Okay the last chapter was a dark one. Hope I didn't turn any of you away. I just needed to set the stage and show just how dark Hydra's foes are in this fic. Also sorry about the delay. It was due to a mix of writers block and inventing new cards.

Magic card bio for Morgan's realm. Field spell type card. When played the duel field takes on the appearance of an ancient castle in ruins. With a statue of Morgan Le Fay herself standing in the center. When in effect all spell caster type monsters gain five hundred attack points. While monsters requiring a tribute to summon require one less tribute to summon.

Card stats for Merlin's regret. Magic card of great power. Allows the caster to draw the magic cards from the opponents graveyard. The removed cards are then placed in the users deck. The deck is then shuffled. The image on the card is of a shadowy Merlin crying a single tear.

Now begins chapter four.

Ten miles off the coast of Domino city. There was an area considered a no fly and sailing zone. The official statement given is that a failed experiment caused the area to have Fierce magnetic distortions. So intense ships and planes would be pulled to the bottom of the ocean. Never to be seen again. Officially thirty two ships and twelve plans have suffered this fate. With no survivors to be found. Resulting in people avoiding this two hundred mile wide expanse of ocean at all costs. Those that where brave enough to venture into this area where considered insane. For those that returned claimed to see an island.

Oh how one loves a cover story. They can be so very useful.

The truth is that for the past twelve hundred years a large island had been placed under powerful concealment and illusion charms. Charms so powerful that at full power they once disrupted electronics on the mainland. Only those with the gift of magic could see this island. While only those invited where able to set foot on this majestic land. For on this island a school had been built to teach people from around the world to harness the gift that was magic. The schools name was Magi academy. Students from around the world came to this one school hailed as one of the best. With few other schools said to rival it. It's very presence was the cause for the high population of magically gifted people in Domino city. For nearly half of Domino cities magical population worked to sustain this one school. Or had family that went to this school. The cause of that island being selected for the schools home was simple. It was the worlds single greatest cross point for the world's lay lines.

Lay lines are the magical veins of the world. Literally the currents threw which magical and natural energy passes and flows. When multiple lines cross powerful magic can be cast there and there alone. While portals to the legendary nine realms could also be opened in said locations. In ancient times magic wielders used this almighty force to construct the ultimate defenses. For while a wizard may be powerful. They stood no chance of defeating the power of the earth itself. While the area around these junction points caused life to flourish and spread. Unlike anything ancient man could comprehend. As beings from realms eternal ventured here. Many of these beings became known as gods. Others where the magical creatures wizards help conceal every day. Many forgetting just where these magical beings came from. Thus with ten massive obelisks engraved with ancient and powerful runes. The lay lines power was channeled into a mighty shield. Both to protect the school and prevent unwanted gateways forming between the worlds. As travel between the realms was incredibly dangerous at best. Fatal at it's worst. The last wizard to venture into the other realms returned with only half his body, and even less of his mind. Thus Magi academy was the single most secure and well protected place on earth. During the last world war thousands flocked to the island for protection.

The island itself was a sight to behold. A dormant volcano rested on the northern edge of the island. The very enchantments that protected the island. Prevented the volcano from ever erupting. Allowing them to construct a wonder inside the volcano's crater itself. Inside the crater one could see a mighty mansion. Large and majestic it was carved from the very volcanic rock itself. Smoothed and polished with all magical beings of fire carved into the walls and ceiling. Some of the carving where so life like they seemed ready to pounce on all those who threatened the building. Able to hold a five hundred people with ease. It was seemingly carved from the fiery rock in a single piece. The design of the mansion was mostly a fusion of Egyptian and renaissance architecture. With a large burning flame on the center of the roof. The bowl holding the flame was a dragon's head facing up in a roar. The windows had no glass at all. The only sign that anything kept things from passing threw the windows. Was a border of red crystals along the side of the window. The main entrance to the mansion was a giant iron gate. Carved into the doorway was a flame. On the rim surrounding the mansion was a rare sight. One that could only be found in this one crater. A colony of ruby red dragons.

Only twelve feet long each. There bodies where sleek and fluid. With a almost serpentine body. It still had the clear frame of a western dragon. With wide almost flat heads. A ridge of bony spikes ran between there powerful eyes. There scales shined in the light. As if made from liquid rubies. While there wings where held tight against there frames. As one spread them wide to take off. It revealed a wings span nearly thirty feet wide. These where the most feared dragons in all the world. Said to destroy there targets before they even new they where there. There flames where said to melt stone. While a focused blast could shatter rock. Magma was like water to them. Able to dive deep beneath the earth threw the magma channels. In ancient times they where believed to have caused all volcanic eruptions. They had many names over the eons. Yet only one was known by all 'Pyre Furies.'

The colony that resided inside the volcano was the last in the world. Hunted down in the last great magical war seven hundred years ago by those seeking there power. Some for good others for evil. Finally the last known Pyre Fury had been killed by Leonidas Slytherin. They where thought extinct until one hundred twenty three years ago. When a student found a clutch of eggs hidden away in a powerful stasis charm. Hidden away by Leonidas Slytherin himself. He may have slain the dragon. But he spared the unhatched dragons. The eggs where then brought to the school and allowed to hatch. Restoring the long thought extinct race from oblivion. Since then they have been under the protection of the school. Allowing them to live in peace. As a secret only the alumni knew about. While the student who found the eggs had her name go down in history. As the maiden of the Pyre Furies. Her name was Freya Grendelwald.

While on the eastern area rested a large lake. Nearly two miles wide the crystal clear water was the cleanest in the world. The abundant magic naturally purified and energized the lakes water. Two rivers led out into the island from the lake bringing fresh water to all. Floating on the pristine waters was a structure like no other. A large dome floated dead center of the lake. The same size as the volcano mansion. It remained motionless on the lakes surface. As if an unseen force kept it in place. The base of the dome was made from a deep blue crystal. While the dome itself was made from a white stone, with blue veins running over it. Every sea creature imaginable was carved onto the surface of the dome. The windows where curved oval portals. With the edges of these windows where lines with the same crystal as the base of the dome. All the windows spiraled around the dome. Until the final one was at the very top. Revealing several hundred bedrooms in all. The entrance to this mighty sight was an archway facing the center of the island. The double doors had stunning dolphin like creatures carved into the centuries old wood. While on the inside random sea creature where carved into the doorways and entrances.

In the waters surrounding the mansion was a colony of the rarest magical sea creatures in the world. Only one other colony existed in the entire world. At first glance they appeared to be large dolphins. Nearly twice as large as regular ones. Yet upon closer examination it was clear they where anything but dolphins. There skin was mostly dark blue. While twin streaks of silver running down there backs. The fins where sharper almost shark like. With a longer snout lined with shark like teeth. Lastly a large light blue jewel rested on the center of there head just between the eyes. Only in inch wide it looked like a massive glowing prism like pearl. These where the legendary Sapphire dolphins. Hunted to the brink of extinction for the jewels in the heads. They where thought gone until a noble wizard revealed he had saved two colonies. One he hid in the lake. The other deep in the heart of the Bermuda triangle. That man would go on to become one of the best headmasters of Magi academy.

In the western area of the island the forest thinned. Until a massive canyon cut the land in two. The entrance to this canyon faced the center of the island itself. On both sides of the canyon carved into the very earth was a large series of homes and dwellings. There where no glass windows. Simply holes showing the rooms inside. Along with the entrances into the homes. On the surface of the canyon walls where thousands of carvings. Depicting every land dwelling animal in the world. No creature was forgotten. From the smallest squirrel to the largest mammoth. There was a section of the wall dedicated to the long extinct dinosaurs as well. Lining the windows and entrances where golden orange crystals that glowed softly. All threw out the canyon there where paths and trails. Separating it into four main levels. Yet that was nothing compared to the means by which to span the canyon.

Long bridges made from green crystal spanned the canyon. Crisscrossing the canyon nearly fifty of these awe-inspiring bridges littered the canyon. Five existed for each level of the canyon. While there placement at these levels was random at best. While floating randomly in the air was a rainbow of multi colored crystals. That drifted aimlessly threw the canyon. During the day they absorbed the sunlight. Rising into the air the more they drank in the sun's light. Until they nearly escaped the canyon altogether. Only to release the light at nighttime slowly with a soft glow. Lighting up the canyon in a river of lights. The crystals nearly sinking to the ground in the process. These where the dancing crystals. A gift from a graduate over three centuries ago. He was a man nicknamed the crystalmancer. His artwork was said to be worth a kings ransom. For there ability to turn light itself into a canvas. To this day few dared to try and recreate his work.

On the canyon floor was another rare magical creature. Thought lost to the modern magical world. They where a sight to behold. Massive serpents each sixty feet long rested in the noon sunlight. There scales looked like jewels. While there hissing was soft and rhythmic. As if they where singing a song in another language. With a loud yawn like hiss one of the massive serpents opened there mouth. To reveal a shocking sight. The beast's lower jaw split in two. While massive foot long teeth lined it's mouth. These where the jewel basilisk. Created by an ancient Chinese sorcerer as a gift for his wife. They lacked the death gaze fabled amongst it purebred brothers. The bridges above them where in truth the remains of there brethren. Upon there death they turned into solid crystal. Thus when they where threatened with over hunting. The sorcerer had the remaining serpents hidden on the academy grounds. To ensure the gift he gave his wife would last forever.

Lastly to the south the forest was nearly a complete jungle. It was the home of the fabled Emerald wood trees. The trees towered nearly thirty stories high. There smooth light green bark looked almost like stone. Rivaling the mighty redwood trees in height. Each one had been planted long before the school had been built. By beings said to be from one of the nine realms. For there was no other place on earth where these trees grew. Though many have tried to prove this. It has become nothing more then a fairy tale for the students. The canopy from above looked like a flowing sea of green leaves. An ocean of green that was said to take ones breath away. One daring student had tried to sail a boat over the sea. Only to fall threw it and damage his dorm. The bark itself was turned into a work of art all it's own. As the surface of the tree's bark was molded into the forms of every flying creature in recorded history. No creature was forgotten. From the smallest mosquito to the mighty Roc. There was even a tree depicting the dragons and pterodactyls. The secret to making these almost totem pole like trees was long forgotten. Only the oldest of libraries had the slightest hope of holding that secret.

While inside the canopy among the strongest branches was an amazing sight. A small village worth of tree houses. Each one was twenty feet wide built around the tree trunks. The huts themselves where made from wooden planks shipped around the world. Spells made the huts seamless and water tight. Each hut had a large bay window. Taking up nearly half of each huts wall. Once more there was no glass for the window. Just the same crystal border as the other places. Only this time the crystal was green. The doors each held a large flying creature on it. The creature depicted on the dorm was how they told the huts apart. Ext to the doorways was a bird perch. The size of the perch showed it was meant for a mighty bird. They where each a small home in there own right. Connecting the trees was a web of strong sturdy rope bridges. The intricate linking of the bridges almost seemed like a spider web. While countless charms kept people from fallen to the ground. This small city was a wonder all it's own.

While the dense thick canopy would normally block off most of the light this was not the case. As there was a means to fill this darkened canopy with soft golden light. Floating like jellyfish in an ocean was countless golden crystals. The same type as the ones in the canyon. Each was the size of a basketball. The crystals where the leftovers of the Crystalmancer's gift. Realizing that the canopy would need a new source of light. The Crystalmancer made these crystals as well. The crystals in the canyon transferred half there energy to these crystals. They filled the area with a soft warm light. As if one was simply a partly cloudy day. At night it was as if one was standing in a shady spot.

Scattered around the forest was the last rare magical animal. A bird three times the size of a hawk. At first glance they could have been mistaken as a hawk in form. Yet when one looked closer they could see the differences. The birds beak was longer and jet black. Appearing as if it could crush rock with one strike. While five long tail feathers nearly reached six feet long. The length of the tail feathers was a sign of it's age. It was said the tail feathers grew one inch for every three years they lived. The birds feathers where all shades of various green. This was the Wind lord. A bird said to sail higher and fly faster then any other bird on earth. The legend of the wind lord was like the phoenix. For they had a death in there element. Just as the phoenix had there's in fire. In a single day they are said to be able to circle the earth three times. Not once needing to rest or land. As they flew they got faster ad faster. Until in the final moments of there life the wind lord becomes a tornado. When the tornado ends a single tail feather is all that is left. The fastest brooms in the world have a Wind lord's death feather inside them.

These where the four dorms of Magi academy. Based on the four natural elements Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Made not to fight nature but to co exist with it. No finer proof of that could be found. For not a single blade of grass was harmed in making these dorms. While the magical creatures that took refuge here. Lived with o fear of ever being harmed. From each of these dorms flowed a path of pure white marble. Curving and moving with the land. They connected the schools dorms with every building on campus. Six foot tall spiraling marble posts where spaced evenly apart. On top of each was a small green crystal. To light the paths at night. These paths where known as the veins of the island.

In the heart of the island stood Magi academy. Truly a sight to behold for anyone. The school consisted of one massive building nearly twenty stories high. Surrounded by seven smaller ones half the height of the central one. The buildings had been a faithful recreation of the most famous castle in the history of magic itself. The royal palace of Atlantis. Said to be the birthplace of all magic. The design had been recovered from scrolls found in ancient Egypt at the dawn of the forth century. From the ruins of the library of Alexandria. The castle had taken over three centuries to build. A combined work of seven nations working together. In hopes of ensuring magic never left the world. The search for a place worthy of such a structure had taken thirty years alone. Since it's completion it had undergone many additions and renovations. One was done every century. To ensure the castle never fell into disrepair.

The main castle itself reached nearly twenty stories high. While taking up early a thousand square acres. Made from a dark blue stone with silver veins running threw the surface. The castle looked like something out of a great fable or epic story. The edges where surrounded by one thousand pillars. Four stories high each covered with dragon carvings. Each one was topped with an ancient rune. With the entrance towering over three stories high. The solid wooden doors had giant silver wings on each door. Said to be the wings of the mythical light hawk. The castle had a large oval base. That went up five stories. Only to stop revealing a large garden. The castle the continued to rise up another fifteen floors. In a giant leveled spiral. Each one getting smaller after each third floor. The space topping each level was a small garden. The top level of the castle was the fabled tree of knowledge. An ancient tree planted when the castle was first turned into a school. It was said to represent all knowledge and the growth of ones wisdom. While the fruit it bore was said to be the sweetest in the world. From the top of the castle fell four streams of water that watered all the gardens below it. In cascading flows down the side of the castle.

Around the main structure where almost fifteen smaller ones. Some where borderline huts. While there where four that where almost the size of great halls. Each one represented the four elements and where used for various things. Ranging from the clubs to experimental research. Some of the greatest advancements in magic was started in these small beginnings. This school would soon have a population of nearly five thousand students.

In one month the students would return to this legendary school to learn the gift that was magic. The secrets of this school where a grand mystery. While the fates of two students would be forever altered. One on a quest for answers. The other on a quest of vengeance.

Far to the west a meeting was taking place between a master manipulator and a vain pathetic politician. One that would have far reaching consequences for all life on earth. If they had known what there actions where about to bring. They may have been able to prevent them.

Deep in the heart of the British ministry of magic. Beneath the busy streets of London. Lay the office of Cornelius Fudge Minister of magic. A man that had destroyed the lives of hundred to get where he was now. All to get a simple little office. The itself office showed just how vain and pathetic the man was. In his attempt to make people think he was larger then life. The walls where practically made from solid gold. Stolen from the vaults of those that tried to run against him. The vaults former owners had found themselves dead or in prison. Not a single one was granted the gift of a trial. While massive silk tapestries lined the walls. Displaying his supposed feats that led to him gaining his position. From simple feats like facing death eaters and dark creatures. To the most ridiculous of them all was of Fudge slaying a dragon with his bare hands.

At a desk that looked as if the entire rooms wealth was condensed into one small space. The two heartless men sat across from each other. One was a master manipulator. Who had convinced an entire nation he was a kind benevolent leader of the light. This man was none other then Headmaster Albus Dumbledore. One of the most powerful Wizards alive in Europe. Due in large part to him killing off his competition. His robes showed that he was dressed to impress and bring awe in those around him. While his eyes seemed to give off an odd twinkle. In his right hand was a small glass of Fire whiskey. His aged eyes calmly locked onto the glass while the man before him spoke. His voice was pure arrogance mixed with rage.

"This plan of yours better work Dumbledore. I WILL not lose the next election!"

Fudge was a rather overweight man. Years of eating expensive food and wine had taken there tool on him. He was a master at being manipulated. While he was dressed in the most expensive robes money could buy. Money meant for the people of Wizarding Britain. In his mind he was more important then some lowly commoner of Muggleborn Witch or Wizard. Thus he had spent every last coin he could get on himself. While the rest of his money came from bribes. It was a well known fact to pass an unjust law. All one had to do was give Fudge a bag of gold. Atop his hat was the sole thing not worth a kings ransom. A dark green bowler hat. A memento from his father. He had worn the hat as a constant reminder of how his family had been poor. Barely able to go to Hogwarts. His family was in a constant state of being bankrupt. Yet threw his ruthless cunning and abuse of the law. He had become one of the wealthiest men in the nation. This was the kind of man Cornelius Fudge was. Cold ruthless greedy and uncaring of those around him.

With a soft chuckle Dumbledore took a sip of his whiskey. He had expected Fudge to say those very words. In his mind Fudge was a puppet nothing more then a puppet. Looking at his most dimwitted of pawns he said in a sage like tone. "don't worry my dear Cornelius. Young mister Potter shall win the Triwizard Cup with ease. He has been personally trained by not only his father but I as well. His victory is guaranteed. After all Hogwarts is the single best school in the world." The pride he seemed to speak of the young Potter wasn't for the boy at all. It was pride in his plans for the boy. Plans he had been working on since before the boy had been born.

Grinning Fudge poured himself another glass. As he had no plans to ever lose his position as minister. Even if he had to send every last person in Britain to Azkaban. Holding it up he then said smugly. "And in his grateful nature he shall indorse me in the next election. Another five years of wealth and fame." Taking a long drink he set the glass down. With a darkened gaze he then looked Dumbledore strait in the eye and said. "You better make sure He wins this tournament. Or Hogwarts will need a new Headmaster." The aged wizard had no fear of Fudge's threat. As he had long ago collected enough dirt on the man to have him imprisoned for the rest of his life and beyond. While in just a few days his bait was about to break out of prison.

With a simple raising of his glass to eye level Dumbledore said smugly. "Not to worry Cornelius when all is said and done we shall both have what we desire." All the things he would soon gain flew threw his mind. While he knew soon Lord Voldemort would return. He would ensure he would come back. Then when Jacob finished him off for good he would take the brat down. In the ashes of the coming fires he would be seen as the savior of the world. He then took a long drink of the amber liquid.

In his office Maximilian Pegasus looked threw a two inch folder. The end result of his assistant's hard work. It held almost all of Hydra's information. His lone eye dedicating everything he read to memory. Each page showed her past was cryptic at best a mystery at worst. The only clear information they had was on her deck. Records from the battle city tournament had allowed them to recreate her deck. The page his gaze was currently fixated on was a photo of Hydra. Next to that was an image of her Yubel card. The image showed her smiling at the camera. As if taunting the man before him. He then set the folder down to look at the person who made it. Standing in front of him was his assistant. With a concerned tone she gave her final report.

"Miss Slytherin lives in a registered place known only as the Urahara Hostel and Duel Depot. The girl also was found five years ago under suspicious circumstances. Three months later she was adopted by the owners. One Kisuke Urahara and Yoruichi Shihoin. Mister Urahara was one of those consulted on the Duel runner engine. While Miss Shihoin is a member of the Shihoin family. Who own" He then cut her of as he finished for her. "One of the largest security companies in Asia. I've met her father Koga many times. He spoke of her leaving the business with an odd sense of pride. What else have you uncovered?"

Looking up at him she frowned as she said concerned. "We have been unable to find out how she got the Yubel card or the ring. We do know it's authentic. What we don't know is if she is aware of it's power or thinks it's just jewelry. We need to know if she is a shadow duelist or not." With a thoughtful look he gazed at her folder and noticed something. Picking the paper up he smiled and said. "Well it appears our dear Hydra recently qualified for a duel runner license. This gives us the perfect chance to test her mettle." He then looked at her calmly. With a grin he looked at her and said amused. "Tell me how are your Turbo duel skills?"

Looking at him she said as calmly as she could. "Not bad sir why do you." She then stopped as she realized what he was planning. With a nervous stammer she said worriedly. "You can't be serious sir. If she is a shadow duelist." Cutting her off he put her fears to rest by saying. "Not to worry my dear. We only need to confirm our suspicions. Besides I believe it's time to break out the Dragon slayer deck." Looking at him she had a sense of renewed confidence. As the Dragon slayer deck had never lost a duel yet. With a nod she said bravely. "I'll prepare my duel runner as soon as possible." With that she left to prepare for a duel she would not soon forget."

Two years ago a massive bridge network had joined Domino city with a nearby island nicknamed the Satellite. A feat of engineering that had been called a marvel of the modern age. Over ten roads each six lanes wide linked the once separated places as one. The main bridge was a staggering ten lanes wide. With a special freight train system running under the main rode. Allowing mass cargo transport from the satellites harbor. Opening a new level of trade and jobs never before seen. The reason for this massive project was simple. For the bridge served a secondary service for the city. As the main gate for the city's Turbo duel nexus. The pride and joy of Domino city.

The nexus was the achievement of seven companies and organizations working together. Ro brig a new form of duel monster entertainment to the city. Twelve interlinked duel runner road circuits running threw the city. While an additional four ran threw the satellite. The roads served the sole use of a safe place to hold the ever growing Turbo duels. Considered by most to be the most challenging form of dueling yet. These where Duels done not in arenas but on specially built motorcycles. Equipped with there own duel disk system. Many of these 'Duel Runners' where said to exceed one hundred miles an hour during a duel. Only the most skilled duelist dared become one of these new pioneers.

The roads of the nexus where made to be both safe and allow people to enjoy the duels. The road itself could be more defined as a tube network. With a smooth grey flat base for the road floor. While over the road was a circular transparent shell. Made not to interfere with the runners hologram projectors. One had to literally touch the shell to know it was there. It was all but indestructible. Thousands of hidden cameras in this glass allowed people to watch the duels from any one of six dozen easily accessed observatories. Built threw out the city. Equipped with food stands and large scale monitors. Any duel past and present could be watched here. Many duelists came to these places to learn new combos and cheer there friends on. While others came to study the duels of future opponents. The money brought in from these places more then paid for the maintenance of the system.

Riding down the highway towards the bridge was none other hydra herself. She was on her way back from the satellite on an errand from her father. Dressed in a sleek black and violet racing suit. On the back of the suit was two red Dragon wings. Her duel runner shot threw the roads with ease uncommon for someone who had only been given there license a short while ago. Her millennium ring shined in the afternoon sun. While her helmet was painted to look like the head of none other then Yubel herself. One half purple the other black. While a sideways eye was one her forehead. Her runner was also an amazing sight to behold. As it ran with a level of power that only custom models possessed.

Built from a seemingly standard frame. The runner was just over twice as large as the common sports motorcycle. The shell was painted a dark crimson red. With the seems and edges a bright almost neon blue. Yet that was where the similarities ended with the common duel runner. The engine was custom made. With both speed and acceleration in mind. The runner was also made from materials not found on the market. This gave the runner a stronger body without sacrificing performance. While the display and controls where the latest model. Three holographic screen served select porpoises. One showed the duel field. From the players cards to the graveyards. All the information was a touch away. The second screen showed the status of her runner. From the fuel cell to the engine status. Maintaining the runner while focusing on the duel was one of the things that made Turbo duels such a challenge. The last screen was the latest advancement in turbo duels.

In the center of the runner was the regular slot for a person's deck. The unofficial heart of the runner. Yet that was where it all ended. For this was the latest advancement for duel runner tech. Unlike every other duel style the duelist doesn't draw the card manually. To ensure safety and free up the duelists hands, It was all done virtually. The player didn't need to even shuffle the deck. This was due to several turbo duelists loosing there cards in many high speed duels. Causing them to crash and suffer critical injuries. The system was said to be both fool and tamper proof. With numerous fail safes to prevent the duelist from loosing there cards.

As she came upon a side entrance to the nexus a mild shock ran threw her runner. Having had several turbo duels before she knew the cause. With a silent curse she looked as her field screen lit up. Revealing the card that had taken effect over her runner. The card said simply Speed with a duel runner from the side. The effect was immediate as her runner glided into the entrance of the Nexus. The Autopilot took over as her runner automatically headed into the nexus tunnel. As she was about to begin her latest turbo duel. Signals blared in the many observatories. As people where alerted to a new turbo duel beginning. All over the city people looked on in anticipation. When the names of those about to duel the crowds broke into near hysterics. As two legends where about to face off. With a slight glare Hydra looked around and yelled out loudly. "Okay who's the smartass?"

A loud whirring sound was her reply as a duel runner shot past her. Her glare turned to shock as she instantly recognized the turbo duelists. Said to be one of the best in the world. She had never once lost a duel. She was the original winner of the battle city tournament. On a cobalt blue runner was a woman in a padded black and red racing suit. Made to almost look like armor. Her spiky blue hair giving her an almost wild look about her. She was Konan the blue thunder. Trained by Pegasus himself she knew she was in for a rough time. As her duel runner entered the final section of the nexus she had only a few seconds to act before she lost automatically. Reaching for her deck she loaded it into the runner slot. As the system began it's start up she looked ahead of her at Konan. As the system revealed her starting hand. With a bold voice she said for all to hear.


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