"Th-thanks for helping Petunia and I out with cleaning today, Flippy." Flaky said as they walked along the sidewalk, the green bear gave her a warm smile.

"No problem, Flaky." He replied.

Flaky and Petunia were originally planning on asking Giggles to go, but the chipmunk had quickly made enough excuses about not doing it to last her a lifetime.

They asked everyone else, but had ran out of options fast:

Disco Bear was out of the question; Pop had to watch Cub twenty-four/seven after the little guy had developed a horrible fascination with danger, one that was even bigger than the one he already had; Cuddles was sick from eating some contaminated turnips that Lumpy had delivered(you can only wonder how the moose had botched it this time); They didn't even check on Mole, Lifty, Shifty, Handy, Lumpy, or Mime as they were on a camping trip(Lifty and Shifty were stowing away with intents on stealing the camping supplies) and were inexperienced at anything remotely related to their task; Nutty was AWOL, most likely on a hunt for sugar.

But Flippy had said he wasn't busy, and, although Petunia was opposed at first when Flaky suggested asking him, she knew that they had no one else left to ask for help.

"So," he began, "what exactly am I supposed to do?"

"Oh, it's really simple. I'm going over to Sniffles' lab to clean it up while he's at a convention, but you know how big it is." Petunia replied, carelessly, she was avoiding every crack in the sidewalk with precision.

Neither Flippy nor Flaky noticed her constant glares, which were directed at the former.

"Yeah, it is really big. Almost in a frightening way." Flaky murmured, shaking a bit.

Flippy grabbed her paw, making her jump, and then stare wide-eyed at the green bear before . "Don't worry Flaky, I won't let anything bad happen." He said.

"Er, uh . . . " She stammered.

They walked on silently.

"Here we are," Petunia said, she wiped off the doorknob before turning it. "Ugh." She groaned, her eyes twitching as she stared at unorthodox mess inside. "I'm glad you guys are helping, otherwise I'd have a panic attack before I could even start."

She then gave the two a scrutinizing look, they gazed curiously at each other before realizing that they were still holding paws. They jerked away before stammering and shaking their heads uncertainly.

"O . . . kay." The blue skunk sighed. "Flippy, you go find a mop, I don't want to walk inside unless the floor is clean."

"All right."

Petunia turned her attention upon Flaky in a flash.

"What was that about, you're not falling for that psychopath, are you?" She asked.

"Wh . . . what do you mean? Flippy's not a p-psycho." She replied.

"Oh? How can you deny it? He kills people, Flaky. He's even killed you before." She snapped.

Flaky flinched. "No he didn't. It wasn't him, it was Evil."

"Evil; Flippy, different personality, same body!"

"Hey, I just finished mopping the floor!" Flippy's voice called out. "You guys still there?"

Petunia gave her a 'we'll discuss this later' look and replied, "Yeah! We're coming!" She mouthed 'if you think he's safe, it's your neck' to Flaky.

"Ehhhhh." Said porcupine squeaked nervously.

The inside was as massive as a museum, and ten times more cluttered. Sniffles apparently hadn't emptied the trashcans all over, and now he had piles of garbage all around the outside of the trash bins. Empty boxes and wrappers were strewn all over the counters and lab tables.

"Tsk, this is why scientists always freak out when something turns up missing. I couldn't find my tail if it wasn't attached in a place this cluttered." Petunia grumbled, she started running all over, scrubbing at the floors where Flippy hadn't cleaned.

She grabbed a paper bag, breathing rapidly as she cleaned and hyperventilated at the same time. She pointed to Flaky. "Get a trash bag and start picking up all those wrappers and empty containers up, and try not to get too much dandruff everywhere."

With a nod, the female complied.

"Flippy, haul those full trash bags out to the curb, would you?"

"Um, sure."

"Tch, glad he's out for a few minutes."

"Why don't you like Flippy?" Flaky asked.

"No reason, aside from the fact that he's a walking time bomb!"

If she didn't know better, Flaky would have said Petunia was holding a grudge.

"I put the trash bags on the curb," Flippy said, smiling.

Petunia flinched and her left eye twitched. "Okay, how about you straighten up some of Sniffles' books? Alright?" Books can't kill anyone . . . ugh, fingers crossed.


They continued on, Petunia managing and dictating their next task while also watching Flippy cautiously. Flaky was busy sweeping when the sound of glass breaking rang out, with wide eyes she turned to see Flippy covered in grey and yellow liquid with shards of glass all over his fur. The green bear's eyes started twitching and then he started trembling.

"Oh sweet God," Petunia shrieked, backing towards the door, "I should have known, but nooo."

Flaky was caught between helping her friend and fleeing, but finally she took the shaky steps needed to cross the room and grab some paper towel before trying to clean him off.

She gasped as he stopped her, his paws holding hers.

"No, don't! These vials have hazardous symbols on them!"

He released her paws. Flaky gazed at him in confusion, he looked caught in between being evil and good. He met her gaze, and then he looked good again, right before he fainted.

First of:f I like making my HTF chapters short and sweet because the actual Happy Tree Friends episodes are rarely over five minutes long unless they're a two parter. So short chapters are adequate if not justified when it comes to these fics.

Second: Yes, I'm going to be working on both this fic and Killjoy. If you're wondering why Scarlet Beginnings hasn't had a new chapter in so long, it's because I'm redoing some of the older chapters, the speech was too crammed together for my liking in them.

Third: The pairing in this one is undecided, sure it seems to be leaning towards a FlippyXFlaky, but there's no guarantee, the pairing may surprise both you and me.

The Title is Catalan for Split.