After the Previous Day's Battle Against Partusay's Sea and a Long Night's Sleep after that, the Grand Chase Team are now enjoying their morning at the Coast of Elia Continent before departing to the Elia Castle but somehow Arme seems to be a bit disturbed.

Arme: I Had a Strange Dream Last.
Ronan: Hm? What is it about Arme?
Elesis: It wouldn't be good for you to think too much about it. Besides, Nightmares aren't real.
Arme (Peeved): I know about that. (Pouts)
Lire: Then Why don't you tell us? (She then Stood behind Arme and began to brush her hair)
Arme: Well, In the Dream we are fighting Kaze Aaze and we won. The good ending was that we were all just a Game in some Square Projection with Lights.
Ryan (Just Woke Up) : (Yawn!) And what's the Bad Ending?
Arme: I Woke Up.

Silence, Jin's Chopsticks Dropped.

Arme (Eyes Bugging Out) : WAIT A MINUTE!