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Sunlight poured through the window awaking one very beautiful girl. Amy Cahill was now 16 and well, let's say that there have been improvements.

Ever since she and Dan, her ninja loving brother, won the hunt, her life had gotten better. She became stronger, more confident, and more fashion forward (A/N: sorry, I have an absolute passion for fashion…).

She was one of the richest teenagers that have ever lived, thanks to the treasure. And now she was working as an intern in Paris! Currently Dan was somewhere in Asia. He calls everyday, but never gives her an exact location, Silly Dan, Amy thought to herself as she went to take a shower.

After the hunt she immediately moved to Europe. She moved there because it was the fashion center and most romantic city in the world. And because she knew that the Kabras would eventually be there.

Amy hasn't seen any one of those snakes since after they won. It was better that way too; she didn't want to see their faces ever again. Except for one- Ian.

She once had feelings for the handsome Brit, but she got over it. The only thing she wanted to do was get revenge. Get revenge on those nasty twisted snakes that had tried to kill her multiple times. And she would get her revenge.

Amy was finally ready. Her fiery red hair and been straightened all the way down to her waist, while her sharp razor bangs fell into her jade green eyes. Her eyes were lined thickly in black with mascara as well. Her cheeks were naturally pink (sadly she never could stop blushing), and her lips were slicked with clear gloss. Her outfit was a pure masterpiece as well.

She wore a glossy black mini dress with a small white belt and white ankle boots. White chunky bracelets completed the modern look she was going for.

Normally Amy wasn't this dressed up, but today there was a special convention at work and it was dress to impress. Everyone, who was anyone, was going to be there. She worked as an intern at the ever so gorgeous Prada.

Im only gonna break break your break break your heart….. Amy reached into her clutch and pulled out her silver sidekick. The screen flashed "Robbie."

"Hullo," Amy answered.

"Hey gorgeous! Be down stairs in five, I'll be on your drive way!"

"Sure thing, see you hon!" Amy quickly locked up her room and made her way down to the lobby.

As she walked down the room she enjoyed the looks she got, she knew she looked hawt.

As she walked out of the revolving doors she spotted a bright yellow Porsche.

"Hey babe!" Robbie called out.

"Hey!" she replied and double kissed him on the cheek.

"You ready?"

"Hell yeah!"

Little did Amy know, she was in for a little slithering surprise.


Ian Kabra was bored out of his mind. Sure he loved looking good as much as the next guy, but spending his time at a convention with his SISTER! Not his definition of fun. Natalie had to drag him out to Paris for this convention. He didn't see why. All the people here were so, what's the word, dull. Sure, they dressed great, but their personalities were absolutely horrid.

Several girls tried to hit on him, and they all were 9.9's but they never could match up to Ian. Only one girl was good enough for him. And her name was Amy Cahill. She was his distantly related cousin, very distant, so distant that they weren't even related anymore. He last saw her 2 years ago, when they (her and that nit Dan) beat them to the 39th clue. After that she disappeared.

Even with hired agents he couldn't find Amy Cahill anywhere. Ian was almost positive that she was avoiding him. But Ian knew that she couldn't hide forever, after all he was a Kabra. And Kabra's never ever lose.

Ian made his way across the room, deep in his own thoughts, when someone slammed into him. A red head had spilt her drink all over his Armani shirt. As he was about to lash out on her he noticed something. A very hot something. This red head was drop dead gorgeous. Her outfit fit like a glove on her body, unfortunately she was holding some guys hand.

"Sorry," she apologized, her eyes hidden behind sunglasses.

"No problem," Ian replied, and the red head seemed to smile as if she couldn't believe that he was being so nice.

"But, I would like a kiss in repayment," Ian said smugly.

Her smile vanished

"Hey, I'll kiss you," the guy purred. That's right the guy actually purred at him.

"Excuse me?" Ian asked, astonished.

"Hey I like guys," the guy replied, putting his hand on Ian's shoulder.

"NATALIE!" Ian saw his sister amongst the crowd and made a mad dash for her.

"Ian, what do you want?" Natalie asked. She was holding a bag full of clothing samples.

"I want to go. NOW!"

"Why?" Natalie whined.

"Because some guys just tried to….erm….kiss me…" Ian admitted.

"….Uh….okay?" Natalie replied while choking her laughter down.


She just saw Ian Kabra, and he was hotter than ever. But he was still the same jerk.

She couldn't believe it! The nerve of that guy! Kiss HIM? No way!

Good thing Robbie was there or else she would have karate kicked him where it hurts.

But somewhere deep inside of her a crush was beginning to start. And on Ian Kabra.

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