It was the first time Teriyaki chicken had made it onto my plate and I was a little skeptical at first about this sweet smelling sauce that made the chicken turn a sticky, dark brown.

"Are you positive this is edible?" I asked Leo.

I smiled in amusement when he rolled his eyes. He pushed the plate closer to me pointedly. "I'm positive. Now eat, before I decide you're too much trouble to take out to dinner."He turned to look down at his own plate of Teriyaki chicken with rice. I took a small bite and nibbled on it. The first time the sweet sauce struck my tongue I knew I had fallen in love. I immediately pulled the chicken from the fork and chewed satisfied that he had been telling the truth. Leo had yet to notice my reaction to my first bite as he had looked back down to his own food.

"Geez, I don't believe I have ever met someone who has never had Teriyaki chicken before," he mused with amusement.

He looked up only to drop his fork in surprise. While he was musing, I had accidently let myself get ahead of what was humanly possible. A few stray grains of rice were the only evidence that there had previously been a meal on the plate. I quickly scooped those last few grains into my mouth as well, shrugging at his surprise.

Still in shock he stated, "I take it… you liked it…"

I nodded with a smile exclaiming, "That was good! Where can I get more?!"

I looked around and opened my mouth a tad discretely testing the air for more of the sweet, tangy scented sauce covered chicken.

"Uh, yeah, in the pot. Help yourself."

I nodded in glee as I went to the pot sitting on the stove. With my sensitive hearing I could hear him in the background muttering about my sudden randomness at times like these.

I silently contained my laughter before turning back to sit across from him at the kitchen table silently reprimanding myself to keep my "unnaturalness" in check.

The assassin teams were set and ready to go.

Everyone had declared a country or in my case a certain city for their team. Usually based on some kind of relation between someone in their team and that place or just because they liked the country, as was the case in the Maintenance team.

Maintenance being the people they were had voted on Fiji as their country.

Engineering took Portugal for the only female, Natasha, in the group.

As part of the Medical team we took Sparta of course as I had already claimed the city since it was my birth place in more than one way.

The Bridge Crew or Gold Shirts took Russia for the ships navigator and heavily accented member, Chekov.

And last but not least, the Science department claimed Germany because, as Spock put it, it was the origins of some of the best scientists and inventions in history.

It had already been a day so far and the crew had taken to firing upon anyone they saw that wasn't in their department. Of course no one had been able to hit me so far. I was a pro. The funniest part of it was when someone didn't hit another within a few seconds. They attracted a crowd of those who had already been tagged out of the game who would sometimes help their friends or just sit back and watch the entertainment.

Of course Jim had to watch his back wherever he went as the majority of the crew wanted to be the one to tag him. Unfortunately Spock didn't think of the game as fun, he thought of it as a very odd training exercise, but he participated all the same, so in the end it was okay.

And of course for me, the game was a rush from the past. The adrenaline that rushed through my veins drove me to take risks that I knew others would never be able to achieve. They all put it down to my prowess and knowledge of the game. They were dead wrong. It all came from the many fighting styles I have learned in my life and the survival instincts of a good vampire. Well, maybe you could count the few times I had played I in High School when the whole class decided to go against each other.

The one rule we all decided on besides the normal rules was that a truce would be called in emergency situations. There would also be a truce if we went into orbit around a planet.

Now that all the preparations were complete we could finally get started.

We weren't given a Ready, Set, Go. No, instead we had decided on a given time that the games would begin… and I couldn't wait to see who would be the first to catch up with me. That is if they are fast enough. That was the advantage I had over the crew was I could not only see the low level laser blast coming at me, I could hear it allowing my finely tuned reflexes to dodge, even from the smallest possible bit of contact

Unfortunately for the assassin firing at me. This meant that I would know their location. I smiled remembering my first kill of the game…

I looked towards the clock on my night stand. 2 minutes until it starts.

I wonder who is coming after me first…1 minute.

I looked down at the stun gun in my hand. I checked yet again to see that it was on the lowest stun setting.

I looked back to the clock and began to count down the seconds…5…4…3…2…1

I smirked and muttered quietly, "Let the games begin."

I stationed myself next to my door and pressed the button to open it.

Peering around the corner I checked to make sure I was clear. Breathing? No. Footsteps? No. Smell? No.

The coast was clear…for now.

I stalked out of my room cautiously with my hand at my side ready to whip out my stun gun, despite the fact that I could hear and smell someone coming my way.

The sound of a stun gun firing alerted me to my hunter down the hall. I dodged the beam, leaping to the side and twisted around midair to stun my assailant.

And true to my word as I first told to Jim, I shouted my favorite line with an extraordinary amount of enthusiasm and delight… "THIS. IS. SPARTA!"

My first victory of the game with many more to come.

However even though it had only been 24 hours since the game began we had to call the temporary truce as we had arrived at our destination, Caladan.

Spock nodded. "I shall gather up the needed personnel."

"Have Kayla and Bones come along. I want Kayla to have some experience with this."

Spock nodded and left the Bridge contacting Bones and Kayla as well as a security guard to come with them.

Jim pressed the communication button on his chair.

"Whatcha need, lad?" came the familiar Scottish accent.

"Scotty, find a set of coordinates that a group being beamed down won't be noticed by any life forms on the planet."

"Right away, Ser," Scotty replied.

Jim looked to Chekov, "You're in charge Chekov until I get back."

"Yes zir."

Jim left the bridge and made his way to the transportation room to find the group waiting.

"About time, Captain," I joked.

Jim just shot me a flirty smile. "I just wanted to be sure I looked my best for any cute girls we might find."

My hand slid to my popped hip with a smile of my own and my brows lifted questioningly. "Is that so? Well, I may find that our Captain needs to be admitted into the medical bay later for some bad bruises and possibly broken bones."

His smile faltered as he realized what I was implying. "Now, now, Kayla. We're all friends here, right? Right?" he looked around and grabbed Bones who was nearest him. "You'll protect me, right Bones?"

Bones pulled himself from Jims grip and moved to the side. "Sorry Jim, but I'd say you just need to be on your best behavior."

Jims face looked crestfallen. Bones looked to me and winked with a smile on his lips.

I smiled triumphantly. "Well now. Shall we be on our way, Captain?"

"Yeah," he muttered, then ordered, "Scotty! Beam us down."

"Yes Ser!" Scotty sat at his controls while we moved to stand on the platform waiting to be transported.

The lights around us flashed and we were transported to the planet's surface.

The first thing we all noticed was the beautiful foliage around us. The flowers were bright vibrant colors, many different shades of every color you could ever imagine. Many of the colors I recognized as shades only a vampire could distinguish from amongst the rest being only so slightly lighter or darker than other colors.

"Welcome, travelers," a voice greeted from within the trees.

Everyone looked around confused as a group of people emerged from the shadows around them.

One person led the advance with a close lipped smile.

"Welcome, it is a pleasure to meet you."

Jim turned to face the leader confused. "Did you know we were coming?"

The leader nodded still smiling.


"We may not have the technology to travel into space, but we are perfectly aware of what happens among the stars. Come be welcome in our village."

The leader turned and headed back into the shadows while the others waited for the group to follow.

James slapped the communicator attached to his shirt.

"This is Captain James Tiberius Kirk, Scotty why did you beam us down into the middle of a group of the planets inhabitants?"

"What do you mean ser? My scanners don't show any readings."

James face crumpled in confusion. "Keep a lock on our positions," he ordered.

"Aye Aye, Ser," Scotty replied.

I studied our surroundings not sure that we should stay any longer on this planet. Something seemed off and I didn't exactly want to stick around any longer than need be despite the adventurous side of me.

"Jim, I'm getting a bad feeling about this," I whispered in his ear.

Jim looked my direction and nodded. "I want to find out what is going on here."

I nodded in understanding.

"Let's go."

James led the way following after the leader of the people. Those around us closed in on all sides.

I glanced over at one of those on the other side of me looking for any hint of hostility in their behavior or action.

The one next to me turned her gaze upon me and smiled. To those around me she would have appeared to have only moved her lips slightly, but I could hear the words she said.

"Welcome, sister."

I faltered in my steps not sure if she was referring to what I thought she meant.

We traveled through the forest at a somewhat leisurely pace following our guide as he led the way. Our group was constantly on alert watching and waiting for something to happen.

I kept myself relaxed in order to not be extremely tense should it all come down to a fight. Bones moved closer to my side and nudged my elbow with his.

"What was the feeling you had earlier?" he asked quietly.

I leaned closer to his ear, "I think…I think they might be like me."

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