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The bus left right after that little event. I was still silent, and Grover wasn't helping with his constant throat noise he kept on making. I just stared out into space, trying to forget what happened, but I knew that it was impossible.

We made it back to the school only a few minutes later, and Grover dragged me to our room.

"Dude, don't worry about what just happened, just make sure it doesn't happen again."

"Oh trust me, I don't think it will." I said sitting on my bed and abruptly falling asleep.

I woke in a stupor, my eyes wouldn't open and I yawned. I heard Grover snoring across the room.

'Maybe it was just a dream?' I suggested to myself. I got up and went to the bathroom. I turned the shower on hot and quickly went through the regular series. I got out and began to brush my teeth when one my 'ideas' popped into my head. What if I did have the power to control water.' After a second, I laughed at myself. There was no way.

I looked around to make sure nobody would see and make fun of me. The room was completely empty. Jokingly, I moved my palm toward the sink and pretended to lift water from the spout. I was making funny sounds as I did this. The muscles in my stomach tightened again like yesterday and suddenly the water exploded from the spout. I backed up and covered my head then hightailed it out of there to my room. What had happened yesterday was real. I ran to my room and barged into the door. Grover was still asleep… with his shoes on. I ran up, and grabbed onto a shoe.

"Grover! Wake up we have an emergency!" I said tugging on his shoe. I had thought it was going to take some strength, so when I pulled and shoe came flying off as easy as butter, I fell backwards and landed on my back. I looked up at his foot quickly to see that in its place wasn't a foot, but a hoof. I did the first thing that my mind told me to do. I screamed.

Grover looked startled. He sat up and realized that his shoe was missing. He then looked at me. "Perc, calm down. Sit, don't freak. Play it cool man." I didn't get to hear any more of his sayings as I ran out of the room and down the hallway. What was happening?" Things weren't making any sense anymore. I turned a corner and ran into a small figure. The figure put her hand to her pocket, but then moved her hand away. I looked up into the face of a pretty blonde girl. She looked tired and worn. I'd never seen her around at the school before.

"Hi, is Chiron here?" She asked, her eyes beginning to look up to meet mine. I was about to answer her when her eyes met mine. They were the most startling shade of gray. Her mouth fell open for what seemed like no apparent reason.

"Um, who?" I asked.

"Mr. Brunner." She said. Odd, I could have sworn she said Chiron, like the guy from the old stories.

"Yeah, I was actually on my way to see him." I said. I led the way. I had lost all my freaking outness when I had run into this girl. We made it to Chiron's room and I knocked. He answered the door quietly.

"Annabeth, Percy, I see you two have met."

I looked at Annabeth, what an odd name, but it was unique none the less.

"Umm, Mr. Brunner, we need to talk about what's happening back at the camp." She said.

Mr. Brunner smiled. "Why don't you both come in. We can all talk."

Annabeth looked confused. "But he's mortal." Annabeth said, pointing at me.

Mr. Brunner shook his head and nodded at us to follow.

We sat on Mr. Brunner's couch while he explained things. He said that all mythology was true and that Annabeth was daughter of Athena.

"Your joking right. She can't actually be a daughter of Athena." I objected.

"She actually can Percy, and you Perseus, are a half-blood as well, a powerful one." He said. Annabeth turned to him.

"How are you sure?" She asked.

"Grover could tell, and he defeated a Laistrygonian single-handedly yesterday without getting so much as a scratch on him." He said.

"Your joking." She asked.

"Just test out for yourself." He said. Annabeth cautiously turned to me.

In Greek she said several words I had never learned. I had understood them perfectly. "Are you really a powerful half-blood and if you are, then who id your parent?"

I answered her in English. "I'm not sure that I'm a powerful half blood and I don't know who my father is."

"well, let's pack up and hit the road." Chiron said.

"where are we going?" I asked.

"Camp half blood."

I called my mom to let her know, and she replied that she had already known. What she didn't reveal was my father's title. Chiron had sent us I a taxi as Annabeth explained everything going on at camp. When we reached camp, she said: "Maybe your father will claim you."

A day went by and I hadn't made any friends, I had been to the beach and sat with my feet in the tide, and I had been swimming in the lake. But nobody would join me. It felt like they were waiting to see what I would do so that they could find out who's son I was. It wasn't until that night that things started getting weirder.

I had went to the beach to watch a sword match. It was my new cabin-director Luke against this Apollo kid. I watched as Luke pummeled him to the ground, It was over all too soon.

Mr. D, who I found out was Dionysius, stood. "Is there anyone else brave enough to face Luke?" He yelled. I had only one chance, and it was calling to me.

"I'll do it." I said standing. Luke laughed at me.

"Percy, have you even trained for stuff like this?" he asked.

"No, not really." I replied, pulling out riptide and taking the cap off. Everyone in the crowd gasped. Luke flinched, but smiled.

"well then, let's go." We fought against each other with an equal amount of strength, which meant nobody was getting the upper hand, until I heard the sound of a fish jumping. Luke took my hesitation and jumped at me maiming my arm and smacking me in the head hard with his shield. I fell backwards into the sand. I felt like I would never get up again.

Luke was about to send the final blow that would make me lose this challenge until the tide pulled up and engulfed me in its salty foam. I felt adrenaline in my veins and I quickly swiped at Luke with my sword. I hit him in the armor, causing him to stumble back out of the water. While I felt the water still around me, I stood and felt the tug in my gut again, the water floated upward and toward Luke, Luke was picked up and thrown across half the beach. Everyone stared in shock as the water fell back into the ocean. I just stood there shocked.

"Please don't let it be true." Annabeth whispered.

The sky darkened as thunderclouds started to roll in. Thunder boomed, and the earth stared shaking. A giant wave formed behind me and I watched as it came at me with deadly speed, but it parted around me and the camp enclosing us in a triangle made of walls of water. Then a greenish hologram sort of thing formed above my head. It was a trident. Everyone gasped again and I turned back to them.

Chiron took a step forward. "Percy, Your father is Poseidon, storm bringer, earth shaker and father of horses." Everyone bowed and I stood in shock. Why me?

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