Chapter 4 – Tara

After breakfast, each pas de deux pair received a sticky note. It revealed the task we had to do which was supposed to help us foster trust in our partners. I look down at the note in my hand and Christian looks over my shoulder to see what it is about.

Find a 3 metre length of ribbon and tie one end around your partner's waist.

Christian reads the rest aloud,"Your partner ties the other end to your waist. Stay attached for 6 hours."

"Is this for real?" he says to no one in particular but nonetheless he heads for the basket at the front of the room. Others are already picking out their materials. Abigail is tying a leopard print scarf around Sammy's head, blindfolding him.

I watched as Christian came back with a shiny red ribbon. It was an inch wide and 3 metres long.

He came to a stop in front of me and held one end in his left hand and slid his right hand down the strip. He bent down and looked up at me. I gave a little nod and lifted my arms to my sides and he reached around me to pass the ribbon over to his left hand. He remained a polite and respectable distance as much as was possible between our bodies. He leaned back and carefully tied a knot. When he was done, he stood up and handed me the other end of the ribbon.

I managed to get the ribbon around him with less finesse but in a girly way. My hair was undone and as I leaned over to the side around his body, I knew my hair was hanging past my shoulders and shielding the side of my face. I kept my head tilted while I tied knot at the side of his waist.

"There, done." I said, standing up and looking at his face. He merely lifted an eyebrow at me.

This was going to be long 6 hours.

P.S. People have asked for Tara/Christian and also Kat/Christian. I have decided to stick with Tara & Christian on this one. Thanks for reading.