her window.