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As for the story, I had no idea where it was going when I started, so it might seem a bit stereotypical at times, especially the beginning. Hopefully I've been able to knit it all together into a if not great, at least nice flowing story. It's finished, and will be posted at regular intervals as I see fit – even if I get no feedback at all (though getting a few reviews is always wanted of course – any good suggestions and how-to-do-it-better's are always welcome!).

I've tried staying somewhat cannon, but at the same time keeping it as a stand-alone. I've watched the animes and read what few books that's been translated by Baka-Tsuki (but only the ones with Mikoto in it, haha), and I'm following the Railgun manga. Obviously, I like the Railgun setting the best, so that's where we are. Whatever I couldn't find info about on Wikipedia or other places, I simply made up, so if any "facts" clashes with anything in the novels, excuse me, and ignore ~

This is a fan fiction after all =)

So… hope you enjoy!

(also, why is there no "action" genre? Sigh)


By Cun

Sunday, September 17th

Sunday, Evening

"Hehe, what a pretty little girl." Grinning, the man sauntered closer with hands tucked in his pockets. "Isn't it a bit late for small girls like you to be outside, eeeh?" He gazed down at a girl wearing the beige-colored vest and dark grey skirt of Tokiwadai middle school. Studying her nicely shaped figure, though maybe a little small in the front, he decided she couldn't be older than fifteen. The girl brought her hand up to her shoulder length brown hair and tugged it behind her ear, leaning against the wall and looking at him with an unimpressed expression.

In the late evening they were located in an alley between two buildings, and any passerby's were either not seeing them, or pretending not to, fearing to become involved in something. Even in Academy City, where 80% of the 2,3 million inhabitants are students, criminals roam the underground, and sometimes they popped out above the ground as well.

"Jeez…" the girl muttered, barely audible, and averted her gaze from the man. This would be, what, the third time this week? The guy stopped mere centimeters away from her, putting his arm on the wall above her head and leaning down with a confident grin. His pals were snickering nearby. It wasn't everyday they got to grab a rich girl from Academy City's most prestigious all girls school.

"I'm sure a lady like you would want to get home as soon as possible," the man said, enjoying this more and more every minute. "We'll follow you safely back home, eh, for a small fee, what you say?" His buddies grunted in laughter. With only this little girl, there was no reason to gang up really, but in this city you would never take chances like that. They were safer in numbers.

He grinned at her. "Why are you so quiet?" He laughed and straightened, putting his hands on his hips. "You're not scared of us big bad espers, are you? I promise, we'll be very nice…" he reached out to grab her shoulder, but the second before he touched her, retracted his hand and screamed in agony as what felt like an electrical charge surged through his body from his fingertips.

"Shit, man, what happened?" One of his buddies exclaimed.

The girl gave a sigh, and when she lifted her head and looked at them, they could see no fear in her eyes. Just plain boredom.

"Seriously, I've heard better lines from a tape recorder. Get lost." She stopped resting her back against the wall, and didn't even grace them with a glance as she turned away and started walking toward the main street.

"What the hell, bitch!" His hand was sore, but his pride were even more injured, and worth defending. He raised his other hand in the air, wind surrounding it in a sudden gust. His buddies were urging him on again. "I'm a fucking level three esper, don't fucking mess with me!" He pointed his hand at her back, and the spinning air shot from him towards the girl at amazing speed – BZZZT! – electrical currents tore through the wind attack, shooting right back at him, and zapped his whole being. As he fell to the ground twitching in pain, his buddies were staring at the middle school girl in fear. She was facing them again, her eyes sporting a bored look and one hand on her hip, what seemed like electrical charges zapping from her body every now and then. In Academy City, the city with the sole purpose of training and educating the users of esp abilities, things like this happened all the time, but for those who knew anything about the difference in power levels (which would be all inhabitants of the city) this particular scene was still scary.

"As I said; get lost." Her bored voice was tinted with a warning tone, and an electrical charge crackled from her temple.

Yeah, they should have known. They really should have known better. But right then and there, the pride of their whole gang was at stake; never mind that it was just a little girl – no, because it was just a little girl: This was unacceptable. The man was barely on his way to his feet, his clothes burnt and smoking, when the other guys charged forward with fierce battle cries. She stood still, waiting for them, it seemed, and sighed.

The lightning could be seen crackling in the sky from at least three blocks away, and three grocery stores were laid in darkness as the power went out. The thugs were all lying on the ground, smoking, steaming and moaning in pain. The girl tucked another lock of brown hair behind her ear, watching them uninterestedly.

"Jeez, it's been a while since I fought so many at once, you made me miscalculate the power level." As though it was their fault alone. "Seriously though, you guys should stop harassing girls like that." With this unnecessary comment, she turned around and left the alleyway, grumbling to herself while completely ignoring the onlookers who had gathered outside and were throwing her baffled looks or staring at the thugs in awe. Why did it always end up like this? Apparently, even though most people in this city knew of at least the top three level fives, they didn't know what they looked like. Maybe she should start wearing a sign around her neck: 'Misaka Mikoto, level five, Railgun'. She didn't particularly mind to that end; better they had a go at her than some defenseless girl. But it could have at least been some sort of challenge to the fights – usually it felt like she was just being a bully… Weren't there any high level ability users on the wrong side of the law as well? She sighed again.

"What the – Onee-sama!"

Mikoto snapped out of her own world and turned to look behind her. A girl with long, reddish brown hair in wavy twin pigtails instantly appeared in front of her. She was wearing the same kind of uniform as Mikoto, and around her right upper arm, fastened to her white school shirt's sleeve, was a green armband with a shield on it. "Ah, Kuroko." Mikoto said.

"Don't 'ah' me!" Shirai Kuroko put her hands on her hips and gave a chastising look to the other girl. "I saw the lights from what looked like a fight between ability users and rushed here at once – why do I always find you at those scenes?"

Mikoto sighed again, shifting her weight and putting her hands behind her head. What a coincidence, having Kuroko on patrol nearby just now. Any other Judgment member would take twice the time to get here. Really, if all the Judgment members had been teleporters, maybe they'd actually manage to keep peace in the city.

"Don't ignore me!" The long-haired girl screeched. "How many times must I tell you to not go around assaulting people like that!"

"I didn't assault them; they attacked me!" Mikoto protested, eyebrow twitching in annoyance. "I even tried to end it without a fight this time! What am I supposed to do, lay down and cry while I wait for you guys to come?"

Kuroko was not impressed and poked an accusing finger into her chest. "You caused a power failure in the whole neighborhood!"

"Ah, well…" she sweat-dropped and averted her eyes from the livid girl in front of her, rubbing her neck awkwardly. "It's been a while, you know… I miscalculated a little."

"A little!?"

Mikoto could swear smoke was steaming out of Kuroko's ears. She swatted the other's hand away and put her hands on her hips, huffing. "Whatever, I'm not helpless you know, use your time on helping someone who really needs it." Turning around with an irritated face, she walked on down the sidewalk.

"I have to use all that time on cleaning up your mess!"

Mikoto ignored her, and heard Kuroko mutter incomprehensible words of irritation behind her.

In Academy City, the Judgment is an organization consisting of students who keep other students inside the boundaries of the law, as well as doing menial tasks like finding lost items, cleaning littered areas and even act as traffic police on some occasions. They are usually assigned an area of jurisdiction per branch, and would keep order there while still attending school like other students. Occasionally, though, they would step into other cases and keep everything in order until Anti-Skill, Academy City's answer to the police, could enter the scene. Kuroko used the next thirty minutes doing exactly that, securing the area and collecting witness accounts, all the while steaming at Mikoto's childish behavior. In the end, the thugs were all taken away by the ambulance accompanied by an Anti-Skill car, and she could finally get back to headquarters. It was past ten in the evening by the time she got there. Their branch office was actually nothing more than a rebuilt apartment on the second floor of a small building, but it served its purpose well for the few Judgment members they were there.

"Welcome back, Shirai-san." Uiharu Kazari smiled from her desk, where she was typing on a computer as usual. Her short, fluffy dark hair was adorned by its usual flowery headband, making her look like an eternal young maid dressed in a middle school uniform. Now she leaned back in her chair, taking a break from her work to look at the other girl. "Did you get lost on your way back? I almost considered filing a missing persons report to Anti-Skill."

Kuroko stood in the door for a minute, steaming silently, before she mechanically moved over to Kazari's desk and sat down on an empty chair. "It was onee-sama who decided to fry some thugs." She said.

"Misaka-san?" Kazari smiled uncertainly as she imagined the older girl having fun with some unlucky delinquents.

"Of course, she isn't the one to blame. They confessed to have attacked her first." Kuroko sighed elegantly, then her expression turned weary. "Apparently they thought they were going to have some good time with a rich lady. You would think people knew to avoid her by now…" The last part was muttered, almost inaudible.

Kazari scratched her cheek, an unconvincing smile on her face. "So, everything was all right then… or…?"

"Seven thugs to the hospital, three buildings with power outage – at least that's not hard to fix – and one back alley that needs a new layer of asphalt." Kuroko leaned back in the chair and sighed deeply, eyes narrowed into a scowl. Kazari tried to imagine what the street would look like to need a new layer of asphalt.

Trying to take her mind off the report that needed to be written, Kuroko looked at Kazari's five computer screens, filled with files and internet sites. "How is the investigation going? Any news regarding those taggers?"

"No, not yet." Kazari looked back at her screens as well. "I've been trying to locate all the places where they've been so far – 95, still counting. I'm starting to think it's an organized gang, rather than a few delinquents, especially considering there have been no arrests yet." Her face turned tired. "Store owners are mad at us for not being able to stop it; they're spray painting their windows."

"Hmmm." Kuroko leaned forward, touching her chin.

"Not to mention the spray they use won't simply be washed off. It has to be removed using a chemical only available to pharmacy businesses and research centers. It's a pain to get rid of!" Kazari complained while bringing up a map of Academy City on one of the screens, and pointed to the locations marked on it. They were all over seventh district. Tagging was always a problem in such a big city, of course, but starting last week, it had exploded in district seven. Anti-Skill were having trouble keeping up with all the cases, and had asked for Judgment's cooperation.

"So far we've established that they're moving randomly." Kazari said. "The tagging are appearing all over district 7, and there doesn't seem to be any consistency to it. The markings are all different as well, and most of them carry no meaning whatsoever."

"Almost like kids doodling on the walls?" Kuroko said while watching the map in mild interest. If it was a gang, they would have most likely used a consistent mark or something to identify their spots, would they not? Sighing, she stood up. "Well, I've got to finish my report, then I'm going home. Don't sit up too late now."

"Eeeh, you should listen to your own advice sometimes, Shirai-san!"

Note: Since the first and second chapters are fairly short, I'll post them both at once. Just because I can.