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Walking as far as could from the chattering in the dining hall, Christian took his tray to the back of the room where Kat and Sammy were already seated and eating.

"Hey guys." Christian set his tray down and settled beside Kat.

"Hey," they both replied.

"Oh, Christian, you have your room all to yourself, right?" asked Sammy.

"Yeah - "

"Can I change to your room?" his words came out rapidly.

Christian just stared at him. "Why?"

"They put me in with Kat!" he said, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. Christian looked to Kat and saw her staring at her food. He returned his attention back to Sammy, who was now thinking he'll probably spend the rest of the year in a girl's room.

Kat tried not to look glum. I won't have anyone to share my room with, anymore.

"I like it by myself," he replied and went back to eating his food quietly.

Christian stabbed his fork into his potato while the other two laughed at some joke he didn't catch. He looked up when someone entered the hall, but it wasn't Tara. He continued to splice his potato up and didn't realise that Kat and Sammy had stopped talking, and were now looking at him.

"You looking for your crush?" Kat asked with a knowing smile.

"What?" he raised his eyes at her accusation.

Sammy chuckled with his mouth full. "Tara. You want her to sit with us, right?"

Christian pointed his fork, which had a lump of potato at the end, at the two of them. "Hey, I don't care where she sits." But what he didn't realise, was that he didn't deny that his crush on Tara. Crush on Tara? What? He didn't have a crush on Tara.

It was 6:30, halfway through dinner. Christian still couldn't reach Tara on her mobile.

"... x-ray vision like Superman" said Sammy.

"... telekinesis!"

"Um, I'm gonna go look for her," said Christian as he stood up. Kat and Sammy looked up at him and they looked around the room.

"You don't think something happened, do you? Should we go find her?" asked Kat.

"Don't worry, I'll call you later," he said and left them.

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