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You held a gun to my head and asked me if I wanted to live or die. If I'd chosen the latter, I wouldn't be here, so you guess what I chose. You took me to your house and trained me. Train. I forgot my old name because the only thing you told me was "Train, boy." Or, "You need to train more." So I did, so that I could stay alive. By then end of two years, I could to 300 push-ups on one thumb and shoot a target 250 meters away dead center. But still, all I heard was "Go train." So that became my name.

I tried to kill you once. I ran into your study and shot. BANG! It hit the wall, and I fell. You foot was on my head before I could move. You told me to "Aim for the heart-you can't miss, because it's like a net." So then all I heard was : "Train-hit the Heart, because it's a Net." That became my last name. I was thirteen and I was almost as good as you.

I was better than you that last day.

The one when you were in the alley- near death.

You looked at me and told me I was a killer.

I told you I wasn't.

And then I shot you.

You came out of that very same alley. The one where I killed for the first time. It was raining-I was shaking. You told me it would stop eventually, that it wouldn't hurt as much to kill. You patted my shoulder, and then you left me shaking in the pouring rain. In the dark.

You told me I had a black soul. Black like an unlucky black Cat. "You black cat, go away!" or, "Black cats bring bad luck." So that became my name too. Black Cat.

And it became permanent-the day you gave me the tattoo-the XIII branded on my chest. And the gun. Black just like my soul. Black just like a black cat. That was the day you caught me and made me a pet.

You looked at me and told me I was a killer.

I looked at you and told you I was.

And then I ran away.

You took me in. A stray cat with a gun and a collar. You smiled at let me slink into your family. That little girl too. Both of you let be become a friend. And then she gave me that bell, and I put it on. Stopped being Chronos's pet and became my own. You called me friend- "So friend, who should we catch?" or, "Buddy, quit eating!" So that became my name too.


Black Cat.

Train Heartnet.

And then the little Princess was in trouble and we raced after her. You laughed at me and asked if I was getting a heart. I didn't. I'd taken too many and a black life like mine didn't deserve a heart.

So I shot the psycho holding Princess and saved her. The guy was dead, and I was the Black Cat for a moment. But I'd missed his heart and hit his head, so I turned into Train Heartnet too. You were paying attention to Princess and didn't notice me. But later, you glanced at my eyes and knew what was wrong.

You looked at me and told me I wasn't a killer.

I stared back and told you I was.

And then I disappeared.

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