I know that this has taken me the longest time to update (years) but here it is. I should (hopefully) start updating more regularly.

I'm going to mix it up a bit. I've been reading the Eric-Sookie-Godric FanFics and am going to introduce Godric to the story; since I haven't watched True Blood I'm going to go off the books but instead of Godric meeting the sun, he returns to Louisiana. The time lines going to be mixed up, everything should happen but at different times and maybe with different people.

Eric Pov

Although I knew that I should have been listening to her explination I could only focus on Roses lips; the soft curve of her bottom lip, the red plumpness promising that they'd be like sampling the finest delicacy; I wanted them... badly.

As I was contemplating making a move, I barely registered her move until she was standing in front of me, so close. She leant down, and I swear if my heart still beat it would have skipped a beat. As the gap closed between out lips and I felt the first touch of her lips I knew I could never be without her. Even to my thousand year old mind the feeling was indiscible it was like a hollow peice in my heart was now connecting with something I had no idea I was missing but... it still felt like it was missing something I just couldn't place what exactly.

I flicked my tounge out, wanting to taste more of her; she parted her lips in invitation and I took the chance to pluge my tounge into her silky wet depths tasting a unique sweetness that was all her own. My tounge fought with hers for dominance until she finaly gave in wth a moan; taking the opportunity I wrapped my arm around her waist pulling her onto my lap and using my other hand to tilt her head back, feeling the softness of her hair as it cascaded against my hand. Roses' tounge wrapped around one fang and then the other causing a growl to work its way from deep in my throat.

Rose pulled away chuckling, lust still sparked between us causing my cock to twitch for release from the confines of my leather pant 'fucking uncomfortable things when you're hard'. She went to stand and my arm tightend reflexivly around her; with her hand she ran it through my hair relaxing me until she could move.

"Everyone is getting restless; yours think I'm trying to kill you and Lissa thinks I'm having my wicked way with you." At that she licks her lips, making my cock harden further boarding on pleasure and pain. " Beside Lissa and I need to get going, we have... things... to do." The thought of her leaving panics me, I ty to think of a reason to get her to stay, any reason at all, but none comes to mind.

She turns and walks out the door back towards the bar.

Rose Pov

Kissing that man was AMAZING and he was good at it although I suppose being as old as he was, he was bound to pick up a few things. I laugh under my breath remembering the look on his face when I pulled away; like a lost puppy. As I walked towards the bar I could hear the steady thrum of human chatter and the low base of music I searched the bond and found Lissa was talking with Sookie. Without much worry I slipped into her mind;

'So what the deal here' Lissa asked ' What supernatural things are around? and how many have you encountered?'

'Well... Vampires are 'out of the coffin' as they like to say and live amongst us, they can feed from people but they usually do so in fights or during sex, otherwise they stick to bottled blood which is a synthetic substance invented by Japanese scientists. This is a vampire bar where people come in hopes to attract the attention of a vampire for the night, I'm here with my boyfriend Bill' I notice he's the one whose nose I broke ' I have encountered Shifters, people who can turn into any animals, Werewolves and other Weres and a menade, although she was badly injured when we met... she ran off instead of doing damage to me...'

"Ah, yes the menade, now she was tricky to kill" I said with a laugh, walking up behind her. " Nearly got away too, wanted to escape the insanity, can you believe it? Wanted to escape my insanity when she's the being that's meant to cause it! She cant hurt or bother anyone again she's been... dealt with." I finished with a smirk.

Suddenly the air shifted, I breathed deeply smelling the evil that was rolling off the trio that had just walked into the bar. I recognised these three... I had, after all, been hunting them today.

I grinned in anticipation.

Sookie Pov

I watched as Rose grinned over my shoulder, although I knew I had nothing to fear, I still shivered at the pure malice that surrounded her. I turned around to see what she was looking at and found the reason Bill and I had come here tonight. Liam, Diane, and Malcolm stood in the door way looking just a repulsive as before; Bill sped to my side wrapping his arm around my waist to comfort me.

Rose looked at me and I opened my mind letting her see what had happened; as the thoughts flashed through my mind Roses eyes flashed between ice blue and her normal brown.

"Lissa stay here, I have some hunting to do." With that Rose walked away her hips swaying seductively as she moved towards the disco triplets.

Rose Pov

As I moved towards the trio I made myself as non-threatening as possible 'like I'm threatening at all' I mentally eye-rolled at that lie. Reaching them I laid out the bait;

"Oh. My. God. You three are just, just... wow. I was wondering if, y'know, you guys wanted to have some fun with me and my friend" I nodded towards Lissa "and get to... know... each other?" I pushed my boobs together and stretched my neck knowing that they would get the hint of what I was offering.

They glanced at each other, until Malcolm gave a small nod to the others, but it was Liam who answered.

"Why don't we go back to ours?" I turned and gestured for Lissa to join us and we started to walk out the door. I looked over my shoulder and met a pair of baby blues I'd be back for, he raided an eyebrow asking what I was doing.

I winked back.

Eric Pov

I walk out of my office and what do I find? Not a sexy brunette waiting for me like I hoped she would be; No. Instead I see her and Lissa walking out the door with the fucking 'disco triplets'. She glances over her shoulder and looks at me, I raise an eyebrow in question, and what happens?

She fucking winks at me.

I walk over to Bill and Sookie ordering them to stay at the bar until I return and tell Pam she's in charge for the time being.

I walk out the back entrance and follow Roses scent speeding through the night when I get closer I can hear the sounds of fighting and screams of pain, pain that only torture can bring. Without further thought I fly closer hoping to save Rose. What I see shocks me; not an easy thing to do when your a thousand years old.

Rose is...

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