Vampire Academy and Southern Vampire Mysteries crossover (duh)

SVM- Vampires have only come out in Bon Temps Louisiana. Bill and Sookie are together. Sookie is still telepathic. Eric is still sheriff and the takeover hasn't happened yet. Before book 4 takes place from then onwards.

Vampire Academy- Before first book when Rose and Lissa run away. Rose is (of course) a badass and has a fierce reputation as 'slayer' throughout the world not just with the guardians and Moroi society. Rose and Lissa are both twenty.

A special thanks to my friends who supported me in posting this story and Zymette for the 'Slayer' Idea :)Eric Pov

As soon as they walked into the bar I noticed they were different. I'm not sure what was different about them but everyone turned to look at them even the vermin offering herself to me.

The blonde was thin with straight golden hair and pale green eyes, no real figure and was like a shadow to the other woman. She was wearing a pale pink turtleneck with dark blue jeans and high heels.

The other woman had hair that was brown nearly black and came down to waist, she was wearing a black singlet with a black studded leather jacket and black studded jeans. When she turned to give the blonde a sharp look, like she knew what she was thinking, there were all these little tattoos that looked like small lightning bolts formed in an 'X' shape. When she turned around her eyes went immediately to the exits and then to the vampires throughout the bar.

I tried to get her attention so I could glamour her but instead she pushed the blonde behind her and reached into her jacket...

I launched then I wasn't having another scare like the first time Sookie came into the bar.

As I went to grab her throat she ducked. I know ducked! I hesitated, and at that hesitation she kicked my feet out from under me and kicked me in the throat I was stunned and couldn't move. I saw a blur of motion and was glad to see Pam fighting the woman, 'though if I didn't win Pam didn't have much hope I was 1000yrs old and Pam was just under 300yrs' I thought. Pam was down within the minute with a broken neck. I motioned for all the vampires to attack.


As lissa and I walked into the bar I noticed right away that something was wrong; it wasn't the nauseas feeling I usually when stigori are close by, no, this was like something was living dead but not evil, soulless.

As soon as I walked in I counted the exits and how many vampires; 5vamps and 2 exits. 'easy' I thought when everyone turned to look at us instinct kicked in. I pushed lissa behind me and reached for my stake, the vampire on the throne- I know a freaking throne- launched himself at me.

He must be old because I hardly saw him move; lucky for me I had all of Lissa's darkness and it had been building up and going to the gym just hasn't worked, this is just what I needed.

He tried to grab my throat but I ducked at the last second, he hesitated so I kicked his feet out from under him and quickly kicked him in the throat to stun him. Just as I turned around I felt, rather than saw, movement behind me and grabbed the woman's neck; I twisted so that it was not enough for her head to come off but enough to stop her that took no more then a minute.

As I looked down at them the first thing I noticed was that they didn't have red eyes; second was that the male was signalling all the other vampires to attack. 'this is gonna be fun, time to show them who they're messing with' I thought evilly and smirked and the male. As the three came at me I put Lissa trapped against the wall so they couldn't grab her.

As the first one came at me I knew he was younger then the other four. He had dark hair, deep dark brown eyes, straight nose and thin lips; not my type at all. I went in for a right hook, which he blocked, but he didn't anticipate my left hand coming up; as it contacted with his nose I heard an audible 'crack' and winced internally. He was shocked for a moment and I took that opportunity to break his neck.

I saw another do in for Lissa and, as almost anyone knows, that is a big no-no. The darkness that had been kept inside erupted like a volcano. Everything was clear; my hearing was shaper then the oldest vampire, everything came into focus like looking through high definition; I was faster, stronger, deadlier, fiercer, the thing stigori fear.

I took the next one down by a quick kick to the groin and shattered his windpipe with a punch. Just as I was turning around the vampire grabbed my throat and held me against the wall; I couldn't breathe. I looked over to Lissa and said hoarsely "Супер Принуждение" she nodded and said 'you sure?' through the bond we shared. I nodded as much as I could. As she looked into the eyes of one of the gothic patrons, who, I assumed, to be dressed up as a vampire, I felt the dark, evil, black, magic and rage.

We found out a couple of months ago that when I absorb the a lot of darkness my hair goes black, like midnight, with blue electricity dancing through it; my eyes change from warm brown to icy blue that covers all the white of my eye and the pupil dilates more then normal. Ghosts appear, Lissa's family is there along with all the other people, stigori, and other things I've killed so there are a lot of them.

I breathed in a sigh of air this always made me feel powerful. I looked into the face of my attacker and smirked "Lissa you can stop now" I said in an eerily calm voice, I noticed that the every one shivered, even the vampires; who were now fully recovered. As I breathed in I felt powerful, like always, but this time it was different more power, different changes to my body; I liked it.

I smiled at them all.

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"Супер Принуждение" means 'Super Compulsion' in Russian