"Oh never mind, it's silly." He replied, trying to hide the blush that was only intensifying.

"But Evil,"

"Nope, I'd rather not say it." He stooped down and picked up his bat. "Can I go hit some neighbors mailboxes, or will that make them like me less?"

Flaky smiled thinly. Does he have ADD or is he just avoiding the subject? "You've already made them into mulch, how much worse can you do?"

Evil opened the door and pointed at his opposite who was gazing in a bored manner at the T.V. while flipping through channels. "I could always annoy him." He replied, a smug grin upon his face.

Flaky shook her head in dismissal. "No, that's okay, you go ahead and have some fun."

Evil shook his head and laughed, "I was only kidding." He patted her upon the shoulder. "You know I'm not that immature, I'm unwilling to irritate my twin too much in a given day, who knows how he reacts without me inside of him."

"You know, considering I convinced him not to put you back on the medication, you could tell me your solution, right now anything would help."

He gazed at her in blatant surprise. "You convinced him? Really? Wow, I, uh, okay, fine, I'll spill. I don't think you'll understand unless you take it with a grain of salt, but I'll tell you anyway."

"That would be appreciated."

Evil held the bat up in front of her and brought it down upon his knee. The porcupine jumped in shock, but eased her fear down as best as she could.

Holding the two pieces of bat he eyed her. "Look, see how these splinters fit together perfectly?" He asked, re-piecing the two halves together.


"You can have one half or the other, but wouldn't you rather have the whole thing?"

Flaky nodded faintly, "But it's broken now, there's no fixing it back together like it once was. But having both halves still feels necessary."

"These two halves represent Flippy and I."

Startled, the female suddenly gazed at him, the males cheeks were aflame as he nodded. "I can't say that you'd be happy with only half of your true love, if I allowed you to get sold short, I'd feel bad; even if you chose me, Flippy's a part of me as well."

"But uh . . . isn't that technically polygamy?"

"Two identical males, twins in every way but eye colour and personality, both sharing the same DNA, how is that polygamy? That's like saying we weren't originally one to begin with. I mean, if we were born separately, then it would be called that, but we were both one person, and now we're two, I know it's hard to explain, but there is a big difference." He tutted, snickering.

Flaky decided she needed that grain of salt. Before she could voice the need to think, she realized something. "What will Flippy think of this? Surely he wouldn't want to do it, it's so surreal."

"Flip wants all three of us to be happy, you sure are looking for loopholes, if you think you can't love us both as one, than you'll have to decide which of us you'll dote upon most." He then turned and left her standing there, stunned and confused.

"W-wait, tell Flippy about your idea first, if he's interested . . . we'll see." She said quickly, afraid he wouldn't hear her.

Evil nodded, he didn't look back though, he knew if he did she would have seen the look on his face. When you give someone an ultimatum, it takes skill to get a n answer so fast.

Flaky gazed at the retreating male, watched him sit down beside Flippy. They 'are' both the same person . . . but can I truly love them both? Why do I feel like I should do this when it goes against normal rules? A soft giggle escaped her muzzle. Normal? That went extinct the day I first walked into Happy Tree Town, if I was looking for normal, I sure did make a wrong turn.

Wait, I felt attracted to Flippy's darker half before they split, so why would their separation change anything. She slapped her face, what a fool she had been!

Evil was conversing with his good side, occasionally Flippy would glance in Flaky's direction, blush and nod at Evil to continue. When he had stopped talking, Evil gave Flaky a wink and a thumbs up.

She steeled herself. Stepping out of the bedroom she padded over and said, "Flippy," Evil scooted, making a spot for her, she caught on to his plan immediately, now she was sitting down between Flippy and Evil.

"Evil told me about his idea," The bear said, a bit shakily since he had not quite recovered from said male's revelation. His cheeks looked brighter than firecrackers on the 4th of July.

Flaky nodded, "I think it's a good idea, complicated and unorthodox, but still good." She reached out, a paw holding Evil's and one holding Flippy's.

"Well, if you will accept it, than I'm okay with it."

Evil smiled. "Don't worry, our relationships will go slowly, there's no need to rush." He then scrunched up his face, "But my love is for Flaky, so don't expect me to do your green hide any favors in the unmentionable department."

Flippy forgot to breath, he doubled over coughing and gasping in shock. "What the hell? I'd never!"

Flaky tried not to laugh. "I think he was just pulling your leg."

Evil nodded, "That's the only thing of yours I'll ever pull."

Flippy, having just recovered from his previous coughing fit, nearly went into another, he just barely managed to control his surprise. Flaky patted him on the back and glared at Evil.

"Oh my lord, Evil, you're such a pervert!" Flaky exclaimed.

"I have my moments." He confessed.

"You certainly do." Flaky agreed, she leaned close to Flippy and gave him a kiss on the cheek, the darker bear grunted in objection, but Flaky just smiled and kissed him as well. The two male's faces were beet red, like Flaky's fur was naturally.

"I love you both."

"I love you too, Flaky." They said simultaneously, still blushing.

A rather humorous way to end this story, I know a few of you were wanting some sort of lemon/sex scene, but I'll write another one of those fics someday(I say "another" because Beautiful Disaster has a lemon in it).

So, here's the end, hope you enjoyed it. The story may have reached it's end, but Flippy, Evil, and Flaky's relationship has only just begun.