The Temporal Children

As the senshi were coming to gripes with what they had seen, Seiya, who had settled down next to the still unconscious Usagi gently caressed her honey golden cheek.

He smiled lovingly down at her and placed a sweet kiss on her insignia.

He couldn't believe that Usagi and Kakyuu were one and the same. He had know he had been attracted to Usagi on more than one level he shouldn't have, but he hadn't thought it was because his soul was forever mated to hers thank to the fact that Kakyuu and Usagi and Serenity were one and the same!

His thoughts were broken as Usagi muttered to herself and woke up.

As the others gathered around to see how she was fairing, she blinked and gasped, "Seiya…"

Seiya looked at her with a question clearly in his eyes as she jumped to her knees, wrapped her arms tightly around his shoulders, and pulled him in for a deep, seemingly, passionate kiss.

Michiru had to keep a tight hold on Haruka as this happened because she knew Haruka's first instinct was to stop anything that interfered with her princess and her prince.

The other senshi were shocked at their princess' actions. They had never seen her act so mature before.

The Starlights were shocked too; luckily they got over it faster as they had been used to the fact that Kakyuu and Seiya had been together before Chaos attacked them.

Minako and Ami walked up to Yaten and Taiki and Minako asked hesitantly, "How is it possible for NO-male pregnancies happen?"

Taiki smiled down at them and answered for the both, "Minna-chan, every Sailor Senshi has the ability to birth children without the need of males. It's an amazing evolutionary development centered in the Andromeda Galaxy alone. We have the magical ability to use our partners DNA and use the spell to transform it into a male's sperm and then implant it in the woman's womb."

Yaten added with a thoughtful gleam in his eyes, "Oddly enough, the children born in our Galaxy are always female…we don't know why either."

Minako's eyes were hazy as more and more of her memories returned to her; and the Starlights were amazed by how mature she was acting.

She was looking at them with wiser eyes than they had ever seen from her before.

Ami, who was seated on Rei's bed, put aside one of Rei's manga and added, "How about we go to the park to have some fun."

Taiki eyed her with surprise and said, "You are willing to go out and have fun without a book?"

She grinned and said, "Well, I can't study all the time now can I?"

Taiki grinned, offered her his arm, and said, "Shall we?"

As Usagi stood up, Haruka, who wanted to break Usagi and Seiya up, made to move to split them when Michiru grabbed her arm again and said seriously, "It's her life, her choice."

Artemis and Luna, who had just arrived, with Chibi-Chibi giggling behind them, simply witnessed the last dream, demanded, "What about Chibi-usa?"

Pluto, who hadn't been able to stop grinning since the image of Kakyuu appeared once she got over her shock, came back with a retort of her own, "That's like asking Usagi-chan to give up Chibi-Chibi because you favor one child over the other Artemis."

"WHAT?" cried out everyone with wide eyes.

Setsuna rolled her eyes and reminded everyone of three very important rules, "One, the future is ALWAYS changing…two, the decisions and the emotions of today are ALWAYS influencing tomorrow…and three, NO ONE is allowed to know too much of their own futures."

She ended her lecture by saying, "Chibi-Chibi is another possible daughter of our Serenity-hime and Kakyuu-hime because of their merging."

She looked at her princess and said loyally, "Just do as you have always done hime, follow you heart."

Usagi was puzzled and confused, sad and glad.

Seiya, who still had Usagi, wrapped up in his arms, blinked and replied a few seconds too late, "You mean that Chibi-Chibi-chan is Odango's daughter…MY daughter!"

Pluto smirked at him and the senshi began to discuss the last statements amongst themselves.

After a few minutes, Pluto rolled her eyes and answered shortly, "I am only going to say this once, the physical bodies might be different, (Chibi-Usa and Chibi-Chibi) but their souls are one and the same."

Ami smiled for she had been one of the few to not mind that Usagi wanted to be with Seiya and said, "Then that's all that really matters."

To liven things up, Minako pouted cutely and demanded as she hugged Yaten's arm softly between her breasts, "Why is it only Usagi's babies allowed to come back? I wanna see OUR babies!"

Yaten blushed, but didn't fight her touches.

Pluto smirked and waved her Time Key staff. A cloud appeared and two little girls softly landed on a few pillows laying on the ground.

Seiya, Yaten, and Taiki stared at them with wide eyes.

Seiya, who was holding Usagi and Chibi-Chibi close, watched with laughing eyes and the two girls raised their heads; one was grumbling very loudly. He had a feeling he KNEW who that one belonged too.

The first had white-gold hair half way pulled up into an orange hair bow with greenish-blue eyes. Upon her brow were an orange symbol of Venus and a yellow star symbol of Healaa inside the heart portion of the Venus symbol.

The second girl had shoulder length ice blue hair and amethyst purple eyes. One her brow was an ice blue symbol of Mercury and inside the heart portion of her ice blue symbol was a white Star symbol of Makaa.

Chibi-Chibi, who was happily playing with Usagi's and Seiya's hair, looked up squealed happily as her own golden crescent moon with four red olive leaves in between the points, and a red star of Fightaa appeared on her brow and exclaimed, "Mizuko-chan! Aiyoko-chan!"

She giggled and reached for the two girls.

Aiyoko scrunched up her face and exclaimed, "Chibi-no-baka, be quiet!"

Mizuko blinked her big, innocent eyes cutely up at them, smiled shyly, and said as she waved back, "Hi!"

Seiya snorted and said with a wryly grin, "Well, we know who's who, eh?"

Minako and Yaten blushed heavily as do Ami and Taiki.

Minako glared at her future daughter and said, "Aiyoko-chan! Tell Chibi-Chibi you're sorry."

The white-golden haired child of Venus and Healaa blushed sheepishly, shuffled contritely on her feet for a few seconds. She truly was a good girl, but she had inherited both sets of empathy from her parents.

She was a very sensitive girl on the inside.

She said softly, "Sorry Chibi-Chibi-chan…"

Chibi wiggled her way out of her future parents' arms and hugged the three year olds.

Rei and Makoto pouted and exclaimed, "WE WANT TO SEE OUR BABIES TOO!"

With another wave of Pluto's staff, and a pair of twin girls with straight black hair and snapping, emerald green eyes appeared.

One had her hair down and the other had it up in a high pony-tail.

One had an insignia of Mars with a tiny insignia of Jupiter in the heart on her forehead. The other had the insignia of Jupiter with the symbol of Mars inside the upper two lines of the Jupiter royal sign.

Rei and Makoto blinked at the twins.

They turned to one another.




Rei and Makoto's faces burst into furious blushes that caused them to faint with supreme shock.

Everyone else laughed.

Chibi-Chibi, Aiyoko, Mizuko, and the twins were cutely confused.

Chibi-Chibi exclaimed, "Ohayo Hikiyo, Kikiyo!"

They smiled as one and said in stereo, "Ohayo minna-chan!"

They were the oldest of the Inner children at three and a half years old.

The rest laughed at Rei and Makoto's responses.

Pluto smirked and a small girl with maroon eyes and black hair with an identical boy arrived.

The girl had long black hair pulled into a half pony-tail with the rest hanging to her shoulders. Her maroon eyes sparkled. The boy had short black hair and sharp maroon eyes. The girl had the symbol of Pluto and the boy had the insignia of the royal family of Terra.

Her eyes held extreme pride in them.

Haruka and Michiru smiled lovingly at one another. Haruka shrugged and Michiru smiled down at Hotaru.

Haruka sighed and said, "Bring it on Sets-chan."

With one last wave of her staff, three people appeared. One was a tall young woman with shoulder length black hair and purple eyes. Saturn's emblem graced her brow. Holding each of her hands were a seven year old and a six year old.

The seven year old girl had pale blond hair down to her mid-back and aquamarine blue eyes.

The six year old girl had equally long sea green hair and navy blue eyes.

Usagi blinked and said, "Joy…youngest again!"

Seiya blinked down at her oddly.

She giggled and said, "Our Chibi-Chibi is the youngest heiress just like myself, my mother, and her mother before her."

Rei, who had regained consciousness before Makoto, frowned lightly up at her and said, "Eh, Odango-Atama, Mako-chan's the youngest of us."

Usagi waved it aside and said, "On Earth that's true, but during the Silver Millennium, Belladonna, I was the youngest."

Rei sweatdropped at that; she was right after all.

Setsuna held out her hands to her future children and said, "I can't return them to the future for at least a week because the Time Stream is experiencing a Chaotic Storm thanks to the arrival of the Starlights and Chaos."

She paused and gave them all a hard stare and said, "The future that you saw once before no longer exists because of Galatica's arrival here on Earth."

She continued, "The future that you saw came to be after millennia after the senshi defeated Beryl-sama. Your future selves never had to fight like you have fought so they were easily over-powered by the Dark Moon Family."

Luna sighed and said, "So, the future that we have fought so hard for doesn't even exist…"

Pluto nodded and reaffirmed, "The future is changed."

Usagi asked, "So, the physical form of Chibi-Usa will not exist at all."

Setsuna replied, "Not as you physically remember her. Chibi-Usa and Chibi-Chibi's souls are one and the same though."

Usagi nodded with a smile.

Then she asked, "Setsuna, if Serenity-sama and the Inner senshi in the 30th century have one thousand years more experience, why did they need us to save them?"

Setsuna sighed and explained in more detail because she knew Usagi needed to be told of the temporal mechanics once more, "The senshi of the future you know of, the one you traveled to save, they never gained their crystal nor did they gained their eternal powers. There was never a need to as one Ali and Ann left they had peace. They never traveled to the future. They didn't have to battle the Black Moon family back in the 20th century-their time."

Usagi cut in, "So, basically, they didn't have to get more powerful and were blindsided by Wiseman-sama and Dimando-sama."

Setsuna nodded.

Haruka blinked then asked, "So, what changed? I mean, when did it change? Chibi-Usa came back again while we were fighting the Dead Moon Circus and Death Busters."

Setsuna sighed and explained, "In truth, the changes began when Chibi-Usa took the Silver Crystal and my future self sent her back in time. This caused Wiseman and Dimando-sama to come back to this time…"

Minako exclaimed, "…which caused us to fight them when we er…they hadn't before!"

Ami nodded with a knowing gleam as she held her future daughter, "The chaos all that Time Travel alerted Mistress Nine of our existence…"

Rei added, "…which caused us to fight with her and to have Haruka and Michiru awakened by Setsuna…"

Makoto, who had been awakened by Rei, continued, "…which got worse when Chibi-Usa came back in time for training and Hotaru-chan being awaken as Sailor Saturn!"

Luna shook her fury head in dismay as she added, "Which caused Queen Nehellenia of the Dark Moon to know of our awakening…"

Artemis continued with a shake of his head, "…so, when Chibi-Usa went home last time, before the Starlights and Chaos arrived, all that year the girls were getting stronger and stronger. It alerted Chaos that great powers were here on Earth."

Then Seiya ended, "So, let's see if I understand this… basically the future you all saw, is no more because Chibi-Usa time traveled so much and caused chaos in the Streams of Time?"

Setsuna nodded with a small grin.

Taiki asked, "Then what is to prevent our children from causing the same problems?"

Setsuna blinked and replied, "Well, Chibi-Usa held the Ginzouishou within her. The Ginzouishou can only exist in one time safely without causing chaos. Chibi-Chibi doesn't have the crystal and as such she can travel between time easily."

"Sailor Crystals?" queered Usagi

Setsuna nodded and replied, "She has one, but it hasn't been activated yet."

Seiya with confusion in his voice pointed out, "But before…?"

Setsuna shook her head and answered, "That is Sailor Galatica's Star Seed inside Chibi-Chibi, not Chibi-Chibi's Star Seed itself."

Seiya and Usagi felt better after that. But still she worried for the tiny girl. She had a great responsibility, and she wasn't sure how to go about keeping the tiny red head safe.

Haruka redirected even as she held on to her daughters, "How did the Starlights cause such Chaos in the Time Stream?"

She wasn't blaming them as she had acknowledged Setsuna's words on how the future changed instantly.

"Well, even with Chibi-Usa's traveling back and forth in time, Usagi-chan and Mamoru-san were still together."

She continued, "As far as I can see, Chaos would have come- nothing could have stopped it-but the Starlights and Kakyuu-hime weren't planned in our destinies. Kakyuu's arrival and merging with Usagi-hime was pure chance and it changed everything."

Taiki ended, "Because we fell for the Terra-senshi and they fell for us too."

Setsuna nodded and said, "The Time Streams need to calm down before I can send them back. In about a week, I'll be able to send them back."

(TBC: sometime in the future…I hope)