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Time Warp

Chapter One – Time to go

As Hermione watched Dumbledore giving them all a job to do first before they would be sent back in time.

Harry, he was doing the job of keeping an eye on everyone who would go on mission,

Ron was having the job of looking after someone close to him, there would be a danger he would face,

Then Ginny's was be ready for everything,

Draco, who was asked by Dumbledore to go with them as he wanted him to come along for good reason, Luna she was to keep an open mind. Like she does.

"Right, Hermione your job is the most important you must try to get them close but not to close, meaning who we are stopping. Even if they are charming and you need to be aware" said Dumbledore.

Hermione wondered why but didn't question it, and nodded.

"Right now we are changing your appearance and you families Harry, you and Hermione are brother and sister, Ron and Luna brother and sister, Draco and Ginny are brother and sister. Hermione, Harry you are going have dark brown hair with blonde highlights" Dumbledore said flicking his wand and their hair changed Harry's lighter than before, however Hermione's grown to her waist, long and dark brown with waves.

"Wow." said Hermione and Harry looking at each other.

"That's amazing Professor." Hermione said feeling her hair.

"Also Hermione you will an animagus able to turn into a Ocelot; what is a member of the cat family." said Dumbledore flicking his wand again. Hermione felt nothing apart from a slight tingle.

"Ron, Luna you two will have both ginger, oh and Luna you will have gift of being animagus turning into a hare like your patronus." said Dumbledore, he again flicked his wand in their direction an Luna hair turned ginger.

"Draco, Ginny hair will stay same but both blue eyes, Draco will have the gift of seeing odd things that others won't notice." said Dumbledore wavy his wand.

They all nodded and then Dumbledore continued "Oh you all have the power to talk to each other in your minds".

Hermione put her hand "Sir, what about our names?"

"Harry yours is Johnathan Harry Cassidy, and Hermione yours is Katrina Hermione Cassidy." said Dumbledore smiling at them.

Hermione seemed to glow in pride at hers, Harry seemed happy with his.

"Ron yours is Freddie Ron Varcoe, Luna yours is Jenny Luna Varcoe" Dumbledore was saying.

Ron and Luna both nodded.

"Ginny yours is Jess Ginny Lecomber, Draco yours is Drake Draco Lecomber" said Dumbledore.

They nodded.

"Right must be getting on, your mission is to stop Tom Riddle from getting to top of his power, and that's all will be said oh and give this to my younger self" said Dumbledore and handing a letter to Hermione.

He continued "Take a drink of this potion" he handed them 6 cups of potion. Dumbledore nodded them and they started to drink there potion. Dumbledore started saying a spell that could not make it out as it was so complex to Hermione.

To the six of them felt the floor exploded, and pulled into a vortex to flashing lights and sound. It's lasted for about a life time then they hit the ground hard.

They slowly got to their feet, and looked around. It was Hogwarts but at night nothing seemed to change.

"Is everyone ok?" said Harry helping Ginny get up.

They said "Yeah" and looked around wondering if someone was hiding in the shadows.

They stood there for a minute then heard a screams and shouting from the floor above and ran to find a group of boys, about seven of them.

Harry could not help himself "Oi! what is going on here!" and running over Hermione looking shocked and scared. Hermione thought to him saying..

What hell you doing Harry!

What do you think Hermione, saving someone. He replied.

The group of boys turned to face them; one of them was very handsome and tall with black hair and dark eyes, Hermione thought she knew who it was and possibly the rest of the boys.

"What you doing up this late up at night!" said the handsome one eyeing them all up his eye stopped on Hermione for a second and then came onto Harry.

"We all heard somebody scream." said Harry.

"Well your mistaken, nobody screamed and what are you names!" spat the handsome one, the other boys watching them.

Harry looked annoyed but then said "This is my sister Katrina Hermione Cassidy" he gestured to Hermione; the handsome boy was watching her with narrowed eyes. "And I'm Johnathan Harry Cassidy and if you don't mind me asking who are you?"

"Tom Riddle" said the handsome boy, holding his hand out to Harry first and then to Hermione. Hermione didn't want to then Harry spoke in her mind Hermione just do it! And she did, Riddle gave her kiss on her hand, and of course Hermione blushes and let go.

"And the rest" said Tom.

"I'm Drake-Draco Lecomber and my sister Jess Ginny Lecomber" said Draco and Ginny smiled although it was the wrong time.

Luna stepped forward "I'm Jenny Luna Varcoe and my Brother Freddie Ron Varcoe" and Ron nodded.

The group of boys nodded their head as they were introduced to them. Tom spoke again "I have never seen you at Hogwarts before".

"We are new just arrived" said Hermione.

Tom nodded "Well I guess you will want to see the headmaster then."

"No..." said Hermione, then she went bright red "I mean we would like see Professor Dumbledore."

Then boys and Tom Riddle watched her for a few seconds and then said but then her thought were interrupted by harry.

Hermione for god sake! Shut up Hermione at that point turn towards glared at him.

"I'll take you to Dumbledore then" said Tom, looking over his shoulder and nodded to group behind him and they walked away.

Tom then said "Come then, Dumbledore will be awake at this time. I hope."

They followed Tom Riddle to Professor Dumbledore's office, it was obvious that Dumbledore was not Headmaster.

Ginny seemed to be thinking then said "This may sound silly, but what year is it?".

Riddle seemed chuckle, what made Harry angry and want to kill, as later in Riddles life he would kill Harry's parents.

"The year is 1943." said Riddle, trying to stop himself laughing aloud.