Chapter 1: Planning A New Tourney

Holy crap I'm bored. Master Hand mussed as he hovered in his office thinking about the end of the action-packed Brawl Tournament. After the chaotic nature of the last tournament the interim seems even more boring than usual. But how to break the monotony?

Suddenly his brother Crazy Hand came barging into the room, he chattered away in his usual rapid fire manner. I unconsciously filtered out the pointless sounds. "Can we have another tourney brother? I can't stand the emptiness of the mansion or arena any longer!"

I sighed and gestured at a screen that showed the different realms our contestants came from, "How can we? The contestants are all busy with their own lives. We can't always expect them to drop everything and put their lives on hold just to ease our boredom."

"What about the hunter, the pilots, and the hedgehog?" He asked through his chatter.

"Yes, Samus, Fox, Falco, and Sonic are free and/or available for another tourney most likely. But they are not enough in and of themselves for one."

"Why not look for other heroes besides the usual participants to accompany the four who can come along?"

"Like who?" I asked curious.

In answer he gestured and a thick book floated over to the desk. "For example," He started flipping the pages quickly till he reached one in particular. On it was a long list of information accompanied by a picture of two dragons. One was purple with a golden underside and wings, with matching horns upon his head. Next to him was a black dragon which looked sleeker and more lithe than the purple one, this one had a scarlet underside and wings, with four pure white horns framing its face. Its tail ended with a scythe shaped blade. "I stumbled across these two recently. Their world is populated mainly by dragons like them. The purple one on the right is a male named Spyro, while the black one on the left is a female named Cynder. All dragons in their realm can harness the elements themselves, but these two are particularly special, Spyro can use four different elements; Fire, Ice, Electricity, and Earth."

"What about Cynder?" I asked reading the page.

"I'm getting to her, she can also use four elements; Poison, Wind, Shadow, and Fear."

"Fear? How can fear be an element?"

"She has two abilities which she can use to freeze her enemies in place no matter how fearless they usually are. I'm not entirely sure how it works, but if we were to go through with this you could ask her yourself."

"Still even with these two we don't have enough. Do you have any other suggestions Crazy?"

"Yes let's look through this book for any others that look likely to take part in a tourney." He rattled off excitedly.

"Fine," Master Hand sighed, remembering the last time they had to do research. "Hey, Crazy, before we start, what are the Pokemon people doing right now?"

"Oh… they're in the middle of a new league. Something to earn Grand Champions title. Or something. Oh, this guy looks promising!" Crazy Hand had pulled out a folder, naturally. He looked at the title on it, it said Final Fantasy VII.

"…Who is it?"

"His name is Cloud, apparently. His homeworld is Midguard, and he uses a giant sword that is the size of him. Oh, that's interesting…"

"What, Crazy? What is interesting?"

"One of his 'brothers' is Sephiroth, the one winged angel. It seems that Cloud also had a wing, although it was cut off in the fight with Sephiroth. He seems to be a bit of a loner, but is always there when his few friends need him."

"Fine, fine, fine. We'll pull him out. Do you have another swordsman in mind?"

"Of course. Sir Daniel Fortesque."


"You probably know him as Dan."

"…Not ringing any bells."

"…Did you read ANY of the reports on possible smashers I sent to you last time?"


Crazy Hand sighed. "Master Hand… Okay fine let me get the information." He pulled out yet another folder this one entitled 'Medievil I & II' "Here it is. Sir Daniel Fortesque; knight, and best friend to the king in life…"

"Life?" Master Hand questioned confused.

"He's undead." Crazy responded smoothly. "Now let's see here, after he died he remained so for a hundred years until the sorcerer Zaroc accidentally resurrected him. Traveling through his beloved Gallowmear he stopped Zaroc, proving himself to be a true hero. Then after slaying Zaroc he returned to his death for the next 500 years, whereupon he was moved in the interveaning years to the London museum. But once there he was brought back to life yet again by an evil magician named Palethorn. Once again forced to save the world of the living Dan had to get used to more modern weaponry along with his old standbys. But this time he was not alone, he met a companion during his investigation, an Egyptian princess who was inside the museum where Dan had been resurrected. Unfortunately the outcome of his adventure is unclear. We will have to ask him about it ourselves."

Master Hand had been examining Dan's abilities as Crazy spoke noting the wide range of weapons he had access to, from swords to bows and guns. "Very well he seems very capable, he's in." Then he noticed another file poking out of the same section as Sonic's, "Who's this? Hmmm… Shadow the Hedgehog… According to this he is even more powerful than Sonic at times, Let's bring him along as well to balance out the blue blur's speed advantage."

"So who else do we bring along?" Crazy questioned.

"Well there is one person I was interested in a couple months ago. I just need to find his file…" Looking through the pile they had pulled out he finally found the one he was looking for. "Here we go, his name is Danny Fenton."

"You want to bring a stupid teenager into this tournament? Are you nuts!"

"He is not a normal teenager Crazy." Master Hand countered smoothly, "He is different in fact pretty much unique. He is half-human… and half ghost. And has many powers from this fact. He has saved his town dozens of times and in fact saved his world a few times as well."

Crazy gave the impression of a sigh, "Very well. But I get to pick the next one then. Now this one looks promising… Metabee."

Peering at the title of the page I saw inscribed in straight, uniform lettering 'Metabots' "A robot?" He sighed in disbelief.

"No. A metabot. The metabots are a type of robot that uses an ancient technology that has the personality of a member of a race of ancient beings that called themselves 'Medarolys'. Medabee uses a chain gun, a pistol, and a rocket launcher based on various parts of his body. The chain gun and pistol are attatched to his right and left arms, respectively, and the rocket launcher is on his head. Also, in times of extreme duress, he has the ability to use something called the 'Medaforce', a wave of pure energy that is capable of destroying most foes."

"He sounds powerful, let's bring him along. And that Medaforce of his sounds perfect for a final smash. Now who else do we bring?"

"I've been looking at the Super-hero dimensions recently and have seen 4 heroes that would fit in perfectly with the current brawlers. Batman, Robin, Cyborg, and finally Batman Beyond."

"Why two Batmen?" Crazy questioned.

"Because they both have different fighting styles and ways of behavior. Batman the original is silent and serious, focusing on figuring out his opponent's weakness and exploiting it. While his successor Beyond is more talkative, he will taunt and insult his foes causing them to make mistakes in their anger."

Finally they pulled out one last folder, entitled 'Mystic Force' "Let's look at this group." Master hand muttered, "This one seems the strongest, Nick. Red ranger, weilder of the element of fire, and legendary sorcerer known as 'the light' meant to defeat the darkness. Let's bring him.

"You know this is turning into a tournament of 'Legendary Heroes' if you will. Now that we have the contestants decided, let's work on the commentators."

"Wait, what? Since when do we have commentators?"

"Since Wolf threatened to kill us very slowly if we didn't include him in the next tournament. We can't have him as a contestant, because of the treaty he and Fox have, but we have to have him somewhere. And I don't think he would like it overmuch if we made him a janitor."

"…Fine. So, Wolf is a commentator, who else?"

"Well, Samus will be bringing Adam when she comes, so he might as well-"


"Adam is her ship. And her former CO. And dead. And a part of her ship."

"So he gets to see Samus naked? Lucky bastard…"

"MASTER HAND! Do you WANT a choice in the commentators or not? ENOUGH WITH THE SAMUS OBSESSION!"

"Okay, okay, Crazy. I won't talk about how I'm jealous that Adam gets to see the woman of my dreams naked… anymore."

"…You better not, Master Hand. Anyway-"

"Wait wait wait. He's part of the ship, isn't he? Adam, that is. How will we fit a ship into a commentator's booth?"

"My laptop, Master Hand. He's a computer, he can reroute through the computers in the area. Now, who else?"

"MEWTWO! We should get Mewtwo to comment on the battles!"

Did I hear my name called?


You know, Master Hand, I can hear you perfectly well. You can just speak normally, you know.

Wheeling around, Master Hand spotted Mewtwo, who had teleported in just before. "Oh right, sorry. I wanted to know if you were interested in-"

Are you going to ask me to participate in the new tournament?

"Well, no, not as such. We were going to ask you to comment on the matches."

No, Master Hand. I'm busy.

"Oh come on we need a good commentator!"

I said no Master Hand. Now I am leaving. He snapped as a large sphere of crackling black energy gathered in his hand. Throwing it at them, he disappeared in a flash of white light.

Groaning, Crazy picked himself up off the floor snapping at Master Hand as he did so "I could have told you that he would attack us if you pushed him."

"I don't want to hear the 'I told you so's' Crazy." He retorted. "So since Mewtwo is out let's try and think of other people who might comment. Preferably people who WON'T attack us this time, Crazy."

"Don't you go pinning this mess on to me! I tried to tell you that summoning Mewtwo was a bad idea, but you wouldn't listen to me! You NEVER listen to me!"

"Let's not go into this now, why don't we bring in someone from each realm to be commentator. Like someone from the same universe as those two dragons, didn't they have a dragonfly with them for most of their adventures?"

"So you wanna bring Spyro's brother Sparx?"

"How can a dragon and dragonfly be brothers?"

"When the dragon in question was found and raised by the dragonfly's parents."

"Oh. Well yeah let's bring him along. Now as for one for the superheroes…"

"It looks like the only ones available are the other members of the Teen Titans. So we have the option of Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy."

"Hm looking at their powers I feel we should bring Raven as she can use her magic to shut Sparx up at the very least."

"Okay, and for the Hedgehogs we can bring the ancient Echidna Tikal."

"Agreed. Now who do we bring for Metabee?"

"ROKUSHO! He is a fellow metabot and ally if not exactly friend to Metabee. But he is too awesomely overpowerful to be in the battle himself."

"Now we seem to have plenty of Commentators to accompany the brawlers so… Let's get to work!" Master Hand shouted as he set about summoning the participants.

Author's Note:

So here is the participant list;




-Sonic (Post Black Knight and Unleashed)

-Spyro (Post Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon)

-Cynder (Post Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon)

-Shadow (Post Shadow the Hedgehog)


-Sir Daniel Fortesque

-Danny Phantom/Fenton (Post Phantom Planet)


-Batman aka The Dark Knight

-Robin (Teen Titans)

-Cyborg (Teen Titans)

-Batman Beyond (Terry McGinnus)

-Nick (Mystic Force)

And the Commentators are;

-Adam (Samus' Computer from Metroid Fusion)

-Raven (Teen Titans)

-Sparx (Legend of Spyro)

-Tikal (Sonic Adventure)

-Wolf (Star Fox)

-Rokusho (Metabots)

So waddya think? R&R in order to let me know. I created this character list on a whim actually. I decided that a lot of the main Brawlers were over used. So I came up with new characters to include. Also there will be a point to this besides just the Tourny. I will give you all one hint about future events… Darkness is in all heroes…