Ed is back with a vengeance and a new story! Just so you know, Beauville is a parody of the name of my hometown. I'm writing this story as a collaboration with my little brother, who isn't on but wanted to help. He told me to put his name as 'PurpleBanana86' for some odd reason. If there's already someone with that pen name, please let me know. I can't figure out how to find out. /fail. Anyway, on with Chapter 1! I wrote this one by myself. Please review; that would make us very happy!

Chapter 1: Before Any of the Good Stuff

I suppose I really should pay more attention to what I do.

Like, honestly, if I'd been paying more attention to what was going on, I don't think any of this would have happened at all. One minute, I'm hanging with my sister, the next...well, I'm getting ahead of myself. I suppose I should explain how I got into this in the first place.

My sister Amy and I are best friends. It doesn't matter that she's a year younger than me; we go everywhere, do everything, and talk about anything together. So it wasn't too much of a surprise when we walked into the jewellery shop together, but everyone was shocked–not least myself–when only Amy came out.

You know what, I probably should tell you what I look like. I have black hair...well, actually, it's brown, but I dye it. It's cut just above my shoulders and it's pin-straight. I never do anything with it; I'm too lazy. Amy, who has the same hair as me, always does something like pigtails or something with it. It's rarely the same. I just don't have time. My eyes are bright blue, and on that particular day, I was wearing faded jean shorts, a yellow tank top, and my old, worn-out sneakers. So now that you know what I look like, let's get on with it already.

Our cousin Josie had told us about this cool shop in downtown Beauville that sold cool vintage and antique stuff–clothes, furniture, decorations, and, my personal favourite, jewellery. I love accessories; you never see me without something, from leg warmers to bangles to rings to hair ribbons. While Amy was freaking out over a wedding dress from the late nineteenth century (which I will admit was pretty cool), I was checking out the jewellery in the front desk. Then a little old man came out. (For those of you who are manga fans, picture the Turtle Hermit from Dragon Ball, only without the shell and glasses. Seriously, he was even wearing a Hawaiian shirt.) I didn't see him come in; actually, I didn't notice him until he said, "Find anything you like?"

I must have jumped about a thousand feet or something, because Amy laughed at me. "Didn't you notice him, Kay? He's been there for about ten minutes now."

"I'm sorry, okay?" I snapped. "Hello," I said to the old guy. "I...I guess I really like that one." I pointed to a small silver ring with a blue stone set in it. "How much?"

"Twenty bucks."

"Seriously? That's awesome! I'll take it!" As he was pulling it out, I noticed something else. It was a pendant for a necklace, about the size of the palm of my hand. It was made of copper or something that looked a heck of a lot like it, and there were four circular symbols near the edge. But the most spectacular thing about it was the stone in the middle. It looked like some kind of crystal or something, but it seemed to keep changing colours: red to blue to green to black to brown to white and over again.

A cough caught my attention, and I realized the old man was waiting for me to pay him. "Sorry," I said, blushing. "I was just admiring the pendant." I pointed at it. "Maybe it's just the lighting in here, but the way it changes colours is so pretty. I probably can't afford it, though," I sighed, digging out my wallet. "After the ring, I've only got, like ten bucks left or something." I tried to take the ring from him, but he seemed frozen. He was staring at me like he'd seen a ghost or I'd grown an extra head or something. "Ahem," I said, tugging at the ring. Still he refused to let go. "Look, guy, I'm going to pay, so if you could just give me the ring already..."

"Kay, what's going on?" Amy asked from the changeroom.

"Nothing. You're not trying on that wedding dress, are you?"

"Don't be stupid. I found a Cheongsam dress that I wanted to try on, so I'm trying it on."

"You're so weird."

"Says the girl buying yet another ring."

"You can see it?"

That came from the old man. I looked at him; he was still staring at me like a startled fish. "See what?"

"The colours."

"No duh I can see them. It's not like they're subtle or anything."

He dropped the ring (I caught it before it smashed off the desk) and grabbed the pendant from under the glass case. "I knew it. I knew someone would come for it." He began to laugh almost maniacally, and I started backing away.

"Kay?" my sister called. "What's going on out there?"

"Sorry," the old man apologized. "It's just...no one's been able to see them for years...I thought I was the last one."

"Th-the last what?"

He thrust the pendant at me. "Take it." I automatically reached for my wallet, but he shook his head. "Just...hold it for a second."

"Kay?" Amy came out of the changeroom, dressed in a Chinese-style black dress. She'd even found those hair bun covering things and done her hair up. (Check out Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi if you want a picture.) She stared as I took the pendant with a nervous glance at her. "What's that?"

I was about to say, "I have no idea," when there was a man's voice in my head. "You're here! Finally! I've been waiting forever! Quite literally, actually." Some kind of weird white misty stuff spiralled out from the crystal–which was also white at this time–and started wrapping around me.

"Wait, what–Amy!" I yelled, reaching for her. She ran to me, but by the time she was there, I wasn't.