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They were fighting an EVO once again and Rex was having the time of his life dodging the EVOs tentacles that were flying everywhere hitting buildings, cars, and many other things.

The EVO was about ten stories high and looked like a beached octopus with a lot more than eight tentacles. Rex was flying in and out of the EVOs tentacles trying to get closer, key word being trying.

"Rex, can you get in close enough to cure it?" Six asked through the radio.

"I'm almost there and I'll be in range in no time. AAgh!" Rex's wings left him as a tentacle hit him square across his back and he plummeted down to the ground.

Rex focused on his nanites trying to bring his wings out again.

"Rex! You're biometric readings are high! Are your nanites under your control?" Dr. Holiday asked.

Rex growled in frustration, "No, they're not responding to anything I tell them."

Rex flipped around in the air so he was going belly first towards the ground and looked down to see where he was going to land when Six caught him on his hoverboard.

"Thanks Six," Rex said.

"How far were you able to get in on your own?" he asked.

"I had maybe two layers of tentacles in front of me," Rex replied.


Rex shook his head, "Not responding."

Six sighed and pushed a button on his radio, "This is Six. Rex is unable to cure the EVO. Move in for the kill."

"But Six! I can do it if you give me a few minutes!" he protested.

Six ignored him and headed back for the line of Providence troops and dropped Rex off in the back. He turned around and headed for the EVO cutting tentacles off as he went.

"What happened? Aren't you going to go bash something?" Bobo asked.

Rex shook his head glaring up at the EVO. "Man, why does that always happen when I least suspect it?"

"How should I know? I'm only the sidekick remember."

Rex glared at Bobo, "You're not helping you know."

He turned back to watch as the EVO was taken down and killed with tons of bullet holes in it. Rex turned away in frustration at being unable to cure the EVO and save whoever was infected and went to wait inside the ship.

Six returned to find Bobo alone in front of the ship. "Where's Rex?"

"Inside," he pointed over his shoulder.

"Come on then," Six said. He walked in with Bobo following behind.

Providence Base

Dr. Holiday was examining Rex once again, but without Rex's usual jokes and antics. "What happened this time?" she asked gently.

"I'm not really sure. One minute I'm closing in on the EVO then Six is on the radio talking to me. I'm being bashed in by the EVO and the nanites stopped working… I'm not sure what caused it this time," Rex said in sullen voice.

Dr. Holiday came over from the computer screen and sat down next to him.

"Is something bothering you Rex?"

"Other than the fact I couldn't save that person's life today?" Rex asked.

Dr. Holiday sighed, "You have been getting a little depressed lately from what I've seen and it's not good for you Rex. How about you go hang out with Noah for a while."

"No thanks."

"Do you want to take a lap around the Zoo?"

"No," he said and got up and left the room.

Six came in. "How is he?"

"Not good. I'm worried about him, Six. Rex is becoming depressed and I think that has something to do with him losing his control over his nanites in this last mission," Dr. Holiday informed him.

Six's frown deepened and he looked through the glass into the Zoo.

"He refused to even take a lap around the Zoo and hang out with Noah," Dr. Holiday added.

"White Knight isn't going to be happy," Six said.

Dr. Holiday hung her head and nodded slowly. She felt for the boy as he was most likely becoming depressed over the fact he had no idea who his parents were and what his life had been like before the explosion and added to all that he wasn't able to save some EVOs he'd fought on missions.

Six entered the room where White Knight was already on the screen waiting.

"What happened to Rex this time, Six?" he asked.

"Dr. Holiday believes he is becoming depressed and that is possibly part of the reason why he lost control of his nanites," Six informed him.

"I told you before to keep him moving when he is fighting EVOs. It seems you can't do this anymore. Bring Rex in the ship and meet at these coordinates. Make sure he doesn't know where he is going and have soldiers watch him if he starts to get out of hand," White Knight ordered.

A tray came out of the wall with a piece of paper folded in half. Six took the paper from the tray.

"Yes sir."

Six turned and left the room and went to Rex's room. The door opened when he got there and he walked in to find Rex on his bed staring at the ceiling.

"Come on Rex," Six ordered.

"What another mission?" he asked gloomily.

"Yes, quit your sulking and let's go," Six said.

Rex didn't even glance at him as he got up and left the room heading for the ship. Bobo leaped off his perch and made to follow Rex, but Six stopped him with a shake of his head. Bobo shrugged and went back to his perch where he continued to polish his guns.

Six quietly followed Rex and climbed aboard the ship after him. Rex sat down in the closest seat that was unoccupied by the soldiers already inside and Six closed the hatch before taking his place at the pilots seat.

The ride over all was uneventful and the few soldiers in the ship with them didn't have to do anything to subdue Rex. Six looked over the landscape from the view he had in the sky as they approached the coordinates. There were patches of grass scattered on the ground floor and he could only see brush for as far as the eye could see. All in all it was on the borders of a desert and grassland. The only thing to be seen was a black car waiting below them.

Six landed the ship and the guards that had situated themselves around Rex waited for Six to open the hatch. When he did he saw a woman he had thought he would never see again for the rest of his life come out of the car.

Six departed the ship and walked over to a slender but short woman.

"Agent Six." the woman asked, "Where is the boy?"

"He is still on the ship," Six said.

"Well, bring him out already," she ordered. "I don't have all day."

"Yes ma'am," Six answered and he gestured to the soldiers to bring Rex out.

The soldiers walked out eyeing the sullen Rex as they went. Rex looked around with a slight edge of curiosity and began to realize something was amiss

"Hey Six, I thought we were going on another mission to cure an EVO. Where are we?" Rex asked.

"You don't need to concern yourself about that boy," the woman barked. "Give Agent Six the briefcase."

A man next to her looked at Six holding out a briefcase. Six took the briefcase and opening it he found what looked like a high tech dog collar and four bracelets with the same look.

The woman ordered, "Put those on him."

Six looked up at her and nodded. He set the briefcase down before nodding to the soldiers who moved closer to Rex and brought him closer to him. Six took the collar and clicked it open without Rex seeing what was in his hand. He felt guilty about doing this even though it didn't show on his face, but this woman was Agent Two and she had the authority over him.

He stepped up to Rex and placed the collar around his neck before the boy realized what he was doing.

"Six?" he asked stunned a hand traveling up to feel the collar at his neck.

Six closed the collar with a click and stepped back to the briefcase he pulled out the four bracelets and the soldiers took Rex's hands in theirs giving Six the moment to snap the bracelets on. Rex began struggling as what was happening began to register in his mind.

"Six, what are you doing!" Rex asked beginning to panic. "Who is this woman and what are you putting on me?"

Six could see the pain the boy was in as he came to the conclusion that he was being betrayed by one of the people he thought he could truly believe in. Six took the final two bracelets and attached them to each of Rex's ankles.

Agent Two pressed a button and Rex cried out when the bracelets and collar stuck him with needles and drew in a sample of his blood. The needles left him quickly, but Rex was driven to his knees through the pain the technology was giving him. He commanded his nanites to form his large hands that he could use to crush this woman, but an excruciating pain swept through his body. He felt like he was on fire and nothing could stop the pain until the Agent lifted her finger from the button and he could feel the nanites once again, but they wouldn't listen to him.

She smiled, "there's no escape for you Rex. You're nanites are no longer under your control."

Rex looked up at Six with hate filled eyes for putting him through this and glared at him with everything he had before his eyes blurred with dark spots and faded to black and he collapsed at the soldiers feet.

"Get him in the car," Agent Two commanded. The two soldiers with her stepped forward and picked Rex up putting him in the back in cage like he was a wild animal. Six grimaced mentally, but did nothing to stop it. There was nothing he could do. He had no authority over the other agent.

"You're dismissed Agent Six," she said and she got into the car.

Six watched as the soldiers got in as well and drove away with the boy he had come to know so well and who hated him now for what he believed was Six's betrayal.

The soldiers were already walking back into the ship and waited for him. Six watched as the car disappeared and only then did he turn away and head back for the ship. The boy was no longer his concern and hopefully Rex learned to listen to Agent Two otherwise he would be feeling more pain from those devices.

Six pondered on what fate Rex had as he started up the engines. Agent Two was not known for her kindness and many of the agents who were trained under her either ended up dead because they couldn't stand the training and the pain or ended up as very cold and non-emotional themselves. Six being one of those who had turned extremely cold and had only recently begun to realize how much care Rex needed as an emotional teenager and just how much emotion he had locked up himself.

"Good luck kid," he muttered and flew off. He was going to have to go back now and break the news to Dr. Holiday, Bobo, and Noah. Unless White Knight had already informed them of what had happened.

Author's Note: Well this came out darker than I had thought and it is leading up to what I had in my dream. I don't know if Agent Six was really trained by another Agent or not, so that's all just speculation. I hope you all liked this chapter and please let me know how I'm doing through reviewing!