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The autumn wind assaulting him was cold, but Daniel Fenton didn't shiver. Cold didn't bother him much anymore, heat either for that matter.

Being half-ghost will do that do you, he mused.

The park was quiet today, no one there except he, the wind, and his memories, but he didn't feel alone. He could almost hear his loved ones' voices on the breeze, the constant drone of his sister and mother, the sudden and blunt gusts of his father, Tucker's playful dips and rolls, and her. Oh, how he could feel her. Sam's voice in the wind's softer breezes, her hands caressing his arms, her lips kissing his face. If he just sat there, he could imagine that the last centuries had only been a dream, that none of this had happened and they were all still alive.

A female laugh brought him out of his fantasies. He turned to look at the couple walking down the path behind him before returning to his previous position. Just a few kids coming home from school, they posed no threat.

Danny winced as that thought popped into his head. He was getting paranoid in his old age, although who could blame him. He'd been involved in some form or another of serious violence since he was fourteen. A little paranoia was justified.

He returned his attentions to the park around him. It hadn't changed much since his last visit, or any of the visits before really, and that was just how he wanted it. Memories of who he used to be were hard enough to hold onto without his few physical reminders changing. Being back here always brought back thoughts of his past, both the good and the bad.

After a few more moments of silence, he glanced at the antique wristwatch on his wrist and rose to his feet. As he had done so many times before, he transversed the clearing, placing flowers in seemingly random spots on the ground. Anyone watching would surely have thought it odd, but Danny Fenton stopped caring what people thought a long time ago. After he had placed every flower but one, he walked over to an oak tree at the edge of the clearing. Reaching it, he bent down and placed a PDA among the roots. "Just a little something for old times sake my friend." He murmured with a soft smile.

He turned and seemed to address thin air. "I don't know when I'll be able to come back. I got a communiqué from command after that last mission. Me and another of my department are being transferred to the 'Enterprise'. It's a great honor and it'll be great for my career, but the 'Enterprise' logs a lot more time away from home than my last postings have. I'll miss you guys." He grew quiet for a minute, trying to memorize every detail of what might be the last visit in a long time. "Anyway, I'd better go. I'm due back at the ship in a few hours and I have one more stop to make."

It had taken him a long time to get over Sam, but they had both known he would outlive her. Sam had made it perfectly clear that he wasn't to spend the rest of eternity alone just because she was gone. In her last moments, she had practically ordered him to find someone else to be happy with. Still, it had been a long time before he could look at a woman in that way without feeling guilty; Andrea and he had found each other about a century after WW3. Like him, she had lost pretty much everyone she had ever cared about; they had found solace and love in each other. They were married for 60 years before she, like everyone else Danny knew, surrendered to the one enemy Phantom couldn't protect her from. Because she died after the war, Andrea was buried in the new graveyard across town. Clutching the last flower to his chest, Danny left to say his final farewell.

Lieutenant Daniel Fenton (he had been promoted a few weeks ago), was waiting to transport over to his new posting along with his crewmate, Lieutenant Alicia Jones. The two had been working together for the last few years, so she knew better than to try and engage him in small talk. It was a running joke that a replicater had more social skills than Fenton did, and he didn't seem all that interested in getting any. Daniel Fenton didn't do small talk and he didn't socialize. While most off-duty officers would relax, grab a drink, or just generally hangout, no one had ever seen the lieutenant do anything of the sort. He had no friends, nor did he seem to want them. At work he was formal and curt with everyone, and after he was off he disappeared to his quarters, the holodeck, or the gym. Numerous pools had gone up around the ship about what he actually did with his free time. Danny, for his part, knew exactly how others thought of him and he didn't really care. If they were in his situation, they would act the exact same way.

The first thing he noticed upon arrival on the Enterprise was a dark-skinned man standing in front of the platform. He wore a standard Starfleet uniform denoting him as a Commander in the Engineering Corps and a silver visor covered his eyes. This must be this Geordi LeForge I've heard so much about. Danny thought

Approaching the man, Danny put down his bags and came to attention. "Lieutenant Daniel Fenton, reporting as ordered sir." To his side, Lieutenant Jones followed suit.

"Welcome to the Enterprise," The man said. "I'm Commander Geordi LeForge and I'll be your new commanding officer. If you follow me, I'll show you your quarters so you can get settled in before the initial briefing."

A few hours later, Danny was being shown around the engineering deck, getting accustomed to the layout and such. The briefing was just about done and Danny couldn't wait to get back into his quarters, transform, and see what was up in the Zone. He hated being so formal, it wasn't natural, but it was a necessary survival mechanism. Just a bit longer and he could 'take the stick out' so to speak and let loose in the Ghost Zone, laugh a little, maybe even have a sparring match with Frostbite. Yeah, a sparring match would feel good right now.

He was so distracted with his thoughts that he almost didn't hear Commander LeForge dismiss them. He was about to bolt when his new CO called over an officer who had obviously just finished his shift. "Hey Simon, come here a sec." He turned to the newbies. "Lieutenant Fenton, Lieutenant Jones, this is Lieutenant Simon Derekson."

"Just Simon while I'm off." The man said cheerfully. "We're the same rank after all."

"In that case, I'm Alicia." Lieutenant Jones replied. She shook his hand warmly before Simon turned to Danny.

"Lieutenant Fenton will do fine." Danny answered the questioning look.

Simon looked a bit baffled, but was otherwise unfazed.

"Simon," Geordi suggested. "Why don't you take our new crewmembers to Ten Forward, introduce them to some people."

"Sounds good to me." Derekson agreed

"Sure," said Lieutenant Jones. "Sounds great."

"Thanks for the offer, but I think I'd like to just go to my quarters." Danny replied, turning to leave.

"Oh come on, It'll be fun." Derkson laughed, making to grab Danny's shoulder.

Great, he was going to be one of those. Danny thought irritably. Scowling, he turned back towards his crewmate. "Thank you Lieutenant Derekson, but I'd really rather be in my quarters."

With that, he turned and left. He caught Alicia Jones' voice behind him before the door closed. "Don't worry about it, he's like that with everyone."

Back in Engineering

Alicia looked at Simon's baffled face as Fenton walked out. Sometimes she wondered if the guy purposefully tried to upset as many people as humanly possible. Simon seemed like a nice guy, he didn't deserve the 'Fenton' treatment. "Don't worry about it." She said, trying to cheer him up. "He's like that with everyone."

"All the time?" Commander LeForge was incredulous.

"Unfortunately, sir," Alicia said dryly. "Don't get me wrong, he's a great officer. Works hard, gets the job done. He just doesn't do people."

Simon shrugged, "Oh well, his choice I guess. Let's go Alicia, I've got some friends of mine who'll love to meet you."

With that, the two lieutenants walked towards the lift. Geordi looked after them, thinking about the overly formal young man who had left before. Maybe I should ask Deanna to talk to him. The Commander mused. There's got to be some psychological reason behind his behavior. No human is that anti-social naturally.

Back to Danny

Danny let out a huge sigh as the doors to his quarters closed. Making sure the privacy lock was on and his comlink was with him (in case anyone needed him), he began the transformation. As a halfa, his instinctual reaction to stress was to transform into something more defensible. No matter how old or experienced he was, the first day on the job is always stressful; he had been containing the urge to go ghost for hours. A thrill of exhilaration and relief surged through him as he touched his cold center. He could feel the power seething below the surface, aching to be set free. He felt it expand and explode. It leapt through him in a familiar wave, sweeping away his human form and revealing his true nature.

After all was said and done, Danny Phantom was floating a few feet above the floor. Man this feels good. He thought. Talk about stress relief. Without any more hesitation, he opened up a portal and slipped into the Ghost Zone.

A few good hours of sparring later, Frostbite and Phantom sat side by side in the snow. If anyone from Starfleet could've seen them, they would never have recognized Danny. Besides his ghostly appearance, Lieutenant Daniel Fenton was relaxed and joking around with the yeti-like ghost beside him.

"So Skulker and I are circling each other right? And we're doing the whole witty banter thing, or at least I was, Skulker wouldn't know witty if it bit him in the butt. Anyway, we're circling each other, each wanting nothing more than to beat the other into an ectoplasmic pulp, when suddenly the Box Ghost pops up between us. 'FEAR ME!'" Danny illustrated his point with hands raised in a semblance of claws while doing his very best Box Ghost impression.

Both ghosts laughed. "Sometimes Great One, I wonder where the Box Ghost was when intelligence was being handed out." Frostbite managed through his chuckles.

"I've often thought the same thing." Danny said. "Who knows? Maybe the accident that killed him rattled his ghostly brain too."

Both collapsed into laughter once more. As their mirth subsided, Frostbite regarded his old friend, looking at his happy and relaxed face. He wasn't sure how to bring up the next subject he wanted to discuss. Although Phantom and he had been friends for centuries, he had an enormous amount of respect for Danny (evidenced by how he still called him 'Great One' even though they were close). He didn't know how to say this. "You seem to be in a much better mood than when you arrived."

Phantom grinned at him. "Yeah, after having to act like there's a stick up where the sun don't shine all day, it's nice to let loose and be myself."

"Great One," Frostbite hesitated. "If existence is so much more pleasant for you here, why do you still reside in the living world?"

Danny was very quiet for a minute as his smile faded to something a bit more wistful. "I would love to stay here Frostbite. No matter how anti-social I am, I still get attached to some of the mortals out there. But I can't. My hero complex won't let me." He teased gently before becoming more serious. "Besides, Clockwork thinks I should stay there. He won't give me any reasons of course, but you know as well as I do that if Clockwork thinks I'm needed out there, then there's a darn good reason. Maybe there's a specific event I'm supposed to stop or something. I don't know. But once I don't need to be there, I'll probably move into the Zone like Vlad and Danni have."

He cocked his head at Frostbite. "Speaking of Danni," He said, changing the subject. "How's she doing? I haven't had the chance to talk to her for a while."

Meanwhile, on the Enterprise

Councilor Deanna Troy was finishing up some paperwork when her door beeped.

"Come in." She called, looking up from the data-disk in front of her. "Geordi! What a nice surprise. What can I do for you?" She abandoned the data-disk and went to replicate drinks for the two of them. "Is this a social visit or work related?"

"Actually," Geordi replied. "I wanted to talk to you about one of the new recruits we got today, Daniel Fenton."

"Oh?" Deanna handed Geordi a glass and led him to the couch. "Something wrong?"

Geordi paused, trying to put his thoughts into words. "He's the most anti-social person I've ever met in my life. And he makes Data look passionate he's so formal! The officer that transferred with him said that he's always like that and that it doesn't effect his work, but I was wondering if you could talk to him. I mean, no human is like that naturally, there's got to be a reason."

Deanna frowned and walked to the computer terminal on her wall, bringing up Lieutenant Fenton's file. After considering it for a few moments, she turned back to Geordi. "My first guess would be some kind of traumatic event, but I can't find anything in his file at first glance." She smiled at her friend. "I'll see what I can do, you've piqued my interest."

After a few more minutes of friendly conversation, the two bid each other good night and Geordi left. Councilor Troy, on the other hand, accessed the computer and began a more detailed background search for Lieutenant Fenton.

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