AN: I spoke to soon about the 3 chapters. But this is the Third Chapter of Forgetting Edward

"So Jack is he single"

"For now yes but you don't have a chance with him"

"Why not"

"The same that Jake doesn't have a chance with me"

"I imprinted on him"

Bella stops what she's doing "What"

"I imprinted on him"

"O my god this can't happen why did you"

"I couldn't help it"

"He can't he won't yeah the girls break the rules that's what they do he does to sometimes FOR the greater good BUT this he won't and t hey won't allow him Unless"

"Unless what"

"Unless you give up being a wolf but even then"

"I can't I mean I wish I could but I can't I'm Quilette"

"I know that Leah"

"what about love"

"What about it, it doesn't matter like me loving Jake doesn't matter I can't even tell him"

Leah sighs

"I love Jake but not enough to fight it Leah I'm sorry and I'm attracted to someone else might even love him"


"He didn't feel the same Leah"

"O" Leah says sadly

Bella sighs "I got to get going I looked up a flight back to Yale funny thing is I was going to transfer to Washington State"

"Well I don't know what to say"

"Say you won't think about this but fighting Edward and his family"

"All right" Leah says

Meanwhile Alice looked in on Bella sadly. She did a completely 180.

"Edward she doesn't want you"

"We're still going to fight for her"

"Edward think about her happiness" Carlisle says

"I am"

"They are going to win you know" Alice says

"We have you" Jasper says

Alice sighs "I just want Bella to be happy"

"That's why I'm doing this I was thinking of kidnapping her"

"I know I saw it but then I didn't"

"She would only hate me"

"Don't you think she's hating you right now Edward" Esme says

"I'll make it up to her" Edward says

"What if we do win Edward what if she rejects you after this" Carlise asks

"She won't I can make her see our way" Edward says venomously

They all looked at him sadly

Meanwhile Bella and Rory got back to Yale

"Where were you" Molly says

"Visiting a couple friends"

"Marty says you left for good"

"I realized I didn't want to miss you guys" Bella smiles

"Well good You got to talk to Finn he's going stark raving mad"

"Why he regrets that night he doesn't want to be with me" Bella says

"He's lost without you, you know" Paris sticks her two cents in

"Fine I'll talk to him again"


"But no promises" Bella says

"That's all we ask" Rory says

"Well I have to go find Finn would you mind taking my stuff back to the dorm"

"Glad to"

Bella went to go find Finn and she knew exactly where to go. She found him at the bar getting drunk


"I thought you weren't going to come back to Yale because of me" He slurs

"Let's get you back to the dorm" Bella says


Bella sighs "Marty cut him off"

"Already did and he's threatening to have me fired"

"Get me some coffee your sobering up Finny and we'll talk in the morning"

"No we won't you'll just runaway love"

Bella sighs in frustration "Come on Finny lets go back hey Marty do you still have those handcuffs"

"Kinky are we love" Fin says smirking.

"On second thought never mind"

"You're no fun"

"Yes that's me we'll be studying for the next few nights no hanky panky or drinking"

"Your still no fun"

Bella rolls her eyes "I have a lot of catching up to do and we both have lots to talk about" She says

"Lets go" Fin says getting up but falling down on his ass

"Whens your shift over Marty"

"In a few minutes but I'll come and take Finn with you"

"Thanks" Bella says

"Hey Bella where have you been" Kyle her old manager asks

"I quit remember"

"We're short a waitress Kylie quit right after you did"

"I'll be back tomorrow night if you need me"

"We do"

"Consider me hired" Bella smiles getting Finn out of there.

"Thanks Marty"

"your welcome glad to see you back"

"Me to"

"what change your mind"


Marty nods his head and Marty left as Bella got Finn ready for bed. She shakes her head. She was about to leave when Finn pulled her to him

"Bells stay" He mumbles

"I have to get my beauty sleep before we talk"

"Stay" He commands and Bella got into bed with him. He pulls her closer to him.

"I didn't regret what we did love just how we end it up doing it" He mumbles

"We'll talk in the morning Finny" She says

"Okay" He yawns

The next morning Finn looked at his surrounding someone was with him. He looked to see brown hair. He saw it was Bella

"wow I thought it was all a dream"

"The sex was" Bella smirks under the blankets

Finn chuckles "Love what are you doing here Marty says you weren't coming back"

"Can't a girl change her mind" Bella says

"Yes believe me I know some who changes their minds all the time like Reporter girl"

"Hm well Fin I have to tell you I love someone else to but not as much as I love you"

"You do your ex"

"No my best friend"


Bella chuckles "No his name was Jacob and I promised him a date"

"O" Finn says sadly

"Finn at the time I thought you didn't want me"

"I did I do"

"Okay so lets start over hi I'm Isabella Swan but please call me Bella"

"And I'm Finnegan Rothschild III but call me Finn"

"Okay Finny your not my best friend but you're a friend"

"Could we up that status to a boyfriend"

"are you sure you can handle that"


"are you sure you can give up those playboys ways and redheads" She says putting one eyebrow up

"If it means being with you then Yes"

"Good now lets gets studying"

"Wait through you didn't answer my question"

"I'll think about it" She says giving him a kiss on the cheek

"No" He says pulling her into his arms and kissing her "Now you'll think about it"

"I thought about it already"


"Pick me up at midnight"

"Why midnight"

"That's when I get off of work" Bella says kissing him on the cheek "I have to get ready for class" She says

"Lets skip it"

"I already skipped enough" Bella says "I have to get cracking the books to"

"We'll do it together love"

Bella shakes her head "Then we'll play part cheesy"

"are you sure"

"get your mind out of the gutter its only a game"

"Can you strip for me"

"Hmm maybe if you're a good boy"

"Oh I will be I promise"

"I'll get wig to"


Bella laughs giving him a kiss. They drop back onto his bed

"I have to get to class Finny"

"Do you have to"


Finn pouts

"Stop that come on lets go"

Finn nods his head. "I'll meet you in Business class at two"

"Okay" Bella gives him another kiss

"We'll never get out of here and to class if you keep doing this Bells"

"Okay" Bella says getting out of bed and leaving his room. She saw Logan, Stephanie and Colin

"So you two made up"

"Yes we cleared everything up"

"Hurt him again Swann and we'll have words AGAIN" Stephanie says

Bella nods her head and leaves the dorm

"Now was that neccisary Steph love"

"Yes I hated how you were" Stephanie says

"IT was a misunderstanding and my mistake"

"Yes but she should have listened to you" Stephanie says

"She had every right to be hurt" Finn says

"But still"

"I have to get to class" He says interrupting her

Logan and Collin looked at each other "You mean we don't have to drag you anymore"

"Nope" Finn smiles and gets ready for class and couldn't wait to play partcheese with Bella he'll get her to strip. He always gets what he wants in the end. He whistles while he took a shower

"Same old Fin" Collin says

"And I for one am glad" Stephanie says

"Me to we have to go celebrate" Logan says

"Drinks all around" Collin says

"Yep" Logan says


I thought about it and there will be a sequel. It just might take longer to get it up.

A Little Sneaky peak

Forgetting Jacob

Who won the war…..Does Edward come after Bella…..Jacob has a hard time getting over Bella and is bitter on how Bella leaves him in the dust after promising a date with him. He goes to Yale to win her back but when he sees her happy what will he do try to convince her to be with him or let her be with Finn