Author's Note: I don't even remember when I first started this. It's somewhat crack, you've been forewarned. But since technically I'd say my first two real fandoms on were Harry Potter and MK/DC- well here's a little something from both worlds. You've been forewarned.

Disclaimer: I am neither richer than the Queen, nor have McDonalds making figures of my writing- so I do not own either Harry Potter or Magic Kaito.

She stared at the window as Kaito tried to make the note disappear.

She blinked again trying to digest the information and finally—"That was an owl."

Kaito looked at her innocently starting to stick the thing up a sleeve, "Wha?"

"…An owl. An owl just flew into your window and dropped a note on your lap—just like that," she blinked again, "How can an owl fly through the window and—"

He snorted and waved a hand at her, "I haven't the slightest idea what your talking about Aoko—that was just one of my doves… honestly-"

She grappled for the note and nearly knocked over a desk in the process but managed to grab the thing as he let out a protesting "hey!"

"That was NOT a dove. It was big and grey and brown and… and… that was an OWL," she started to look down at the heavy parchment in her hands, "And what's this?"

"Eh… nothing…" he tried to grab it back but she held it out of reach.

"Kaito… I don't—"

"Oiy nothing 'kay? I was just.. .uh experimenting next trick don't uh…"

"With an owl?They eat doves Kaito!"

Funnily enough it was Hakuba who finally came up behind them and looked down at the parchment in her fingers. He turned to Kaito with a sniff and shook his head, "Why on earth would they bother sending you one?"

This time it was both Kaito and Aoko turning and asking, "What?"

"I wouldn't bother. After all you obviously didn't go to one of the academies so why would you bother with one of the trade schools or universities? Although I'm surprised they allowed Aoko-chan here to see you get the message delivered… ah well I suppose you do enough unauthorized magic around her anyway—" he shrugged and started to walk off.

"Wait… wait… how do YOU know about this?" Kaito darted after him eyes narrowing.

Hakuba just turned with a smirk, "Mum's side of the family. I wouldn't really ask if I were you."

"…" Kaito's eyes narrowed and then he groaned, "Wait, so that's why you keep Watson?"

"I warned you not ask."


He felt a tug on his sleeve as Aoko stared at him confused, "Are you telling me-"

"Aoko. Trust him. You really don't want to know."

"But if you're a wizard!"

He called after the disappearing blond detective "….Hakuba I blame you if the ministry shows up at my door!"

"I'll give my regards to the head of security!"