Chapter 2-My best friend(s)

"I can't believe Cauchy sent you to detention again." Kay said, as she and Gwen were walking towards the library. "And are you sure you want to go to the library with me? I mean, you're in trouble already."

"It's not like the Detention Room will suddenly burst into flames just because I'll arrive five minutes late." Gwen replied.

"I sure hope not, because if that happens, Cauchy will kill you and I've still got big plans for the both of us." Kay added, before starting to whistle an old hit.

"What plans? And please don't whistle Madonna songs! You know I don't like that woman."

"Me neither." Kay giggled. "But don't tell me you haven't heard of the dance."

"What dance?" Gwen asked slightly confused.

"The one at Brightwood High!" Kay paused seeing that Gwen didn't know what she was talking about. "Where have you been living in the past few weeks, Gwen? In the rainforest? I'm sure at least 92% of this high school has been talking about it non-stop."

Gwen shrugged. "You know I manage to block the unnecessary information I hear on the corridors, Kay. And I'm quite proud of this skill, actually."

"Gwen, this is not unnecessary information!" She sighed. "I guess I'll have to tell you everything so that you can understand."

Gwen rolled her eyes. "Fine, if it's that important for me to know."

"It's vital, actually." Kay affirmed. "Every year Brightwood High School organizes a dance. They call it 'The Summer Cocktail'. It's a crappy name, I know, but it's kind of a tradition. The Summer Cocktail is a well-known event where students can dance, socialize, enjoy good music and have a great time."

"So there are no cocktails? I wonder why it's so popular." Gwen tapped her chin in thought, obviously trying to annoy Kay, who glared at her.

"Anyway, before you make another sarcastic comment, I just want to say that although it's dedicated to the seniors, anyone can come, even if they're from other high schools. All you need is an invitation from a Brightwood student and you can dance the night away." Kay continued.

"Yeah, this clearly doesn't interest me. Why did you insist on informing me?"

"Because we're going." Kay replied.

Gwen stopped in the middle of the corridor and stared at her brown-haired friend. "Wait, rewind, please. Did you just say 'we'? Because if you did, you were probably involved in a horrible accident which affected your ability to think, Kay."

"I'm perfectly fine, dear. And yes, I did say the word 'we', because I intend to go to the dance and you will join me."

Gwen continued to stare and tried to figure out what was happening. When she saw a huge smirk spreading across Kay's face, she crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow.

"What makes you so sure I'll go?"

Kay's smirk disappeared, as she quickly replaced confidence with begging: "Oh, come on! My boyfriend is a Brightwood senior and he invited me to the dance. But my parents won't let me go unless you go as well."

"Why me?"

Gwen interacted with Kay's parents only once, when Kay's family invited her to their house for dinner. Her mom and dad were okay; both of them were real estate agents, not too strict and even funny at times. One of the things Gwen appreciated about her best friend's parents was the fact that they weren't crazy or exaggerated. They were understanding actually, so Gwen couldn't see why they wouldn't let Kay go to the dance.

"I guess my parents really don't want me to go. And they might have figured out that you don't intend to go to that dance. So I assume that they thought of this diabolical plan to keep me home." Kay spoke with the passion of a feminist giving a speech about the equality of genders.

"You know you're overreacting, right?" Gwen asked.

"Yeah..." she sighed.

Gwen looked at Kay and saw disappointment on her face. Being disappointed wasn't typical for Kay and neither was her determination to go to an ordinary dance. But by her reactions, the Brightwood Summer Cocktail was anything but ordinary for Kay. Gwen let out a heavy sigh and muttered: "Fine, I'll go with you. But you owe me big time!"

"Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!" Kay exclaimed as she hugged her. "You're the best, Gwen! And don't worry; I'm sure we'll have a great time at the dance."

"I wouldn't count on that. I'm only coming because you desperately want to attend."

"And for your kind gesture you shall forever have my respect and admiration." Kay said, doing a curtsey that made Gwen burst into laughter. "Now hurry up, you don't want to skip detention, do you?"

"Yeah, I wouldn't want to miss that. I'll see you tonight at 6?"

"Sure. And thanks again for agreeing, Gwen. You're the greatest best friend I have ever had." Kay added, before entering the high school's library.

Gwen smiled. But after a few seconds, her smile faded and she unenthusiastically turned around. Detention was certainly not her ideal way of starting a brand new week. She slowly headed towards the second floor. Walking with Kay was a detour, but it didn't bother Gwen. Time was never her enemy, even though she had a few problems with it…

I can't believe I actually agreed to go that lousy dance. I'm sure Kay would have done the same for me, but this still doesn't mean I'm going to have the time of my life, Gwen thought, before she opened the door and entered the Detention Room.

"This didn't go too well, did it?" Dean asked, scratching the back of his head.

The three were sitting in Trent's living room. Kat was sitting on the couch, holding a bag of ice on her forehead, looking incredibly annoyed. She kept glaring at Dean, while Trent tried to calm her down.

"I agree this wasn't our best rehearsal, but Kat…" Trent tried to talk to the irritated blonde.

"Trent, it wasn't even a good rehearsal. We only rehearsed three songs, and then Mr. Drummer's drumstick ended up in my forehead!" Kat snapped.

"It was an accident, I swear!" Dean defended himself. "I just tried to…"

"Show off." Kat continued.

"You're just angry because the drumstick accidentally hit you in the forehead. But you threw a shoe and a can of soda at me. And you even did that on purpose." Dean affirmed crossing his arms.

"I threw those because you annoyed me. And now you managed to annoy me again." Kat replied.

"Maybe if you would be more understanding, we wouldn't have so many conflicts." Dean added.

Kat looked at him with no expression on her face, blinked and then turned towards Trent: "Trent, please pass me something hard that I can kill Dean with."

"Kat, Dean already apologized. Besides, I'm sure the drumsticks didn't even leave a mark. Here, let me see." Trent said, before gently removing the bag of ice from her forehead. "Nope, it's just a tiny reddish spot. Do you want me to kiss your boo boo, Kat?" he asked, as if he was addressing a toddler.

"That won't make it heal faster!" Kat chuckled.

"I hate to interrupt your brother-sister interactions, but I think I'm going to grab a soda. Do you want one, Kat?" Dean asked, trying to make a peace offering. She realized what his intention was and sighed. She was temperamental, but she respected people who tried to make up for something.

"A soda would be lovely." Kat replied slightly smiling. "Do you want one, Trent?"

"Yeah, I guess a soda would be great." he answered.

"Right away, guys." Dean said, before heading towards Trent's kitchen.

Seeing that she was alone with Trent, Kat put her head on Trent's shoulder and put the ice bag on the coffee table.

"Do you have any ideas for the new love song?" she asked.

"Not yet. I sure hope it will be ready before the dance. It's our chance to show the entire high school that we're not just wannabes."

"Yeah, we can entertain for a whole night. We're the Ironic Triangle." Kat added with a large smile. "With the risk of deviating from the subject and sounding silly, I want to say that I wish you were my brother, Trent. I bet you would have been the best bro ever."

"What are you talking about? Just because we don't have a common genealogical tree, doesn't mean we're not family. You're like a sister to me, Kat. I don't know what I would do without you." Trent murmured, as he ruffled her blonde hair.

"You're great, Trent, honestly. You're my big bro." she grinned. "By the way, yesterday one of the cheerleaders asked me about you."

"No way." he laughed.

"I'm serious. She asked me all kinds of stupid questions." Kat made a 'duck face' and used a high pitched voice in order to quote the cheerleader as accurate as possible. "Like, oh my Gosh, Kat, how did you and Trent meet? Was it, like, love at first sight? Oh my Gosh, do you guys have your own song? But why aren't you, like, making out? Oh my Gosh, are you and Trent making out in, like, a secret place?"

Trent burst into laughter and Kat quickly joined him. Kat despised the cheerleaders and she didn't miss a chance to make fun of them. But she couldn't blame the girl for thinking that she and Trent were together. Kat was in fact the one who suggested continuing the charade, for Trent's sake. She knew that he didn't want girls jumping on him, so she accepted the girlfriend role. The charade was easy to maintain, because the two were always spending a lot of time together and seemed very compatible. What the public didn't know was that Kat and Trent did love each other, but it was nothing more than a brother-sister love.

"How come everyone thinks we're dating?" Trent asked.

"Oh, come on, you know very well that almost everyone from Brightwood judges books by the cover. All we had to do was look happy spending time together and we were already paired up in their minds. As simple as that." Kat explained. "And speaking of couples and dating…I wonder what's going through your mind when I pronounce the word 'love'. Or better yet, who's going through your mind."

Trent smiled sheepishly, although he was aware that both Kat and Dean watched him while he was on Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action, and that they saw exactly what relationship he had with Gwen. Dean knew, but he never really brought up the subject. It was Kat who was optimistic about him and Gwen.

"I think you know, Kat, because you have an 'I-know-but-tell-me' smirk on your face."

"You still love Gwen. Don't deny it!"

"Well, I…Fine, I won't deny it. I still love her." Trent sighed. "And it probably sounds silly, but I can't get over our break up…" He ran his hand through his hair. "I love her like I did back on the show. And I hate the idea of not seeing her again."

"Wait, who says you're not going to see her again? Are you being pessimistic?" Kat asked not seeming pleased. She couldn't stand people close to her being pessimistic.

"No, Kat, I'm just realistic. We're attending different high schools, we probably live in different cities and we might never see each other again."

Kat smacked him over the head (not too hard, though). "That's not realism, it's pessimism."

"Ouch, that hurt!"

"What did I tell you about being pessimistic?" she asked, crossing her arms. "And I didn't even hit you properly. I can never hit you properly."

"I guess it's up to you to see the silver lining," he paused for a moment. "And force us to see it as well."

"Come on, Trent, it's a small world, you'll eventually bump into Gwen. And then the spark will reappear." Kat grinned.

Before Trent could reply, Dean entered the living room holding three cans of Coke.

"What did I miss?" he asked, as he gave Trent and Kat their sodas.

"Nothing much." Kat shrugged, as she took a sip from her Coke.

"Didn't you have any interesting conversations while I was in the kitchen?"

"Just one about the usual topics. You know, how well we get along, the band, Trent's love life..." Kat replied calmly.

"Oh." Dean added, without seeming interested, much to Trent's surprise. "So are we still going out tonight?"

"Of course!" Trent and Kat answered in unison.