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This is my first fic for both of these series so please be gentle in the reviews. Had the idea for this in my head for awhile now. So I figure give it a shot. Now lets the story begin. Now there are four major changes to the Yugioh verse that I need to point out.

1 It was Pegasus' father that started the game after a trip to Egypt. Pegasus merely continued the game. It is roughly twenty years old at the start of the story.

2 Due to an shocking advance in technology the first holographic duels started in the early nineties. With the first duel disk and duel runners built three years before the first book.

3 the millennium items each have a the same powers. Just not the same use as the show. Yugi does not exist in this fic.

4 The Yubel card will be completely different.

As for the Harry potter aspect I plan for this to be a femharry. As well as a wrong BWL. With her parents thinking it was her brother Jacob who stopped Voldemort.

Also I will be inventing and using cards from all the shows. I'm personally a fan of that syncro summon from 5ds.

Lastly just because I love the show I plan on using characters and some elements from bleach.

Industrial Illusions vault.

Since the day the first modern duel was played. The vault was a legend amongst duelist around the world. Said to house the most powerful cards in the world. Cards deemed to powerful to be released to the public. For fear that one duelist would claim them all. It was a dream for any true duelist to so much as see the massive metal doorway. The cards inside where one of a kind. A single card could allow a duelist to be nearly invincible. While there where also artifacts gathered by the companies found Leonidas Pegasus on his travels around the world. A man once considered to be a pioneer of history. Funding digs all around the world with a company. His disappearance was the stuff of legends. Mostly because they say he went down dueling before he vanished. Today though that legendary vault had been breached.

Alarms blared and screeched while massive irons doors slammed down from the ceiling. Cutting off hallways and entrances. Air vents sealed themselves while sleeping gas filled to chambers. Several workers would later wake up unharmed. While power was cut of from all but the most vital of systems. The last lines of defense to stop any thief foolish enough to attempt to pillage the vault. Yet the thief was already gone. As if vanishing into thin air. His mission a complete and total success. It would be hours before the true devastation from his raid would be realized. As the elite security teams searched the building inch by inch.

The inside of the vault appeared to be like any other. A chamber ten foot wide and thirty feet long. The ceiling was nearly twenty feet high. The walls where nothing more then lock boxes of various sizes. While ten of these lock boxes where torn wide open. There contents long taken. No sign of how the man got in or out could be found. It was as if the man simply teleported into the room. Opened the lock boxes without any need to pick the locks and left.

Standing in the heart of the room was a man with long smooth silver hair. The man appeared to be no older then forty. While he radiated an air of intelligence and command. The left side of his face was hidden while his right side showed the rage and fear in his eye. An expensive red business suit showed that he was a man of wealth and power. While in his vest pocket was a deck of cards. This was Maximilian Pegasus head of Industrial illusions and founder of the world duel federation. The man had helped his father create duel monsters. It was said that he hand painted the original of every card in circulation. Many of his paintings had been auctioned off for charities. He was also one of the best duelists in the world.

With a cold gaze he looked upon the room. As the video from the theft ran threw his mind. Over and over he mentally went threw every detail. Trying to find some clue as to how one man simply appeared smack dab in the vault. Only to take what he wanted then vanish again. Everything he knew about science told him it was impossible. His thoughts ran to his hidden eye. The sole clue as to what may explain how he did it. It was with a hint of anger that he learned the thief set the alarm off deliberately. Just to show them he could have left without setting them off. Leaving them none the wiser until the cards reached the street. Then by law they could never reclaim them.

Standing slightly behind him and to the right was a young woman in a sleek dark blue suit. With blue hair cut short barely reaching her shoulders. While her eyes where a stormy grey. She was no older then sixteen. On the woman's left forearm was the latest model of a device known as the duel disk. A large gauntlet connected to a curved panel. On this panel was five glass like sections. Slightly larger then a card. There was a large hole in the gauntlet part. It was in this hole that a deck of cards rested. This was the personal assistant of Pegasus. Trained personally by him in the Duel monster game for years. Ever since he found her on the streets and took her in. She was one of the few to never lose an official duel. Her name was Konan Uzumaki.

With a saddened look in her eyes the young woman handed a sheet of paper to her boss. As he began to read she gave a report on the findings. With each word she could sense her boss's temper rising. As well as his fear.

"It appears the thief managed to acquire three of the omega decks. As well as one hundred fifty syncro cards two hundred thirty magic cards and eleven of the ultimate god cards. Leaving only Obelisk the tormentor" As he read the list of cards the young woman paused. Afraid of his reaction should she tell him the final item stolen. Sensing her nervousness he looked at her and said. "What else was taken?" The look in his eyes showed that he was as bad as he was going to get.

Preparing herself for his reaction she reached into her suit's vest pocket. Taking out a small almost wallet sized photo she handed it to him. For security reasons the item was not on any official registry. Konan had to personally check each lock box. Thus she was the one to discover the item in question was gone. Since learning that it was missing she had been preparing for his reaction. The moment his eyes saw what was in the picture his blood ran cold. "It would appear the thief managed to take the Millennium Ring as well." Looking at her Pegasus said with a mix of rage and fear. "We must recover the ring at all costs. The cards are nothing compared to this! Get every available man on this. We must find that ring!"

Startled she ran off to get the investigation underway. Experience told her that now was not a time to take her job easy. While part of her knew that she wouldn't be getting much sleep for awhile. Pegasus was left alone in the vault. The remaining cards would soon need to be moved to a safer location. It was then he began to voice his final thoughts on the matter. While his right hand patted the deck in his vest pocket. An old habit from his competition days. "So the thief stole the ring as well. Preventing any chance of finding him or the cards before they reach the public. This is not good at all." With that he left the vault to plan how to move the cards without anyone knowing. As well as find out how they where stolen I the first place.

As this was going on the wheels of fate and destiny where in full swing.

Potter manor northern great Britain.

With a saddened gaze nine year old Rose potter daughter of James and Lilly Potter Sat alone in a garden. While in the massive mansion that was her home of nearly seven years now. Well over two hundred people celebrated a birthday. While it was the young girls birthday the party was not for her. No it was for her younger twin brother Jacob. Before the party had even started her parents had told her to stay away. At just under six minutes older then him. One would think she would be just as loved and admired as her dear brother. Unfortunately that was not the case. For there was one thing that separated the two for eight years now. A factor that would never go away or change. No matter how hard she wished that things would change. One thing would always haunt her like a nightmare.

Her brother was the boy who lived.

Sixteen years prior a dark wizard had risen up. Taking the name of Lord Voldemort he unleashed a reign of terror unlike any the world had ever seen. For six years his solders known as death eaters showed no mercy. Wizarding families centuries old where wiped out in days. All in the insane quest of power of one man. When all hope seemed lost it happened. Learning of a child born with the power to defeat the dark lord. Voldemort hunted the child down like a wild dog. Over a dozen families had been targeted simply for having a child. Only children hidden amongst muggles or none magical where safe. His hunt would eventually lead him to the Potters. At the time they where a fairly well of family. Neither rich or poor they where simply good people. By the Wizarding world's standards they where fairly common. That all changed that one Halloween night eight years ago.

In search of the child said to vanquish him the dark lord had descended upon the potters. Like a snake waiting to strike he waited till the child's parent had left to fight his minions. Deciding to have the child's parents suffer with the knowledge he had killed there child. All because they stood up to him. Thus he sent his minions to attack a town close enough to draw them out. Like sheep they took the bait with ease. Dashing out of the house to save insects. Leaving only a young woman to guard his would be slayer. That was when he struck. The young woman guarding the child was a swift kill. Two simple words ended her life with ease. It was then he descended upon the children's room. To his mild shock he had found not one but two children sleeping soundly. Twins born no less the minutes apart. Raising his wand he prepared to end his foe now before they became a threat. None would ever know what truly happened that day for years to come.

Deciding to kill them both the dark lord raised his wand towards them. His snake like eyes seeming to look threw them. Into the very essence of there beings. His powers allowing him to see the very essence of there magic. It was then he choose. The tip of his wand was pointed like a laser at the sleeping girl. Out of the two she was clearly the strongest of the them. She was then one to defeat him? The mere thought caused him to chuckle. With absolutely no sympathy or regret he uttered the same words that killed there sitter. "Avada Kadavera." A beam of green light shot out of the wand. Shooting out towards her the beam's soul purpose was to end her life. It's power to instantly kill was legendary.

What happened next was beyond the man's ability to understand. The sleeping girl opened her eyes. Having studied his prey he knew the children should both have emerald green eyes. Due to there mother having emerald green eyes. She was one of the few Mudbloods he genuinely respected enough to want to kill himself. Yet instead she had one sickly gold eye and a dark green one. The pupil in each was slightly slitted. While each of the twin globes began to glow softly. As the beam was about to hit her it arced around. Heading strait back towards the snake like man. He had no time to dodge or comprehend how it happened. When the beam hit him his body began to wither and crumble to dust. The price for the countless spells and rituals used to enhance himself. He had long ago stopped considering himself human. Quickly his very soul began to leave his body. While a shadow around the girl formed. The last thing he saw in this life would become his obsession in the next one. Humanoid in shape it had two large bat like wings. Reaching out the shadow seemed to reach into the dying man. Ripping out a small glowing orb of dark light the shadow then placed the orb into the girl. The orb slowly merged with the tiring infant. Before it began it was all over. As the girl feel back to sleep the boy awakened. At seeing the shadow above him the child began to cry.

Startled the shadowy specter released a small burst of energy. Not enough to harm the child but to forever alter the course of both there lives. As the energy caused a small cut to form on the boys forehead. Just enough to cause a scar to form on his forehead in the shape of a V. Above the right eye it radiated a dark aura. Thus was ended the reign of Lord Voldemort. Felled not by a noble knight in shining armor. Or by a powerful wizard fighting in the name of justice and honor. But by a small one year old child and the mysterious being protecting her. Yet this was only the first battle. For from the cloak came a black wisp of smoke from the tattered cloth that seeped threw the floor.

A mere ten minutes later there parent arrived. To find a soundly sleeping daughter and a crying son. When the smoke cleared it was announced by there old mentor and self appointed leader of the light Albus Dumbledore. That there son had defeated the dark lord. The evidence being a check on the dark lords wand. As well as the dark energy in the boy's scare. From that day on Jacob was a hero and a celebrity. There family becoming wealthy and famous over night. While Rose swiftly faded into the background. Often scene and not heard.

Thus when it was announced that the party was solely for him she didn't cry she didn't show any emotion. It was just another in a long line of attempts to drive her away. Having long since grown use to being nothing more then a burden to them she choose to avoid them all. Secluding herself to the garden and her room. Surrounded by her namesake flowers she painted to release her pain and emotions. While she would never believe it she was gifted with painting. Her dark almost crimson red hair was just past her shoulders. While her bangs nearly blocked out her eyes. The twin emerald orbs shined like gems. While she appeared to be a younger version of her mother. She was the average height for a girl her age. The house elves made sure she never missed a meal. In truth they where the closest things to real parents she had. It was they who got her into painting. When three years ago her parents didn't get anything for her Christmas. The house elves had gotten her the first paint set.

While she avoided the party inside the sounds easily reached her. He noise of two hundred people talking of nothing but her brother was like knives to her heart. Her ears strained to find just one person speak her name. Just one person to remember she existed. Thus when everyone began to sing happy birthday the wall finally collapsed. Tears fell freely from her eyes as she cried her heart out. Memories burned into her mind kept playing themselves over and over in her mind. How whenever her brother was near her parents completely ignored her. How when she had done magic they had cheered her brother on thinking he did it. To when her mother stopped smiling whenever she looked at her. The memories kept getting more vivid while nearby fate was going to act.

From a nearby Rosebush slithered a fair sized garden snake. Dark green scales made it hard to see the serpent until it was right next to her. The snake coiled itself next to her. While its eyes looked at her intently. As if the snake was studying her. What happened next shocked the girl to the point she nearly stopped crying instantly. With a soothing gentle voice the snake spoke. A soft hissing lay underneath the voice as it spoke kindly to her. "What isss the matter dear?"

Stopping her crying she looked down in surprise. Seeing the snake she could only voice the thought running threw her mind. "You can talk?" With a clear laughing the snake moved in front of her. "No my dear you are merely speaking my language. A truly rare gift these days. No tell me dear why are you crying?" With newfound tears not of pain but of joy she told her story to the small garden snake. For the first time in a long time she was truly happy just to vent her feelings to another. While the snake laid in her lap for the warmth. The tiny serpent listened to the pained child speak of years of pain. The hissing language of the snake almost sounding like a song as she spoke. Little did she know a person had seen her. More importantly said person had seen her talking to the snake.

Later that night the party had ended. Rose now walked threw the massive mansion in search of the kitchen. The party having died out hours ago she was solely trying to get a drink before going to bed. Going down a large corridor she stopped as she passed a large set of doors that led to the potter family library. She had been banned from going in by her father. The cause of his banning her was never explained the her. The cause of her stopping was the voice of none other then Albus Dumbledore speaking with a rare seriousness. "Are you sure about this Remus? Are you a hundred percent sure she was talking in Parsletounge?" Looking at the door confused she leaned closer to listen in on the conversation. Doing so would forever change her a voice full of anger the clear voice of her uncle Remus echoed threw the door. He was one of the few human people to ever show her kindness. "Oh I know what I saw. She was talking to that damn snake in that vile tongue. Who knows how long before she becomes a dark witch and we have another him to deal with." The murmuring that followed to hard for her to make out. Thus she pressed her head against the door.

Realizing they where talking about her she made sure to listen to every word she could. Next came the soft spoken voice of her mother. "Remus we don't know she will turn out like him. After all she is just a child." Rose smiled slightly at her mother defending her. Her hope that her mother cared for her was slowly returning. Only for that smile to vanish as her own father said annoyed. "Oh grow up Lilly. Name one damn speaker that ever turned out on the light side. She was destined to be a dark witch the moment she talked to that filthy serpent."

Tears threatened to escape as she heard that. The snake named Zala had been so nice to her. Listening to all her troubles and sorrows. How could he call her a filthy serpent. She knew her father would never love her like he loved Jacob but to hear him say it so bluntly hurt all the worse. What happened next made her blood run cold. As she heard something she hoped to forget. With a soft spoken yet seemingly sage like tone Dumbledore said with no regret. "I suggest the only thing we can do in this matter. We must seal off her magic forever. It may be the only way to nip this in the bud. To prevent another Voldemort from plaguing our world."

The color drained from her face as he said that. For a witch and wizard there magic was everything. It was literally there lifeblood. To bind ones magic against there will was considered the worst crime they could do. Not even the Dark lord dared do that to a child. He considered death to be a less painful punishment. For someone like Dumbledore to suggest it so casually like that was a nightmare. He was supposed to be a leader of good men. Not a monster that so casually domes witches to a hell on earth. What was said next caused her to soon flee in horror. Her own mother said with no visible regret in her voice. "Prepare the ritual as soon as you can."

Stepping back she looked at the door in terror. Her parents where preparing to seal her magic away for life. While she had yet to gain her wand or practice magic in earnest. It was her dream to become a witch who's skill made her brother all but pale in comparison. To use her magic so no child would have the life she had. Terror was gripping her heart when a whisper echoed threw her mind. Almost unable to hear it the voice seemed to calm her slightly. "Run as far as you can"

Looking around the hall she dashed off. A plain she had only dreamed of in her darkest moments of sadness her only hope. As she ran for the first part of her plan. She dashed into her room in a panic. In a mad dash to escape her fate she grabbed her jacket and all the money she had managed to squirrel away. As she stuffed her pockets with as much as they could hold she dashed out. Determined to escape before the ritual could be done. Throwing care to the wind she threw the doors open to her fathers personal study. Many where the times she hid in here while her parents friends the Weasleys came. The youngest son would all but terrorize her with her brother laughing while watching. Thus she knew where her goal was hidden. A powerful relic that had been passed down the family for generations.

Buy the far corner there was an empty space where nothing seemed to rest. Yet in a world of magic it the empty spaces that hold the most. Dashing over towards the area she reached out grabbing what seemed to be thin air. Tugging on what appeared to be thin air revealed a coat hanger appearing from thin air itself. While Rose seemed to be holding a cloth of nothing. With teary eyes she wrapped the cloth over herself. Causing her to disappear. This was an special invisibility cloak given to her father by her grandfather before his death. A rare artifact used by the Wizarding world's law enforcement officers known as the aurors. Now it was her sole chance to escape.

In the far wall rested a massive fireplace. The entrance easily able to have a person stand inside of it. A far sized bowl was placed in a holder on the right side of the fireplace. This was a floo terminal. A special means of magical transportation and communication. It was now her sole means of escape. From the bowl came a small hand full of grey powder. As if suspended in thin air the powder moved to inside of the fireplace. With a clear voice Rose said boldly. "Floo port" In a flash of green flames she was gone. Never to walk the halls of her home for years to come.

In the heart of nearly every major city there was a floo port. The magical equivalent of an airport. Massive Floo gates able to hold fifty people each linked to other ports. While in one hallway rested several hundred common sized floo gates. This was where people arrived for international Floos. The port was a constant sea of people moving across the globe on everything from vacations to business trips. The port never closed ad never stopped. The port was always a sea of people. Thus when a floo flared green yet no one exited none paid any mind.

Moving threw the sea of people Rose moved with care not to bump into anyone. She moved threw the port with terror in her heart. The chance she would be capture at any moment scared her. Her goal was to simply get as far as she could from the people who planned take away the one thing in life that was truly hers. Stopping in the sea of people she couldn't find a gate to use to escape the country. That was when she stopped. The sounds died in her ears while her vision got fuzzy. Looking around she looked on in confusion as a single floo gate was as clear as day. It almost seemed to glow for a moment before everything returned to normal.

Deciding to trust the vision she dashed over to the floo gate. In bold bronze letters above the archway was the destination 'Domino City' Twenty odd people currently occupied the gate. Thus it was easy for her to slip in. Going towards a corner she waited. Praying that the floo would activate as soon as possible. Seconds seemed like minutes as she could feel the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. As it would seem like it would never come salvation came. As green flames engulfed her vision. She had left magical Britain for what would be years to come.

On the other side of the world in the heart of Japan lay the world famous Domino city. Considered the heart of the Dueling world. Many of the worlds greatest duel monster champion live and fight in this city. The duels here made many people into legends. While at the same time having a thriving Wizarding community hidden just underneath the city. With a flash of green fire Rose arrived in this city. Alone and scared she moved threw the crowds to get out of the Wizarding area of the city. The chance her parents followed her was just to great to ignore. Her attempts caused her to get lost with ease. The streets of the city where like a maze within a maze. She was desperate to find some kind of shelter soon. Only to soon did she find herself in the streets of Domino cities duel district.

The sun was just beginning to set as she moved threw the alleys of Domino city. Scared and alone she had no idea where to go. She didn't even speak the local language or how to find food and a place to sleep for the night. Fear began to creep into her heart. As the shadows began to get bigger. When once more the feeling she got when she was in the floo port over came her. Almost in a daze she walked down seemingly random alleys. The young girl seemed to be walking on autopilot. Her cloak almost fell off as she reached a dead end. What she found caused her face to pale in fright.

Slumped down against the wall was a man in a black cloak. Only half his face was visible yet it wasn't that of a man. If he had ever been a man he wasn't anymore. The skin was cracked grey stone twisted and deformed. As if someone had turned him into that state. Rose knew in her heart he was a wizard. An unfortunate wizard who had crossed the wrong man. The tales her father told her of the Dark lord's war let her know what magic could do. As she was about to run away in case the man who did this was still around she stopped. As a golden flash caught her gaze. Looking closer she saw a curved piece of gold sticking out of the man's robe. The shine of the metal almost put her into a trace.

With almost feather like steps she walked closer to him. Kneeling down she pulled the cloak back off her head. To anyone watching it would appear as if a young girl's head was floating in midair. Reaching closer towards the gold shine she steeled her resolve to claim the item for her own. With her right hand she took hold of the edge of the gold. With a slight tug the item was revealed. As it fell easily from the man's robes. Rose could only stare on in awe of the item now in her hand.

A gold ring ten inches wide. In the ring itself was a flat pyramid with an eye in the center. The top of the ring held a smaller ring just big enough to fit a cord threw. Cleary this was meant to be a necklace of some sort. Due to the brown cord looped threw the top part of the ring. While at the bottom of the ring evenly spaced out hung five golden spikes. Each only three inches long they dangled loosely on the ring. Mesmerized Rose carefully slipped the cord over her neck. The ring rested at her waist loosely.

Looking down at the ring she could tell it was special. As she could feel powerful magic deep within the golden artifact. Gazing at the ring her eyes widened as one of the spikes began to glow softly. Lifting the ring up she watched as the spike pointed at the man's body. As a similar glow was emitted from inside the man's robe. With a dazed look she reached inside the robes towards the glow. Slowly her hand sought the source of the glow. She didn't realize she was reaching into the robes until her hand wrapped around something cold and metal. The very instant her hands touched metal the glow stopped.

Pulling out the small metal object Rose looked at the strange object in confusion. A small metal case larger then a deck of cards. Engraved on the front of the case was a fierce looking black dragon. With burning red eyes. She was almost mesmerized by the dragon engraved on the front. Like it somehow called out to her. While with a rare show of childlike curiosity she lifted the top of the case slowly. Inside was a thick stack of odd cards she had never seen before.

Taking the cards out she could feel they had an odd power somehow linked to the ring. One by one she looked at the cards in awe. The first several cards had unique purple edges and bottoms. While an image was printed on the top half of the card. The next few cards had a light green bottom and edge. While having the same unique and odd images on them. What she saw next caused her to become far more interested. Monsters and beasts where printed on the final cards. Many of them where powerful dragons. Others where knights in heavy armor. On the bottom of the cards where two numbers. Next to the first number was a sword. While the second number had a shield next to it. The cards seemed to entrance her as she came upon similar monster cards with a white background. It was only when she came upon the final card did she gasp in shock and awe. It was if she had found an old friend after years of searching. The pain in her heart lessened simply by looking at the card. While a pulse of pure magic echoed off her.

The card had a white background. With and odd figure displayed on the front that caused her to stare in amazement. A humanoid half human half dragon. The creature was clearly a woman. Twin bat like wings where spread out wide. While her skin was mostly black scales with red one her shins and upper arms. Her eyes where two colors. One burning green the other pale gold. With a third larger eye on her forehead. The third eye was sideways. With the pupil almost looking reptilian. Long spiky hair ran past her shoulders. On one half her hair was a light grey. On the other it was a dark purple. Looking closer at the card she saw the name of the card on the top. With a soft stunned voice she said allowed.

"Yubel the dragon goddess."

From the card came a pulse of magic that turned her hair nearly completely black. While her bangs changed to match the figure on the card. The bangs on her right the light grey. While the bangs on her left where purple. As if all the energy had left her body Rose passed out. Almost as soon as she hit the ground a black house cat landed near her. The small black cat had short fur and golden eyes. Eyes that showed intelligence far above a normal house cat. The feline looked at Rose closely. The invisibility cloak only covering half her body. It seemed as if the cat knew what the cloak was and the power it possessed. With one final look at the man in the tattered cloak the cat walked next to the girl. Her eyes never leaving the girl.

Five minutes later the local equivalent of the magical law enforcement arrived. Dressed in black Kimonos they where armed with both wands and swords they where simply called the Reapers. One of the most feared and respected forces in the magical world. Six reapers stood around the remains of the dead man. With a cringe one of the men said sadly. "Looks like where to late. This guys been dead at least an hour." With that they went about there job. Gathering evidence on just what happened.

What they didn't find was one nine year old girl, a deck of duel monsters cards, an invisibility cloak, and one large gold necklace. Nor would they ever find the black cat that had left four minutes before they arrived. Taking said things with it.


Fire engulfed the lands and seas as far as the eye could see. Beasts of every size and form battled with the fury of the gods. Mountains rose and where leveled with ease. It seemed as if the very earth would be ripped in two. Sparing none from this war of Titanic proportions. In the center of all this was the source of the death and destruction.

A beast larger then any mountain. With a body that seemed to radiated pure malice and evil. Facing this evil where twelve beasts. With an earth shattering blast the evil titan looked at one of the beings in absolute rage. One of the twelve was a distorted shadow. A humanoid shape with large bat like wings. With three eyes shining in the crimson sky. With a voice of pure hatred the titan said with a voice that shook the earth.

"So you have betrayed me, my own general. What do you have to say" As he said the person's name all sound seemed to stop for just a split second. While the shadowy figure seemed to chuckle and say with an almost reptilian voice. "Prepare to die." With that the two beings clashed.

Mortal world

Rose's eyes snapped open as the dream ended. Dazed and confused it took her awhile to gain her bearings. When the memories of the night before returned full swing she sat up in a blur. Panicked she looked around to find out where she was. The room was sparsely decorated. With a window on the far wall along with a desk. She was currently on a futon. Not wanting to get in trouble she began to stand up. Only to pause as a young man's voice said amused.

"How ya doin little witch?"

Looking behind her she saw a man in his late twenties. Leaning calmly on the wall behind himself. Next to him was the black cat from the night before. The cats tail swayed lazily side to side. He was currently in a loose fitting dark green outfit. While he was wearing a green and white striped bowl hat. Under the hat was messy dirty blond hair. Along with wooden sandals. In his right hand was a wooden cane. With an amused grin he used his left hand to hold up the deck of cards.

"The names Kisuke Urahara and we have lots to talk about."

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