"Dominique?" called a voice from behind her. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," Dominique muttered, hugging her knees closer to her chest. She didn't have to turn around to see who it was. It was all too easy to guess because, unfortunately, he always managed to find her in predicaments like this. "Nothing at all, Teddy."

Teddy gave a unbelieving laugh as he sat down next to her, throwing his arm around her shoulders. "I've known you since you were born, Dominique. I know when you're lying so don't even try it, you silly girl."

"This is harrassment."

"Not really, and don't change the subject," Teddy grinned, nudging her lightly. "So would this have anything to do with Tommy Finnigan? I heard what happened. Need me to go beat him up for you?"

"No. I already did that." At his questioning look, she explained, "Bat Bogey Hex. I have to thank Aunt Ginny for that."

"Well, let be the first to say that I never liked him and he's an idiot for choosing Molly over you. She's too perfect, you know? And perfect people are boring. Flaws are what's really interesting in a relationship... Hey, did Tommy cry when you hexed him?"

"Unfortunately not. He was too busy spluttering about how much of a boy I apparently am," muttered Dominque. She scoffed loudly. "As if. My hair isn't even short and I'm not as flat as a wall now and... quite frankly, he can go fuck himself."

Teddy laughed. "Your mother would kill you if she heard you speaking like that."

"She's too wrapped up in beautiful, perfect Victoire to care about me," Dominique said darkly, rolling her eyes. "Whatever. I don't care. She can love Victoire more than me if she wants. Poor Victoire, only loved by her mother."

"Hey, come on now." Teddy reached down to pull one of her hands off her knees and lace his fingers through her. "She loves you just as much... and don't be so mean to Victoire. She's done nothing to you."

"She has to," began Dominique indignantly. "She -"

"Dominique, it's in your best interests to shut up while I'm defending your sister, otherwise I might have to hex you while I defend her honour. She is, after all, my love for eternity."

No, she isn't. You love Lily, but you just don't know it yet, Dominique wanted to say, but instead she just looked at Teddy. "This is making me feel worse, Teddy, not better. I may as well just throw myself off a cliff now. It's better than hearing you moon about my sister."

"Oh, shut up, will you?"

"I will if you hurry up and ask her out already."

With a loud chuckle, Teddy wrapped his arms around Dominique and pulled her into a bear hug, almost suffocating her with the sheer tightness of it. "You know, Tommy Finnigan is just another stupid boy... don't waste your time on losers like him."

"Don't change the subject," Dominique mocked, repeating his words from earlier. "Go ask my sister out."

A month later, Teddy and Victoire were snogging on Platform 9 and 3/4, all thanks to her. She made sure to tell that to everyone who listened.

A/N: For Ela (never-ending nights with you) because she's awesome and hopefully won't kill me for putting a little Teddy/Victoire in there? :)