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Georgia took a deep breath, looking into the mirror that was on the wall next to her closet.

"You look fine," Robbie said.

"Think so?"

"He's your dad, not the queen. You hardly have anyone to impress."

"I know, but I haven't seen him in a long time." She sighed again. "I just wanna wear something that says I'm trying to be serious and mature. I don't want to make myself look any younger than I am. That would probably just make him see it in an even worse light. A baby having a baby..."

"You look fine," Robbie repeated. "I don't think you'll see any ten-year-olds wearing that." He gestured to her dress, which was white with blue around the waist area.

It was true. She looked mature enough. If she were going to a job interview, she wouldn't be stared at for being in the wrong attire, and no one would assume she was a kid who'd taken the wrong bus. The dress hugged her curves—both current and pre-pregnancy. A little bit of her cleavage showed, but it wasn't distasteful. Still, Robbie couldn't help but smile when he saw her that morning.

No, he certainly couldn't imagine anyone else but Georgia wearing a dress like that, let alone a child.

"Maybe I'll just put a cardigan on," she suggested. "I hardly think anyone wants to see my boobs." She opened her closet doors and pulled out a mustard-colored cardigan.

"Maybe don't put it on just yet."

"Robbie Jennings, are you trying to get lucky?"


"It's far too late for any of that," Jas said, walking into the room.

"Jas, what are you doing here?" Georgia asked.

"You said 11:30. It's," she said, glancing at her watch. "11:32, which means I'm officially late. Hi, Robbie."

"Hey, Jas. How are you?"

"Great. Tom texted me and said he's coming over later with your mum. Do you know when your dad's getting here?"

"Sometime later today is all I know. I just hope he'll get here in time. My mum said she called him the other day about it, so I guess she told him what time to come."

"I'm sure he'll be here. Even if he's late, it'll at least mean something that he showed."

"I guess."

"Jas, could you give us a second?" Georgia asked.

"So Robbie can 'get lucky?'"

Georgia glared at her.

"Well, I can tell when I'm not wanted somewhere." She laughed. "I'll see you guys downstairs soon." She left the room, then popped her head back into view. "Or maybe not so soon."

"Shut up, Jas."

"I love you too, Georgia," Jas called, heading out into the hallway.

"So," Robbie began.

"So," Georgia echoed.

"Come here," he said, nodding his head to the right, in the direction of her bed.

"I was just kidding about earlier, you know? And besides, Jas is probably waiting out in the hallway to see if anything's going on."

"No, I'm not trying to get you to have sex with me. I just wanna kiss you, you know?"

"That's it?"

"Yeah, I feel like we haven't in a while. It just seems like every time I try, it's never the same. Like, every time I try to kiss you, I get reminded that we got to how we are by taking things too far. And don't even get me started about kissing in public. If I even try, I think people would stare and old ladies would start yelling at us."

Georgia chuckled. "Well, no one's going to yell at us right now."

"What about Jas?"

"Go look out in the hallway."

Robbie nodded, then made his way over to Georgia's bedroom door. He glanced out into the hall. "All clear."

"Shut the door."

Robbie did as he was told and then locked the door while he was at it. He walked over to Georgia's bed, sat down, and then leaned forward, planting a kiss on her lips.

Georgia's arms were around his neck within seconds, and Robbie's own hands soon found their way to Georgia's waist. She bit down on Robbie's lip, causing him to pull away from her for a second.

"Wasn't expecting that," he whispered, pressing his lips to hers again. He moved one of his hands up to cup her cheek.

A minute or two later, she pulled away, out of breath, and Robbie moved his lips to her neck.

"Georgia!" Libby called from downstairs, followed by the sound of her feet on the steps.

Robbie stopped what he was doing and Georgia could feel him sigh into her collarbone.

"What was that, three, four minutes max?" He asked.

"Probably." She rolled her eyes, walking over to her door and opening it. "What, Libby?"

"Mummy wants you to help get things ready."

"All right, we'll be down in a minute." She turned her attention back to Robbie. "I don't know why my mum insists on cooking for so many people. Why can't she just buy food?"

"Because it'll be expensive for that many people," Robbie offered. "I'd hate to be her right now. Whenever we have guests over, my mother is cooking and cleaning all day, even after they leave."

"Yikes. I guess my mum's got quite a lot on her hands today."

"I'll say." Robbie grabbed Georgia's cardigan for her, then held his hand out to her, and both of them walked downstairs.

After helping Georgia's mother clean and cook a few things for later on, Georgia and Robbie left to go to the park, which they'd planned on doing earlier. Jas, of course, tagged along.

"I call the blue one," Jas called when they all reached the park, taking off in a run. She was referring to a blue swing.

"Green," Robbie said.

"I don't think you need to call them. There aren't that many people here to begin with." Georgia shook her head at her boyfriend and her best friend.

"Georgia calls the red one," Robbie added in.

"I'm not sure if I should be swinging right now."

"We'll make sure to push you lightly," he promised, grabbing her hand and pulling her over to where Jas was. "Sit down," he told Georgia.

"Okay," she said, doing as he instructed.

He grabbed the sides of the swing and gently pulled back, then let go, repeating this a few times so Georgia would get enough momentum to glide lightly in the air.

In the midst of this, Jas spoke up, bringing her swinging almost to a halt. "I can't believe you're almost five months along, G. It seems like just yesterday you were telling me you and Robbie had sex." She chuckled.

Georgia tried to hide her face in her hands, while Robbie attempted to look anywhere else but at either of the two girls.

"But, honestly, it doesn't seem like it's been that long. Before you know it, you'll be ready to pop and so much will have changed by then." She frowned. "It's kinda sad, you know? Not the baby thing, I mean. Of course not. But you'll be so busy and you won't be at school anymore. I feel like I'll hardly see you. That probably makes me sound really selfish, doesn't it?" She wiped the trace of a tear from her eye.

Georgia shook her head. "I will be busy, but I'll have time for you. I'm sure you'll be around the house loads."

"Did you ever decide on where the baby's gonna live?"

"I haven't really talked about it, but I've thought about it, yeah. I just assumed it'd be my house, I guess." She looked over at Robbie, who tried to stop the swing from moving. "How do you think that'll work? I mean, it's weird of you to just see the baby only sometimes. And it's not like we can afford our own place. Not that it'd be likely anyway. Someone would have to be mental to rent us a place. I hardly think they'd take people our age seriously."

"My mum wouldn't mind you moving in with us. I haven't talked to her about it really, but I think she'd be fine with it. I just think your parents would want you home, you know?"

"Yeah." She sighed. "We definitely have a lot to talk about today. And a lot of those things I did not even think that much about."

Needless to say, Georgia's living room was packed later that day. All available seating was taken up, including the chairs from the kitchen. Still, people were left standing. With seventeen people in total, it was not really a surprise.

Besides Georgia and Robbie, their siblings and friends (including the Stiff Dylans) were there, along with Georgia's grandparents. Both of Robbie's parents were present as well, albeit sitting across the room from one another. Robbie was just glad that his father had come on time.

Georgia's father had yet to arrive, so her mother was at the door, waiting to announce the moment she'd see the cab pull up in front of the house.

"You don't think he's late on purpose, do you?" Jas whispered to Georgia.

"What do you mean?"

"Like, maybe he wanted to put it off because he doesn't want it to be true?"

Georgia bit her lip. "I really hope not." She took a deep breath, wanting so much for her father to walk through the door that minute. She couldn't imagine how much she must be putting her parents—and Robbie's—through. It would make for an extremely awkward situation, seeing as the house was packed. She wanted this talk to be an opportunity to discuss a lot of things. She wanted full honesty, yes, but she did not want her dad to try and make a scene about the whole thing. That would be way more than she needed right now.

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