Why can't it be me?

Summary: This is a poem on how Rachael (362) feels about Nigel, and his relationship with Lizzie.

Disclaimer: Don't own KND

Mist: I'm feeling poemy today

Whistle: That's not a word

Mist: Who cares!

Whistle: Interesting fact, this poem is also about how Mist is feeling about a certain boy!

Mist: That's embarrassing…

Whistle: Just start the poem

Mist: *sigh* fine…

I don't understand,

How am I supposed to?

My heart is for you and only you,

It breaks my heart every day,

Sometimes I wonder if I'm still sane.

I miss you when you're not around,

I need you smile to brighten me,

I want to be the one that makes you smile,

I wish I was HER.

She's so lucky,

And she doesn't seem to care,

If it were me,

I'd always be there.

You wouldn't have to tell me twice,

You wouldn't have to worry,

If I was her,

I'd be happy.

Whistle: Are you done writing sad poems yet?

Mist: It came from the heart! Believe me; I know how 362 must feel

Whistle: Don't worry Mist, that boy, he isn't worth it.

Mist: …

Whistle: Hey people! Send in a nice review and help make Mist stop being sad!