Chapter 20: The Honor of the Chozo

"The battle will take place in the Killing Grounds of Dark Aether." Master hand declared as Fortesque and Samus were teleported to the arena.

~~~~~The Arena~~~~~

Adam did the intro this time "Alright, when she was just a child the Space Pirates attacked her home killing everyone there, only leaving the child behind. But that would prove to be their greatest mistake as the Chozo found her and raised her giving her a power suit and their enhanced DNA. Using the tools gifted by her foster people this woman became a bounty hunter who's specialty was dealing with the space pirates. Now she's a legend who's saved the galaxy more times than you can count, give it up, for SAMUS ARAN!"

The blue and yellow armored hunter walked out on a high ledge overlooking a massive, wide open area which was all dirt and rocks. A dome of light stood in the middle of a central area, with a leap Samus did several forward rolls in mid air before landing in a crouch inside the dome of light. Straightening she crossed her arms, metal-clad fingers drumming on the side of her cannon.

Next up Wolf took the mic "Alright, this man started out as a knight, friend to King Peregrin, ruler of the kingdom of Gallowmear. But you see despite the stories told of his 'heroism' during the battle against the evil sorcerer Zaroc. He fell during the first wave of arrows, never even closed with the enemy. But when the sorcerer returned a century later and inadvertently raised his old foe from the dead. He proved himself to be a true hero, give it up for the tough, the bony, SIR DANIEL FORTESQUE!" he howled.

Coming out on another ledge the knight stood unfazed by the poisonous atmosphere of Dark Aether. He seemed to collect himself for a moment before leaping off the ledge landing with a *Thump* on the floor inside the dome, across from Samus. Straightening he drew his Magic sword. Settling into a ready stance shield before him at an angle, sword tilted skyward.

"3…2…1… FIGHT!" the computer cried.

Samus moved first firing several energy blasts from her cannon at the knight as she dove to the side in a roll.

The knight leapt aside and flipped over the blasts as he closed with the hunter swinging his sword at her shoulder. Only to be intercepted by the cannon as they collided with a burst of sparks. Samus shoving the knight's sword aside before kicking him in the chest knocking him back. Skidding to a stop at the edge of the dome he recovered as he lunged forward again sword flashing out at her head.

Samus sidestepped the blow as she slammed the cannon into the knight's back knocking him down as she fired a blast of electrical energy from her cannon. Which crackled across the knights armor injuring him. In reply he recovered sword slung across his back as he pulled a wooden bow from inside his armor and withdrew a pair of arrows glowing with bluish-purple energy as he knocked them, drew and fired all in the span of seconds. One whizzed past while the other struck the hunter's shoulder exploding in a shockwave of energy knocking her back to the edge of the dome as she recovered dodging another pair of arrows before retaliating with a missile shooting towards him which he dodged by twisting into a flip whipping a pair of daggers at her where they deflected off her armor leaving twin scratches. He landed and drawing his sword charged again swinging at his opponent's chest only to have her leap up flipping overhead smashing the cannon into his back knocking him forward and out of the dome.

A strange, snarling screech was heard as a large, three legged, thing charged the knight forming from a puddle of goo on the ground. It had a glowing, reddish-yellow eye. The hunter recognized it instantly, a Warrior Ing… one of the inhabitants of Dark Aether. She watched as the knight spun sword flashing as he bisected it's swinging leg with a flash of violet steel the limb falling away twitching to the side as the Ing screeched in pain falling back. Without pause the knight lunged forward again his sword plunging into the beast's central eye. The Ing roared again as it writhed on the end of the blade like a bug on a stick before it collapsed limply, dissolving once more into goo before dissolving into nothingness. Turning Fortesque faced Samus a smirk on his face.

The huntress was stunned slightly, back when she'd had to face those things during the Aether incident. It had taken plenty of effort from her to kill one, and here this skeleton who had never seen an Ing before now had killed one in two strokes of a sword. Before she could think any further she was forced to act as the knight charged her again this time wielding a long wooden spear with a metal point on the end of it. He thrust it into the ground using like a pole vaulter to leap into the air pulling a silver hammer out, clutching it in both hands he swung it down attempting to smash it into her if she hadn't flipped out of the way as it slammed into the rock cracking the ground. A miniature shockwave erupting from the impact, he recovered quickly though as once more the hammer vanished into his armor an axe coming out accompanied by the rectangular gold shield he usually wore he charged forward swinging the axe at her head as she deflected it with an armored forearm sparks flying from the impact. Shoving him back she fired a blast of icy energy at him putting a layer of ice on his armor, although it didn't affect him. As he once more changed weapons for a small wooden crossbow, which he loaded and fired almost instantly repeatedly peppering her with a volley of arrows. She dove to the side avoiding many of the initial wave as she started a series of flips and twists through the air firing what shots she could as she avoided his volley. Eventually he seemed to run out of ammo as he tossed the crossbow aside yanking out his sword as he charged. They met in a clash of metal against metal as they dueled, she using her cannon to parry his blows. Although she wasn't quite as skilled as the knight she did well enough to hold her own.

"Not bad." He told her as he tried for an overhead blow.

"Same to you." She replied tersely blocking the blow with an upraised forearm, before she pointed the cannon at him and fired a missile point blank in his chest knocking him back. Another trio of missiles flew towards the knight as he leapt and twisted around them where they impacted harmlessly on the ground. A spear flying towards her only to be incinerated by a blast of plasma.

Closing again they once more struggled to one up each other in hand to hand combat as they flipped and twisted around each other, she with the training and experience of the Chozo and he with the confidence and flexibility of a member of the undead. He didn't have to worry about muscular limitations as he had no muscles, they were fairly evenly matched at this point. I need something to change the playing field But what? Samus thought not knowing that Fortesque was thinking the same thing.

~~~~In the Stands~~~~

Danny was cheering the undead knight on hovering above his seat as he yelled. "Come on Fortesque, Kick her butt!"

Metabee shook his head as he sat in his seat, a screwdriver in one hand as he fiddled with the inside of one of his arms.

Falco was tossing his blaster over and over in one hand as he watched. They're both pretty good, and depending on how my match goes I might have to fight one of them…

~~~~Back to the Arena~~~~

The duo was still going at it until Fortesque leapt overtop of the huntress landing in a roll as he pulled out a bomb and chucked it at her blowing her backwards. She flipped upright and fired a volley of plasma energy from the cannon leaving pools of it across the arena. Fortesque letting out a strange, hissing sound as his arm was struck by a blast. He recovered pulling a shotgun out and firing as rapidly as possible at the huntress who kept running and flipping over the blasts firing off bursts of energy as she could peppering him with hits racking up the damage.

Fortesque tossed another bomb out only to have Samus dodge it but while she was distracted he lunged at her with the hammer smacking her out of the dome, a dent in her armor as she landed in a crouch cannon aimed at him. It was then that they noticed a rainbow colored orb above them, Samus leapt for it using her thrusters to double jump as she opened up on it, Fortesque pulled a pistol out and fired shot after shot at it. But the hunter came out on top and shattered the sphere. A blue tint covering her visor as her energy bar was replaced with a simple bar two words flashing across the screen 'Hypermode Activated'

Fortesque gaped as the huntress started charging a torrent of phazon energy into the cannon a gattling-gun like whirl of blasts erupting as he tried to dodge, only to have her track him striking him repeatedly with the blast before it ran out, before he could recover she fired a pair of missiles at him which streaked across the dome and struck blowing him back, armor burned as he climbed slowly to his feet. But one last shot to the chest took the last of his health and he collapsed limply to the ground, unconscious.

"Winner, Samus Aran!" Adam declared as Samus vented the remaining phazon energy. Before turning and striding from the area vanishing in a flash of light.

Back in the mansion, the next match was being decided "Sonic vs Falco."

Author's note

Hopefully I'm back into the swing of things with this. Wish me luck… I'll probably just have Cynder move on by a technicality cause Cloud left.