Edward wanted to keep Bella safe but he didn't want her to be hurt by his rejection. He didn't want her to be hurt by any vampires especially the Voltuire he wanted her to have a normal life and she wouldn't have that if he were still in her life. He walked towards the mansion in which held all his wishes and gulped this man was the only man that can help him keep Bella safe from his world to keep her sane and forget about vampires. He rang the door bell and a man answered the door.

"Is Victor Kyriako here"

"Yes he is but he is on a business call"

"How long will be" Edward asks

"I don't know sir"

"I have time" Edward says. His sister Alice had told him about Bella's condition and she wasn't doing good just like him.

An hour later Victor came to the livingroom.

"May I help you sir" Victor asks coldly

"I hear you can reverse time"

"Yes where did you hear that from"

"My brother Jasper Hale"

"How would he know"

"He's friend with Jonathon Halliwell"

"Well boy what do you want"

"I want my girlfriend to be happy again"

"Why can't you make her happy"

"My world is dangerous"

Victor laughs "boy everywhere we go is dangerous even for a human like your girlfriend"

"But our world is especially dangerous and I know you can help me"

"How if it was meant to be it was meant to be"

"I just want her to forget us"

"do you love her"

"Yes very much that is why I am doing this"

Victor didn't understand why couldn't this boy be with Bella he obviously loved her very much. Why he did not want to go through those trials were beyond him.

"Boy if I do this you will have no contact with her whatsoever"


"She will not remember you or your world I cannot garentee who she will be with either who she will fall in love whether another vampire or werewolf or even a demon or a witch you understand"

"I understand"

"You understand that you will be doing this for nothing if she falls in love with a supernatural being"


"You cannot control love Edward"

"I just to protect her from the heartbreak she is going through"

"Then go back to her"

"I can't do that"

"Then you are condemning yourself"

"How if I know she is safe"

"Like I said she might fall in love with someone worser then you like a criminal"

"Then you can change that"

"I cannot change what's meant to be"

Edward sighs

"You'll have to watch go on with her life and you won't be able to kill yourself I won't allow that"

"Why not"

"You have to deal with the consequences of your actions you will not be allowed to be with her if I do this"

"But you said what's meant to be you cannot change"

Victor laughs "True but I cannot change her destiny never could change a man or a woman's destiny"

"If she is to be with me"

Victor smirks "dear boy this is part of her destiny and your destiny you'll be dammed and won't have a mate no one will be good enough for you" He says twirling his wand and pointing it to the door.