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I watched as he walked up the stairs to the stage and accepted his diploma. His face turned towards where I was hidden among the trees and bushes and I saw the tears glistening in his eyes, not all of them happy ones. I turned away guiltily, I hated to leave him like this, but it was time to vanish once again and leave this life to begin a new life somewhere else in the world. It was for the best, he would never be happy with my curse, so I should allow him to continue his life and not interfere.

I know we promised to be together forever, but that's a long time. I should know. I should've known it was a promise i shouldn't have made. A promise that I couldn't keep. He deserves more than what I can offer him.

I turned back to watch him walk back down the steps to join our fellow classmates. Some of the others who had known me well were also shedding tears of joy and sadness intertwined.

As he left my sight I looked away and I left this life altogether with that final parting memory of his graduation on my mind. The graduation I had chosen to miss by faking my own death in order to disappear. The graduation I had chosen to never attend from the time girls were allowed to go to school and work in jobs. The graduation that I would keep close in my mind for years to come until I met another man just as kind, gentle, witty, and caring as he was.

I turned back once more to get one last look and tears forming in my eyes I walked away, not even stirring a leaf in my path. Maybe one day I would be up on that stage, diploma in hand among my happy classmates rather than watching them from a hiding place among the trees and bushes.

I filled in the circle for the last question on the final exam. Sitting up straighter I gathered up my test and I turned it in to the proctor.

"Thank you, please exit quietly out the door behind me," the proctor whispered to me.

I gave a curt nod and I proceeded out of the door into the hallway. Getting out to the hallway I walked out and leaned against the wall next to the door sighing relief at getting the test done.

"That wasn't so bad, now was it?" I muttered to myself. "I did my best and that's all that I could do."

"Hey Kayla! How was the test? Do you think you did okay on it?" my best friend came running up to me.

I smiled in greeting flashing my unnaturally sharp canines. "Well, all in all I think you are the worst tutor in the history of tutors."

She stopped and made to look affronted, but only caused the both of us to start laughing at her attempt.

"And you are the worst student in the history of students," she retorted.

"Well, I think this just goes to prove you should stick to your Broadway career rather than run off and become a tutor, Callisto," I replied.

"Oh really or maybe you just don't want the competition for all the hot guys in this school. Is that it?" she joked.

I gasped, "You don't think I would be jealous of an old hag like you."

"I'm not an old hag," she denied, folding her arms and sticking her chin in the air.

I cleared my throat, "Oh really, well I believe you were born at least 27 years before me."

Callisto opened her mouth to respond, but nothing came out and she sighed, "Fine! You win this round. Apparently I'm not any better at this than I was when you were first turned."

"Got that right," I replied.

She smirked, "Well have fun up in the stars. I know you've always wondered what's up there, but you were never able to until now. What with all of the security they had when space travel was first possible."

"Thanks Callisto. I'll miss you, while I'm away," I said and hugged her.

"I'll miss you too, Kay," she replied hugging back. "Just take care of yourself up there. I don't want news to come saying that a vamp was discovered on a star ship and there is a possible infestation on the Earth. You know that whole shpeel."

"I know the risks Callisto, but I'll be working in the Medical Research area, so I'll have access to blood packs for the trip and I'll be bringing some packs of my own as well," I reassured her.

"All right, but I won't see you for years now! It's just so…depressing!" she finished.

I smiled, "I'll miss you too and don't worry I'll send back messages. We're able to do that you know."

"Oh…well Good luck!" she said and gave me another hug before scampering off.

"Good luck indeed," I muttered under my breath.

I pushed off the wall and began the walk back to the dorms where I would await word about whether I made it onto a starship or not. Sure enough about10 minutes after I had arrived back in my room a message came in through the letter slot.

I picked up the letter that was addressed to me and tore it open, anxious to read what the results were.

Miss Kayla Pheonix Pierce,

We have the final results of your test and we wish to congratulate you on your stupendous work. Congratulations you have passed your test and your assignment is the Chief Medical Researcher on the U.S.S. Enterprise. Report to the shuttles in the morning. Once again Congratulations and serve your ship well.

John Stewart

I smiled congratulating myself, I really wasn't surprised that I passed the test seeing as I was around when most of the cures, bacteria, and diseases were discovered in the centuries way before now.

"Well, I should set my alarm for early so I can pack my stuff and head up to the Enterprise. Wow, I can't believe I'm being assigned to such an important starship," I commented. "Well I'd better start packing."

I was heading down to the cafeteria for dinner and the few friends I had made here at the Space Cadet Academy were already at a table.

"Hey Kayla! Congratulations I hear the captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise is really cute! He's also not much older than us," Jasmine said with a wink of her eye.

I smirked, what they don't realize is that James Kirk and I were great friends before he graduated and they have no idea how much older I am compared to him and all of them. I could be one of their ancestors. Heh, funny how that works.

"James Kirk right?" I asked.

Ashley scoffed, "I've heard that he's daredevil. Good luck surviving for the next few years."

I smiled, "Why thank you for that information Ashley, but I actually know James from before he graduated from this academy."

Jasmine gasped and then came out the inevitable squeal to accompany my comment. "What is he like! Is he cute and handsome? How old is he? Will you introduce me?"

I giggled, "Slow down Jasmine. He's sweet and yes he is quite the little daredevil, but that's what made him a captain on the U.S.S. Enterprise. As for cute and handsome, well I suppose he is and for what looks he doesn't have his personality more than takes care of it," I paused. "Age wise…I think he's around mid twenties… or was that when I last saw him…oh well, I don't know. As for introductions, I'm going up to the ship and you'll be down here, but I'm sure he'd love to meet you girls one day. He's quite the lady's man."

Ashley rolled her eyes while Jasmine continued to beg to meet my old friend and my new captain. The two were always at odds with each other on which captains were cute or not and the same with the chief officers.

"Now on the other hand, Spock is quite the Chief Science Officer," Ashley said stars dazzling in her eyes.

I raised an eyebrow. "Who's Spock? You've never mentioned him before."

Jasmine began saying, "He's a Vulcan and he's the…"

"Yeah I heard he's the Chief Science Officer," I interrupted, "but what's he like. Why haven't you mentioned him before? And why am I getting the sense that you both agree on him?"

The two looked at each other. "You're right," Ashley said.

"Yeah…we both agree on him being…"

"…Smart and cute…"

"Weird," they said in unison.

It was my turn to roll my eyes. The two who always argued on this topic were getting along. They must be sick or something. Lovely, the night before I leave for Space too.

"Okay could you both just spit it out or something?" I looked at the two, "You're weirding me out and that's an accomplishment!"

They looked at me and then turned to look at each other. I began to hear laughter emerging from them as they turned back to look at me. I threw my hands up in the air and had that look of annoyance around me. When their laughter grew louder and more out of control I put a hand on my hip and gave them a look that said "Really?"

This caused them to laugh harder and finally truly annoyed I walked away to the buffet where I grabbed some food. I walked slowly down the line following those already in it. I could still hear their laughter, but chose to ignore it until they were done.

When I reached the table with the tray full of food, mostly lasagna, I continued ignoring them until the laughter died. The laughter did eventually die into dead silence and I continued to eat ignoring them for a few minutes.

I looked up from my food, "You done?"

"Oh I think they're quite done with those looks on their faces," a voice said behind me.

I startled and turning around thought, No one is able to walk up behind me without my realizing it! Not with my hearing! Who…

I stopped mid thought as I took in who was standing behind me. "James?" I asked astonished.

He smiled his usual cocky smile and pulled out an apple. "The one and only," he answered.

"Oh joy, I'd plug your ears if I were you," I warned.

He nodded and we both plugged our ears as a scream rent the air as Jasmine came to terms that her handsome fantasy lover from the U.S.S. Enterprise was standing next to the table we were eating at. James sat down beside me and he reached over and stole a muffin from my tray and began nibbling at it as we waited for the screaming to stop.

"I think she's about done now," I said nodding at Jasmine who appeared to be turning blue in her excitement and loss of breath.

James cocked his head to the side to look at her. "I think you're right, Kayla."

Jasmine finished her screaming gasping for breath. "Brace yourself," I whispered.



I swallowed some food, "That's why. Here come the questions."

"How old are you? Are you single? Have you ever been on a date before? Would you go out with me? Can you take me with you on your star ship? Have you been injured in battle before? Have you ever been in a battle?"

"Easy, Jasmine," Ashley said placing a hand on Jasmine's arm. "Breath."

Jasmine was definitely out of breath now and she was gasping in air waiting eagerly for the answers to all her questions.

"So, you've met Jasmine," I introduced, "and this is Ashley. Jasmine. Ashley. This is James Kirk."

"Well, things certainly haven't changed around here from the looks of things," James commented looking around and smiling.

"Nope, they certainly haven't. Are you returning to the ship tonight or are you staying down here?" I asked.

James grimaced, "I have to get back up to the ship. I was able to stop by after reporting everything and putting my logs into my personal data. I have time to waste before the shuttle leaves."

"Couldn't wait to see me again?" I teased.

"Not for the world," he replied. "Besides when I saw your name on the grad students list and your assignment, I couldn't wait to come and congratulate you. Although," he turned to look at my friends, "I didn't expect this kind of welcome."

"Yeah, it takes some getting used to," I commented.

"No kidding," he replied.

A beep sounded from his belt.

"Duty calls I take it."

He grimaced, "Why now?" he pulled out a communicator. "Kirk here."

"Captain, I suggest you get on the shuttle soon. Knowing you, you would wait for it to leave before deciding to come back to the ship," the communicator relayed.

"Ah, you know you can always beam me up, Spock. Don't be such a party pooper," he joked.

Jasmine and Ashley were ready to hype up at mention of Spock and I waved at them to shush.

"I'm not a party pooper Captain and I refuse to beam you up tonight. I suggest you learn to be on schedule if you would rather not explain why you need a room down in the Academy."

"Very well Spock. I'll see you shortly. Kirk signing out." He put the communicator back on his belt.

"So that's what a Vulcan's like, huh?"

"Yeah, he's a pain at first, but he warms up after a while. After all he's only half Vulcan. I'll see you in the morning Kayla," he said getting up.

He patted me on the shoulder and waved goodbye to us. I waved back and turned back to my meal.

"Please," I interrupted Jasmine before she screamed again, "don't scream. I would like to go to sleep without a headache tonight."

"Oops, sorry," she apologized embarrassed.

I waved away the apology and finished eating the lasagna in front of me. "Just don't give me a headache and I'll come back and tell you all about James. Deal?"

She enthusiastically nodded her head. "Totally!"

"Is she really sleeping in my room?" Ashley asked.

"What's the matter?" I smirked. "Aren't you used to her bouncing off the walls by now?"

"Don't remind me."

I got up and put and threw away me trash and placed the tray on top of the can. "Have fun tonight. Night."

I left Ashley to deal with Jasmine who was nearly bursting from her skin with the news that she met the famous Captain James Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

Back in my room I plopped down on my bed and stared at the ceiling for a time not bothering to turn the light on. Feeling the thirst in the back of my throat that the water hadn't quenched I got up and reached under my bed to my mini fridge hidden from sight and opened it. I pulled out a blood pack and closed the door.

Realizing the room's door was unlocked still I set the pack on the bed and locked it. The last thing I need is for someone to walk in on me and discover what I am. Sitting on my bed I brought the pack up to my mouth and pierced the plastic and sucked out the contents until it was empty. I threw the empty bag into the trash can and felt the thirst die away as the liquid flowed through my veins.

The last portions of my belongings were the packs and those were being packed in a cooler in my bags in the morning. I sat still allowing the blood to flow through me before changing into some pajamas and climbing into bed and falling asleep.

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