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Forbidden mystical love

It was raining heavily in the heavens when seto, yami, bakura, and marik were stalking through the halls of heavens palace "seto remember not to kill Pegasus when we get in there or we'll never find our lights" "yeah right yami if he doesn't tell me where katsuya is I'll rip his oh so white wings off", as they walked faster to the throne room marik swore he had heard screaming coming down the hallway they passed.

In this world you tried

Not leaving me alone behind

There's no other way

I prayed to the gods let him stay

The memories ease the pain inside,

Now I know why

"Pegasus I know you're here show yourself" "ah seto my boy what can I do the honors of seeing you here?" but before seto could charge after Pegasus, marik, bakura and yami were holding him back "just tell us where yugi, malik, ryou and katsuya are Pegasus" "yami yami your precious yugi, malik, and ryou are fine no need to worry" as they managed to calm seto down they heard a blood curdling scream throughout the castle "K-katsuya!" and within the next seconds they were racing past Pegasus to the black hallway.

All of my memories keep you near.

In silent moments imagine you here.

All of my memories keep you near.

Your silent whispers, silent tears.

As they came to a halt in the room they saw a little girl curled up in a ball in the middle of the floor on the right side but suddenly a scream interrupted the sight "noo, stop please stop lave serenity alone please Pegasus I'll do what you want just let me out" and they saw katsuya banging on a glass barrier almost crying "please don't make me forget them I'll do anything you want just please don't make me forget seto!" before breaking down seto grabbed the front of Pegasus's shirt and slamed him against the wall "let him go now!, why on earth would you do that to him?"

Made me promise I'd try

To find my way back in this life

I hope there is a way

To give me a sign you're ok

Reminds me again it's worth it all

So I can go on

"you stole the heart of my favorite angel right from under my nose and my way of winning him back is to erase every last trace of you even if it means killing your daughter" "Pegasus I sugest you let him go along with serenity before I get mad and kill you right here right now" right before Pegasus was avout to try and escape a blinding light came from serenity and katsuya had passed out in the barrier and she spoke.

All of my memories keep you near.

In silent moments imagine you here.

All of my memories keep you near.

Your silent whispers, silent tears

"Pegasus you have created high treason in the time and space universe, first unsettling the balance of seto's and katsuya love, second trying to destroy the memories of there love and trying to kill the body I inhabit" "w-who are you?" the shining light laughed "I am the hybrid angel/dragon faloria and I am here to unravel time to where you never lay your hands on katsuya again!"

Together in all these memories

I see your smile

All the memories I hold dear

Darling, you know I will love you

Until the time

All of my memories…

Last time: Seto and Pegasus face faloria and Pegasus is trailed and faloria sets back time.

After the blinding light faded Pegasus found he was on his balcony watching the war of angels and dragons, and Seto found himself on the battle field battling angels when all of a sudden katsuya ran past him "k-katsuya?" "Seto you know we can't talk here I'm supposed to battle you" they whispered as there swords clashed "katsuya listen to me you can't go back to heaven you have to come to my palace with me" "Or what, what is Pegasus going to do? Seto what did you see?" katsuya whispered barely touching Seto's arm "I-I saw Pegasus killing you please you have to come with me, go find malik, ryou, and yugi I'll go find marik, bakura, and yami go now!" he hugged katsuya before running to find the others.

(katsuya pov)

As katsuya ran to find his friends he ran through angels and dragons battling before he saw ryou, malik and yugi fending off three curse of dragons hybrids "guys duck!" they looked over to katsuya right before he threw a red lighting paralyzing the dragons "katsuya" they cheered "dude where were you?" "malik I was trying to find seto and the others and I found out something horrible" "well what is it" they shouted before trying to fend off other dragons "well yall know how seto has the power to see the distant future, well he saw us returning and Pegasus's jumping us and him try to kill me so change of plans were going back with seto, yami, marik and bakura", but before they could answer a huge crawling dragon appeared b before them about to attack "um katsuya ya got anymore red lighting cause our powers are out" "geez guys I love you to death but that was my last one" right as they were about to be clobbered the huge dragon fell down "w-what just happened" when the dust settled yami, seto were standing in the back smirking and marik and bakura were sitting on the back of the dragon both trying to pull there swords out just smirking "hey guys you ready" "marik, bakura you could've died" the two blondes yelled, "Malik, ryou were fine and now so are all four of you" yelled back a pissed blonde.

to be continued...