Outside, Inside

Summary: Short poem I wrote in German class, set through the eyes of one of the DCFDTL (Note: Written in English)

Disclaimer: Dont own KND, just this poem

Mist: A bit depressing

Whistle: As mentioned it was written in German class, but it IS in English

Mist: Hope you enjoy it

Whistle: Minor spoilers from Operation Zero

Mist: BEGIN!

I look fine, even happy,

To everyone,

But I'm only like that,

On the outside,

But on the inside,

This is me,

On the inside,

I am crying,

I am broken,

I am one of the fallen.

Mist: Please review

Whistle: If you do she's probably write a DCFDTL story…

Mist: What a 'delightful' idea! *LOL*

Whistle: Don't you even start!

Mist: *Nevous laugh*