Forbidden Love

Chap Eleven

Katsuya was looking out the window thinking back on the others when she heard Akai's voice in her head `Are you sure you know what your doing think of the twins` she sighed and blocked her out, "I'm doing what's right there's no other way" she whispered to herself as a tear slid down her cheek. Dark Blade and Vampire Lord both walked up to her, "it's time to go milady" Vampire lord spoke bowing. She turned and they opened a portal she stepped through followed by them and they walked out appearing in front of a creepy looking throne with a green haired person on the throne looking at her sickly. "Ah katsuya good of you to make it my dear I am the king of ages" he said getting up and walking over to her and trying to kiss her hand.

Katsuya flinched and pulled her hand out of his grasp "pleasure's mine sire but would you mind explaining to me why you got your twins to kidnap me?" she asked looking back to the twins, the king chuckled and grabbed on of her hands and placed it on her stomach. "Because you insolent brat your twins cause enough trouble in the future I plan to kill them in any way possible even if it means killing you and Kaiba" he yelled and then turned away back to the throne.

"Dark blade, Vampire lord chain her to the wall until our guest get here I want to make both her and Kaiba see each other suffer" he yelled making them flinch. "Yes sire" the grabbed both of her wrist and guided her to the broken wall and whispered in her ears, "I'm so sorry we will find him and give him the antidote before" and they disappeared. Katsuya hung her head before looking over to the king, "what if I gave you the essence of heaven would you spare the children and seto?" he thought of it before chuckling "katsuya the essence of heaven is your soul. If you gave it to me the twins would die too but very well" he appeared in front of her and phased his arm threw her body and grabbed her soul.


Seto, Mai and the angels and demons were half way to the king when they felt a pull drag them down, "what the?" Mai yelled as they started to sink outta the sky, Serenity and Noah look at each other and nodded "Slifer, Ra, Obelisk save us!" they yelled barely grabbing the edge of a meteor; The three gods appeared and everybody landed on them "Noah, Serenity how did you do that?" Ryou yelled up at them, the twins laughed "our parents entrusted the gods with our souls before we were born that's why mother prayed."

Right as everybody was climbing in the cave they all heard a scream, Noah and serenity looked at each other "No! We have to hurry now!" they yelled running to the light they saw; Dark blade and Vampire Lord stopped them "Wait! We have an antidote for you," they said turning human. Mai pushed past everyone and looked down at them "How do we know that it's safe hmmm?" she said looking back at the others. Serenity ran forward "who cares if it's safe or not my mother is possibly dying hurry!" she took one of the cups chugged it and ran forward, everyone shrugged there shoulders took the drinks and all took them and followed serenity.

Serenity stopped at a stone door and pounded on it "let me through my mother is out there" she cried as she felt Noah by her side and turned to him "we have to help her but how can we?" Yugi walked past them and touched the stone tablet and gasped "I-its red eyes! She's sealed in the tablet" he said turning to Seto, "Seto maybe Aoi can talk to Akai and turn her back" the cave rattled with another scream. Seto touched the tablet and let Aoi take over `Akai if your.0 in there please listen to me turn to your dragon form and help us save Katsuya please Akai` The stone glowed red and Akai was in a dragon fetal position "Akai!" The angels yelled as they ran to the dragon's side, Malik turned back to the demons "you guys go on ahead we'll make sure Akai is ok."

Bakura and Marik Dragged Noah and Serenity with them while Yami lugged Seto and Mai behind him, they followed the screams to a couple corridors and we're about to leave them when the screaming stopped, Serenity looked at Noah "Mother?" she pushed open the door in front of them and screamed at what she saw.