First it was Vexen. I knew that stupid scientist would get himself killed trying to keep the organization together, but the fact that he was killed by an organization member, someone on the same team! I never expected that! Tsk, tsk, tsk Axel, that was very naughty of you, wasn't it?

I looked down at the list of organization thirteen members. I placed my finger on the numbers lined up on the right side of the page and traced my finger going down until I found '6'. I crossed it out, along with the name of poor Vexen.

So sorry, Vexen, I thought, but I might have to do something to you that you may not like.

I walked out of the bushes to where Vexen had faded away. Oh yes, I was in the bushes the entire time Axle was killing Vexen. Did I do anything? No! I'd be out of a job if I did, now wouldn't I?

I took out one of the thirteen cards I had with me at all times. They were blank cards: completely white. There was no design, no nothing. I love these mother fucking cards. Capture any fraction of a soul in them and then you've got the entire soul for eternity. Even after it had come and gone.

How do these cards work? Well, that may just be the most simple question that anyone could ask me. All you do is put the card on a person and you capture their souls. If they died, well, all you have to do is put the card face down where the person died. But of course, you need to pay a small price if you want the soul. But I won't worry about that. Right now I need to start to get him back.

And so I did, placing the card delicately over where Vexen had lost his existence. Poor, poor Vexen. But there's no need to be sad, is there? I mean, as long as his soul is in the card, he really isn't dead, is he?

Dark engulfed the small object, bits and pieces of the black hole-like thing flying into the air like grasping, greedy hands. Looking for me, I suppose? Well then, I'll comply.

And I did, walking right in front of the hands. Soon they all found me, grasping onto my shoulders, my hips, my arms and my legs. The things slowly began to wrap around me, swirling around my abdomen and every other part of my body, one reached down my mouth, until it found that little black hole in my chest. My own soul.

I knew what the trade was. A little piece of my soul for the entirety of another. Well, that's perfectly okay with me. Not that the Grim Reapers own son would actually have a limited soul. If I run low, I take others'. I see no problem in it. That's how my dad taught me, right? He taught me that if I wanted to get anywhere in life, then I needed to take it. I needed power, too. And I was going to do just that, but in my own way. Not in his way.

I felt the little drain in my chest as the stupid little hand stole a piece of my soul, and then I felt the absence of the hands. All of them gone, going back into the little card from where they arose, but the card will be different when they leave. Instead of the card being the small white card I had left on the floor it will be a larger black card with a picture of Vexen of the other side. It contained Vexens' soul now. Vexen belonged to me now. As will the rest of the organization, at this rate, with team mates killing other team mates. All that's left for me to do is pick up the pieces and wait for more.

My father kills people if it's their time for death. Without him, people could live forever. It's because of him that people grow old. He sets a time for them, and has them slowly grow into a body they don't want anymore. This makes it easier to convince them that moving on is not a bad thing. A new body, a fresh start, what more could you ask for, right? It makes it easier on him. Unlike me, the defect of his three children, he has a complete heart. He fells bad for killing, and it makes him feel better about it if the person goes willingly. I truthfully don't give a damn if the person wants to go or not. I would make them go.

Anyway, he kills people throughout the universe, so he doesn't have a lot of time for me. When he kills them he takes their soul and makes himself stronger with the essence. Then he sends the heart and moves it on to the next life. Its a simple cycle, really. You're born, you grow old, Reaper dude comes, and it restarts. Joy.

But one thing out of the cycle of life interests me. The one-out misfit of the natural process we Reapers carry on. Nobodies! Those confusing nobodies that are able to take a human form! Reapers aren't needed for their leaving this world because they don't have hearts. Only souls. There's nothing to pass on! It's an incomplete circle, and we don't know how to fix it. And another thing that confuses me is how they can go to another life without us! We know that they can, we know when everything is reborn. But... without the Reaper? But we send then on! And in order to do that, we need a heart to send on! So if we don't send them on, and they don't have a heart, then... then how? How is it possible! It's not, but it is? Does that even make sense?

I looked at the card, face up. Vexen was on it, doing whatever. Writing something down. I'm sure that if I put this card in my pocket and pulled it out three hours later he would be doing something else, like playing with chemicals or reading. It's called a living picture. The person in the picture will move because there's a soul somewhere lurking in the picture. You'd think that would be creepy, but no, it really isn't. Would you rather that soul be bored in there until I let it out?

I looked back to the list of members from organization thirteen... or organization twelve, now. Who do I think will go next... I'm going to no-brain it and say Xaldin.

As it ended up, I was wrong. It wasn't Xaldin who died next, it was actually Larxene. If I gave a little more thought into who I was guessing, I'm sure I would have guessed her. You know, I was never a fan of her, so it's really a loss. She wasn't that great as a fighter. And that's sorta want I want... fighters. I'll get her soul anyway. No reason to let it go to the next life when it seemed so happy in this life, right?

So, I did as I did before. I fell down to the floor, as I was on the ceiling, watching her death, placed the card down where she died, got the stupid clutching hands, and then was ready to claim my prize. I picked up the card now containing Larxene. Wasn't that fun? I got two of them now.

I got that list I was talking about earlier out. What number was she...? Um... whatever.

Instead of scrolling down the numbers I scrolled down the names. Ah, there she is. She's number twelve. How nice. I crossed it out with a quick dash from my pencil...

"Hey! What are you doing here?" I heard a voice ask. I turned to see a bushel of pink hair and a black cloak.

"I'm assuming that you're one of the organization members?" I sort of chuckled.

"Yes." he answered stepping forward, "And whatever you may be right now will be no more momentarily, so I have no need to ask."

I gasped in mock terror, "Oh, no! I'm going to get hurt! I should run away!"

"Shut up! You clearly do not know what you are dealing with."

"And you clearly do not know who you're dealing with." I said.

He sighed, "And what am I dealing with?" it was pretty obvious that he didn't give a fuck.

I laughed. I wore over myself what looked like the grim reapers cloak, but it wasn't ripped all over the place. No, that would be gross and... well, untidy. Of course I had my hood up. It's just what I did. I liked it up all the time.

But if they ask to see what I am, then I'll gladly comply.

Pulling down my hood made the pink head gasp, and I knew why. I had a defect, as I might have mentioned earlier. I didn't have a complete heart of my own. The Grim Reaper should have a complete heart, even his kids should. But no, not me, and it shows.

Because of this stupid defect, I'm only half Grim Reaper. Half of my face is split into a skeletal frame. The other half... well, It's a nobody because I don't have a heart for that side of my face, my body. I only have half of a heart. It's in the frame of a nobody. But I had two parents, so how can I be half nobody? What would I look like? Who would I be?

Well, my looks are easy. The other half of my face is the face of the closest nobody that fits my structure as a humanoid. And who I am? Well that's simple. A hybrid. A strange, unnatural, repulsive hybrid with no meaning in it's eternal life. Fun right? But it's not all over for me. I'm trying to find my own purpose now. And these cards, once containing the souls of the nobodies, are going to help me.

"How?" the man asks, enraged, "But you're not-!"

"I'm not you?" I asked, "How many times have I heard that before?"

"How?" he asked again, his voice cracked, "How can you exist?"

"Oh, me? Well, it's simple. I'm a freak. Freaks exist. Deal with it." I said, summoning my scythe out of the darkness. I look down at it.

Well... that's an... interesting combination.

My scythe, originally just a curved blade attached to the end of a crooked piece of wood, now had mixes of green and pink on it. I know what happened, his weapon formed into mine, me being half him, and then this must have been the outcome...

"Your weapon is pink and green?" I asked.

He summoned his weapon. It was strange how he did it: all that happened was a rose petal falling from the sky, and then he had his weapon. Strange... HEY.

"You stole my weapon!" I complained, looking at his girly pink scythe.

"I don't think so." he said, "I've been using this weapon for quite a while now."

Kinda mad, I flew over there in a second and sliced his face. He went flying backwards, not expecting the sudden attack, and hit the wall.

"Because I'm in a good mood I'll let you go. But don't think I'll be so kind as to let you leave if I meet you again. I'm collecting you guys, anyway." I said. His confused face made me laugh, but I wasn't going to explain. I didn't have to explain myself to anyone.

The third one came and went, off my list, and into my card. Laxaeus was third, then the fourth one came just as fast. It was the pink head, Marluxia, and I had some fun putting him into the card.

I looked down at the Marluxia card I had in my hands, "I told you so, didn't I? Didn't I tell you that I was collecting you all?"

The fifth, who just happened to be Zexion, I had a whole crap load of trouble with. Because he was freaking absorbed. By that Repliku kid, too!

I almost sighed in a pissed off manner when I saw this, but that wouldn't have been to smart, speaking that Axel and Repliku were right in front of me. Isn't it lucky that Grim Reapers can blend into the darkness?

I decided that if I didn't get him back soon, I wouldn't get him back. At all. I stepped out of the darkness in the corner, clapping, trying to sound clam when I knew that the Rupliku kid could absorb nobodies. I was half after all, right?

"Nice, nice, well played out!" I commented. "You know, I'm stunned Axel. Completely shocked, actually! This is the second death of your little friends that you've caused. But who cares, right? No regret!" I laughed. His eyebrows come together.

"How do you know that?" he asked.

"Oh, how could this little runt know that I'm killing off the organization? Oh no, this could be bad!" I said, mocking him, "Remember this person?" I asked, reaching into my pocket and touching the card that radiated Vexens essence. I can't explain how this works, but Vexens' soul came out of the card, and it slowly formed into his own body. He was under my control at the moment. Because I wanted him to be under my control.

Axel gasped. "I thought I-!"

"Killed him?" I finished for him, "Well, yeah you did. But using I few tricks of mine, I brought him back. Aren't you happy?" I asked.

He sort of stuttered out, "A few... What? But how can you-,"

"Do that?" I offered him. "Well, lets just say, when you control death, it's pretty easy." his eyes grew angry. "What? Are you mad that Vexen is alive? Now that's kinda cruel."

"Shut up!" he said, slashing his hand threw the air as if to cut me going diagonally.

I laughed. "I won't kill you now. But as I said to Marluxia," before I finished I began to walk away into the shadows again, "if we meet again, you won't be so lucky."

Once I was in the darkness I completely disappeared from sight. They thought I was gone. But I wasn't. I would get Zexion back no matter what. A puzzle can not be completed with a missing part.

Next was Demyx. Somehow I knew he would go, soon enough, I knew.

I looked at the list of all the organization thirteen members. Eight alive. That's good. But now it's going to be seven. What a shame, Demyx, you were one of my favorites. Never could kill someone, could you?

I was in plain sight the entire time Demyx was getting killed by that Sora boy. I was going to go in there, stop the fight and absorb Demyx by placing the card on his chest, but I knew that it was different with nobodies. Unlike humans who would cower and just go with it because they think they can't avoid it, Demyx wouldn't go, he would stay and fight. He'd try and fight me, and then I'd be the one to kill him. Not what I wanted.

Oh well. I'll just have to watch while he dies like the rest of them.

I saw Sora deal the final blow before Demyx fell to his knees. He got up again and noticed something was wrong. When he checked his hand he noticed his sitar was gone.

"What?" he asked to no one.

"No way!" He screams before falling onto his knees. He let out a strangled moan of pain before he was gone.

Sora got out of his fighting stance. "Anyone else from the organization want to be next?" he asked.

I gritted my teeth. I'm not from the organization, but I'll sure as hell be next, you cold heartless bastard. Killing off the organization members like that. What did Demyx do to you? You killed him just because he was apart of the organization?

Eventually Sora the duck and the stupid dog carried on. I walked over to where Demyx died. When he died a whole bunch of water flew all over the ground. It's not there anymore.

I placed a white card on the ground. Again, with the hands, and the darkness, and the whatever, and then finally I got the card containing the soul of Demyx. Took long enough. On the card Demyx was playing his water sitar. I sort of laughed at the sitarist. It was funny how much he loved music.

Next went Xaldin, And then Axel, and I got Zexion back from Repliku after Repliku died. The collection was growing fast, which pleased me. The faster, the better. Xigbar died, then Luxord, and then Saïx. I sort of felt bad when Saïx went. All he wanted was a heart! I mean, god! The poor guy. It's a good thing he gets a second chance. All the time I was crossing out the names on my list.

Until only two remain. Roxas and Xemnas. Well, might as well cross Roxas off. He found his other, no one knows what happened to him after he fused with that boy. Xemnas. Well, he's my last problem. I'm sure that the Sora boy will solve that problem quite easily.

And I thought right. Soon enough Sora killed Xemnas, and I was there to claim the prize he left behind. Once the soul of Xemnas was completely in the card, all I had to do was gather some hearts, which was not hard. All I had to do was send some heartless to Soras' islands, and then 'presto~' I had thirteen hearts that we released from the key blade after the heartless had been slain with them. Then all I needed were a couple of nobodies, (Twenty four to be exact) and some rope. I got some rope easily. Just stole some after I took the soul of someone who had it. Easy.

Nobodies lettered Castle Oblivion, so doing that was not hard. I took the bodies of the nobodies, still alive and struggling uselessly, in a bag the all Reapers used to carry souls in. You'd think there wouldn't be a whole lot of these bags around... speaking that there's only, like, five reapers in existence. But no. You can find these bags everywhere.

While I was around a few Dusks I figured I might as well take a few souls and recharge mine. It took a lot out of me to shove all those souls into those cards. While I was at it I supercharged my soul, getting into fighting the Dusks. The more souls I have, the better. I get stronger.

After I was done and feeling great I found the most empty room of the castle that seemed to be around. I drew a circle and then placed the cards of the organization members all around it, evenly apart from each other. I took the still-alive-and-wiggling nobodies out, one by one, and tied them up so they couldn't move. I placed two on top of each card, and then dropped a gooey heart on top of them. I sat down, holding a heart in my hand as well. I smiled.

What a masterpiece. The circle of hearts. If only organization thirteen knew of this. Their efforts of getting kingdom hearts was a waste, and ended with them all being dead. So sad. I looked out a window to see the moon in the shape of a heart.

I looked at it for a while before saying the words that would bring me power from the cards and also give the souls inside the cards what they want.

"Hearts, bodies, souls. The full make up of a living human-like being. Without one inside you, you are considered to be incomplete. There's only three cases that deals with their mutation. Reapers lack a soul, so they steal them from others. Heartless, which in most cases do contain hearts, but abuse the feelings contained inside of them. Nobodies lack bodies and hearts, so they come out as demented, strange creatures." I chanted the words that I had memorized completely, "I only ask, with the souls stored inside of me, that we be cured of our mutations. For the ones that contain only a soul and no body or heart, I offer a heart, two bodies of nobodies, and a piece of my soul to weave them back into humanity. As for myself, who has only half a heart instead of a whole, I offer a whole heart and a piece of my own soul to fix the wrong inside of me. Please, take the offerings and bring us back to the path of right!" I finished finally, holding my breath in anticipation.

A pool of dark began to stir inside the circle of hearts. Good, good! Hands, much like the ones that continually took bits and pieces of my soul away, reached out and began to wrap around each a card, two nobodies, and a heart. Soon enough, the cards, the bodies, and the hearts were engulfed in a thick cocoon. An arm slightly different than the others reached out and faced me. It hand a mouth and a single deformed eye on it, but still in the form of a hand.

"The third son of the Grim Reaper?" it asked in a rusty-whisper-like voice, "I never thought I'd see you."

I took a sharp, and hopefully unnoticeable intake of breath. One of the hands of heart. They're like nobodies and heartless mixed together. They have the same intentions of both combined.

"Hand of Heart." I addressed it, slightly bowing, "I ask only a few things of you."

"Oh?" it asked, "And these things may be?"

"That you return these creatures to the way they were before death, but replace the outline that they had before and give it the outline of a human. Not a nobody. I have provided the items necessary to complete this. I have the soul, the heart, and the body. I also ask that you take my heart and make it full by using this full heart. Also. The souls here once had control over an element." I said, "And I wish to take that control from them and put it into my grasp." I finished, holding out the heart in my hand. A black hand shot out and wrapped around me and the heart.

"Not enough." it said. I was stunned. Not enough? Putting souls in bodies was what the circle of hearts did, it shouldn't be hard. I'm giving them half a heart and part of my soul, which was always supercharged with hundreds of souls. Shouldn't that be enough?

"Circle of hearts, I ask you to reconsider!" I said, leaning forward slightly and holding out my hands in a begging gesture, "What else would you want?"

The mouth on the dark hand smiled, "Oh yes, there is something that you can do." it said.

"That is?" I asked.

"You live and die in another life." It said, its grin widening.

That made me take a sharp intake of breath, which caused me to choke on my own spit. "Excuse me?" I asked after I finished a coughing fit.

"You heard me. I give you a baby body, you grow old, and then you die. After that you all get your bodies back just the way you requested." it said. The grin intensified, which I didn't think was possible. "You also get the power over the elements." it reminded me. I wanted that power, but...

It wanted life exchange. Damn life exchange. Life exchange is what it wanted, out of all the things. For every year I live in a body the circle of hearts give me, a soul somewhere around in some world dies and the circle of hearts gets that soul. In life exchange you always live to be one hundred years old, so that's one hundred souls the circle of hearts gets.

"Wait!" I said, "Just take one hundred souls out of me, and then would you please just let me have my wish."

"Sure, but it's one hundred each." it said. One hundred for each organization member? That's not very fair. And the worst part is... I don't think I have one thousand three hundred souls on me right now.

"I cancel this. I don't wish for my heart to be full, and I want the souls to remain in the cards." I said. I would just go get some more souls and then come back. Simple, clean. Easy.

"No. It's already begun," the hand said.

I looked around. "You mean the black surrounding me and them?" I asked. I thought that was just for show. I didn't think that that would stop me from canceling this whole operation.

"Yes. As we speak, the darkness is molding the nobodies, hearts and souls into one being, the one that the soul desires. It takes some time. About one hundred years would be right." it said mockingly.

My brows furrowed. "Do I have any other options as of now?" I asked the circle of hearts.

"No." it said.

"So each of them will be put into another body?" I asked.


"Will any of them remember their past as nobodies?" I asked.

"No, but that's only because the hands haven't begun to wind together the memories that they once had. At the age of ten, the bodies they have been assigned to will have the memories of their past lives. You, on the other hand, are a different story. You will have all your memories at birth." it explained.

I opened my mouth to speak. Well, wasn't this turning out to be a rotten day? But do I really have a choice? I can't stop it... and in the end, I will get what I want. "I guess it can't be stopped." I sighed, "So hurry it up."

The last thing I felt was electricity running threw my veins. Time stopped for me, almost like how it had stopped for the organization members long before.