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- The Demon Lord of the Round Table

"This is just regular speech between characters."
"This is someone's thoughts or speech on TV, book, or mind."
This is Inner Moka speaking through the Rosario.

"Then nothingness was not, nor existence. There was no air then, nor heavens beyond it. Who covered it? Where was it? In whose keeping? Was there then cosmic water, in depths unfathomed?" - Creation Hymn from the Rig Veda.

- Epilogue: The Journey Home -

My pulse raced at the astounding accomplishments of the great fighter known as "Demon Lord." I forgot about my classes at Youkai Academy and read everything I had on hand. Around the time Demon Lord received his nickname, many within the ranks of Fairy Tale showed signs of weariness regarding the war and their overall agenda. Because many of the regular low ranking fighters were merely orc and serpent mercenaries who were poorly paid, their dissatisfaction had reached a climax, as many fled from battle with their meager payment in order to avoid facing the Demon Lord and the ever-stronger Belkan Knights. Many Fairy Tale holdings surrendered themselves peacefully to the Belkan Knights and declared themselves disarmed. Unable to establish a defensive position, Fairy Tale kept retreating to the north. The end of the war was fast approaching.

I was given an opportunity to interview the great former fighters of the Belkan Knights, Fairy Tale, and the band of forces lead by the Demon Lord himself. Back then, they were the masters of the field of battle, and they had also known him, the object of my obsession throughout this whole documentary. So I crossed the barrier into the human world to follow his trail. I wanted to capture the war and the Demon Lord from their point of view. To capture voices of those who were there…

However, my first contact was within the Youkai world itself…

Interview #1, "A Man Who Upholds Honor", Devestated Region of the Nekomusume…

Indigo 1, October 10, 2011

Indigo Team Commander, former member of the Belkan Knights, 7th Eldritch Knight Division, 51st Tactical Squadron. Sir Dmitri Hydenrich, Indigo 1. A Belkan Knight whose precision and grace in the field of battle earned him the title of "Blue Heron". Today he has his hands full with the family business and is currently helping with the distribution of aid to the devastated villages of the nekomusume that were leveled by the destructive soulstone detonations.

I looked upon the scene with much curiosity as I saw various nekomusume lining up for aid being distributed by a Belkan charity being supervised and assisted by Dmitri Hydenrich himself. Food, clothing, blankets, and medicine were being handed out as well as many doctors being on-site ready to deliver medical assistance. Dmitiri himself was helping with food and blanket distribution as I watched him take a little girl onto his lap, wrapping her in a blanket, playing around with her as if she were his own daughter. Watching the child giggle in such a scene of devastation was a surreal one, but at least one that gave some hope. Slowly I approached him until finally caught his attention. Immediately he told someone else to take over for him and then approached me the rest of the way as he shook my hand.

"You must be the reporter that sent me the interview request via email, correct?" Dmitri asked.

"Yes, my name is Naota Nandaba, it is an honor to meet you Sir Hydenrich." I responded as I bowed in his presence as he laughed.

"Please, just call me Dmitri. Come, let us speak in private." He said as we both walked into what appeared to be his own private tent. I immediately went to work, setting up my camera equipment, making sure everything was in working order as he poured us both a cup of hot tea. Finally after a few minutes we both sat down as the camera began recording with myself preparing to write down notes of anything that he was going to say. "So what was it that you wanted to know?"

"If you could, Sir Hydenrich, err, Dmitri…Could you describe your involvement in the war, and more specifically, your encounter with the one they call Demon Lord at the Round Table?" I asked him. The atmosphere had tensed up a bit, but then sighed quietly as he closed his eyes and began to recount that day's sequence of events.

"That day, right before my Indigo Team was deployed, our battle zone assignment had changed. Initially my squadron was assigned to the stable eastern front, but that was changed to Area B7R, 'The Round Table' as many called it where casualties were recorded at a fearsome pace. The reason for this you might ask? Our intel gathered that the evil Count Shuzen was in the Round Table already doing battle with someone else. The Grand Master thought it would have been a good time to finish him off. Of course, Shuzen ran away like the coward he was…" Dmitri said as he calmly put his hands together as he sighed quietly. "It's also where I met him. It was just two of them, him and another Belkan. And yet our lead force didn't stand a chance against them. It was as if he had divine light of Razgriz behind him…I could tell he was good, and that it was going to be very bad for us. But there was something else I noticed. He hesitated; a vulnerability that can be exploited. I was certain I would win. The fighter was still young, and he had yet to master the rules of combat. But in the end, I was shot down."

"What about him, what became of him, do you think he may have survived to the end of the war?" I asked him candidly.

"I fight under the code of knighthood. It's no surprise since we soldiers are the descendants of the Belkan Knights of the Middle Ages. We protect the meek and give our lives for honour. But that does not mean that we are generous…Since generosity can cost us our lives. If he indeed survived to the end of the war, he must have carried out these rules." Dmitri replied. Immediately afterwards, I cut the camera off and shook his hand.

"Thank you for your time, Dmitri. This will certainly help in my documentary." I said to him as he smiled and patted me on the head.

"Your youth allows you to look upon the history that my generation made and to avoid its costly mistakes. I hope you find him." Dmitri said as he nodded to me as I walked off towards my next interview target.

Interview #2, "The Fallen", The Village of the Snow Fairy…

Gelb 2, October 14, 2011…

Gelb Team's number two, former member of the Belkan Knights, 5th Eldritch Knight Division, 23rd Tactical Squadron. His name is Rainer "Comorant" Altman. He fought in the same battle as the liberation of the snow fairy village. And he's still there to this day.

The sun was setting as I had finally arrived in the village of the Yuki-Onna. The most curious thing about this village aside from its blizzard cold temperatures was that it was inhabited by mostly women, barely any men to count. And the ones that were here were most likely human, much like half of myself. I looked around until I finally came upon the house that I was looking for. Carefully I knocked on the door as a young snow fairy woman answered the door. She was stunningly beautiful with her silvery white hair, pale yet smooth snow white skin, and her indigo eyes all dressed up in a traditional Japanese kimono.

"Miss Himiko Altman, right?" I said to her as she smiled and nodded.

"Yes, and you are?" She asked me.

"Naota Nandaba. I'm a reporter doing a documentary on the recent war. I'm here to speak with your husband. I believe I called him last night in regards to this. May I seem him?" I asked her.

"Come in! Please, wait just a moment while I tell him that you are here." She said as she scooped her 7 month old son into her arms as she went over to the den and whispered to a man in the rocking chair as he nodded and slowly got up and approached me. We shook hands and exchanged a few pleasantries.

"So, you're the reporter that has come to listen to my story. Please, have a seat, set up any equipment that you need." Altman told me as I set up my camera equipment and pressed the record button, making sure he was in focus on the camera. Finally I took my seat as I looked around the room and saw many pictures of himself and his family. And then I stopped at a picture of himself and another men in Belkan Knight attire.

"Rainer Altman, Gelb 2…Tell me your own account of the battle that occurred here nearly a year ago. Tell me about…him." I asked him.

"I met him above this very village. I can still hear the howl of his sword to this very day…I received an order to head towards the snow fairy village on my way back from another battle zone towards the south since there was Fairy Tale activity here. The order itself wasn't unusual. We kept being deployed from one mission to the next without receiving even the most basic rest periods. But the situation was the same all around. We were late reaching the operational space. The Fairy Tale forces were already routed and were retreating thanks to those two, and warning bells were going off in the city…And the snow fairies were looking up to this man high above their village atop the cliff. But orders were still orders, we were to kill all non-humans, and that included this village." Rainer said as he sighed quietly, looking out towards the window. "I couldn't see any emotions in his fighting maneuvers. I didn't feel like I was fighting against a human being. I wanted to end that battle as quickly as possible. I guess in its own way, it did…just not the way I had expected…"

I zoomed in on the picture of himself and another man, which was presumably his captain and Gelb Team's number one as Rainer continued to speak as I panned the camera back to him.

"He impaled me with his sword and I fell down towards the village in a mound of snow. I later found out the captain was gone as he was vanquished by him as well. I've lived a comfortable life since then…After I had been incapacitated, a snow fairy woman had found me in a pile of bloody snow and took me in to nurse me back to health…When I woke up and first gazed upon her, I thought I died and went to heaven. Such beauty, I thought, couldn't exist in this plane of existence. She didn't hate anyone for anything. For her, she didn't see human or youkai, she only saw me. Needless to say, I fell in love with Himiko; and her with me. We got married not too long after I had recovered. We even started our own family; we have a seven month old son together. And I guess I have him to thank for that." Rainer smiled as his wife approached him and wrapped her arms around her husband and kissed him gently upon his lips. "Since we have a boy, we're quite popular in this village as males are quite the rarity here, but you probably already noticed that coming in."

All of the sudden, I heard the sound of a ringing bell in the background as I looked outside towards the picture-esque setting of the sunset as Rainer sighed quietly once again, his wife at his side.

"They ring the bells here at dusk to honor the liberation of the village from Fairy Tale…But to me, they are the sounds of death…" Rainer said as his wife gave him another kiss as I rose up from my seat and shook his hand.

"Thank you sir, for your time and your help." I said to him.

"You're welcome Mr. Nandaba. Was there, anything else you needed?" Rainer asked me.

"Well actually, I was hoping you knew were I might be able to find him, the Demon Lord…" I said.

"That, I do not know. But perhaps you should try looking in the human world. I hear that he might have resurfaced somewhere on the Osean continent." He told me as I nodded.

"Thank you for your time." I said to him once again as I waved to him and his wife as I stepped back out the door…

Interview #3, "The Angel With Broken Wings", Castle Akashiya…

Fairy Tale, October 19, 2011…

I stared in awe of the grand castle of the powerful Count Shuzen, Castle Akashiya. Though my request to interview the vampire lord himself was denied, his daughter Kahlua Shuzen graciously invited me to interview her, to get her side, and that of Fairy Tale's, of the story. The large wooden doors opened almost seemingly in the anticipation of my arrival, which inexplicably had me somewhat unnerved. The inside was barely lit by candlelight and torches. Dark…dreary…damp…cold…These were the words that came to mind as I walked in, feeling much like the souls of the dead traveling through the valley of death before they approached their deity for their 'final judgement.' Though, I had no real use for religion myself. Almost to contrast the somber décor and the dreary environment, a bright, golden-haired vampire with such a radiant smile that would have outshone all the torches in the castle snuck up from behind me with a giggly squeal as she lifted my small statured-body and clung onto me.

"Ohhh! Oh my! How cute! Kokoa-chan! Come and look at these cute little doggie ears! Oh my gosh!" She exclaimed as she petted my werewolf ears, I felt them twitch ever so slightly at her touch. I hated having my ears touched, and I particularly loathed being hoisted up off the ground…Memories of earlier childhood from annoying relatives constantly showering me with their unwanted affection came to mind as I sighed quietly. My face buried into the palm of my right hand.

"Put him down Kahlua-nee-san. Not everyone likes being touched, and Mr. Roboto over there looks quite annoyed with you right now…" Kokoa retorted as Kahlua apologetically put me down back on my feet as I brushed myself off and gathered my camera equipment.

"Domo Arigatou Mr. Ro-!" Kahlua exclaimed out but I cut her off sensing where this was going, another lame joke; the story of my life. Well I wasn't about to let my documentary turn into a punchline.

"For your information it's Mr. Nandaba. Mr. Roboto is a character referenced in a song sung by Styx, and no I'm not going to the jobs nobody wants to nor am I goddamn robot. Now, you're Kahlua Shuzen, former assassin and operative of Fairy Tale, correct?" I asked as the blonde haired vampire merely nodded. "Can we get this interview started? Where can I set up my equipment?"

"We can do it here if you'd like, or we could go into my room and play with my dollies afterwards! Ohh! Or we could even play dress up and make you beautiful!" Kahlua giggled with joy but then went quiet and blushed a deep red. "I've never had a boy in my room before…"

Great. Just great I thought to myself. This whole thing was spiraling way out of control. Not only was the interview starting way off topic but now I'm possibly dealing with the dumbest, slightly psychotic she-vampire who has the mentality of a five year-old, who may possibly have pedophilic tendencies towards me. Now I really felt like the joke was on me, I couldn't possibly believe for a second that this was the feared Fairy Tale assassin that everyone spoke of. This was worse than the time I had to interview the mayor of Quahog, Osea, Adam West, a neurotic, mentally unstable man with possible split-personality disorder. It baffled me as to how this man even got elected into a public office in the first place. Either everyone in Quahog was dumb or there was something in the water supply. Suffice it to say, neither would make me bat an eye.

"So, Mayor West, how are you going to handle the tough transition between analog signal to digital for TV?"

"What? They're stealing our TV signals? Those bastards! Quick! We have to stop them before they complete the transition!" Adam West exclaimed as he quickly shifted his eyes and hid underneath his desk.

"Pardon? Mayor West?" I asked as I watched the paranoid man peek his head back out.

"Wait, they must be spying on us as we speak! Are you a spy? Who are you? How did you get here? Don't come back here ever again!" The neurotic man said to me.

"Yeah…I'm done here…" I nonchalantly told him as I walked out of the mayor's office as I heard his parting comment, looking at his lite-brite board with his name on it with two missing letters. "No one makes a fool of Adam We!"

I sighed quietly to myself, clearly distressed by the situation as I slowly rubbed my temple and looked back up at Kahlua.

"For the love of god woman! Act like you got some goddamn sense! Damn!" I yelled out to her as she flinched a little.

"Sorry cutie…" Kahlua responded softly as I cleared my throat, turning my recording equipment on and began with my line of questioning.

"Now that we have that out of our system and started functioning like normal-" I stopped myself as I pondered the true meaning of 'normal' and wondered if it even applied here. "Let me rephrase that, as close to normal adults now, let's begin. So, just very briefly, tell me what your role within the organization was."

"Ummmm, I think I was an assassin. I killed people, but really, I didn't enjoy it at all! I was only doing what was ordered in order to please my father…" Her response sounded like that of a Nazi war criminal during the Nuremburg Trials after World War II, but in her defense, she actually seemed genuine with her answer due to her naïveté. A part of me felt sorry for treating her harshly as I did before. "I didn't want to have to fight my little sister either, but out there…the punishment for disobedience is…"

"I understand. We don't have to talk about that any further. But, I do want to ask you about your battles with Tsukune. What exactly happened?"

"Fairy Tale's intelligence wing had given us some intel that Tsukune and Moka were within the vicinity and so I was sent to kill them both. I was expecting nothing out of the ordinary when I got there. I was going to use a surprise attack on Moka, leaving Tsukune defenseless. But, even if that had been the case…I…I…wouldn't have been able to defeat Tsukune afterwards…"

"Was admitting that defeat was possible a hard fact to accept for you?" I asked her as she looked down to the ground.

"Tsukune…there was something so strange about him, something just felt…different. He was so much stronger than he was in the previous year. I heard that he had defeated my father, but, I didn't believe it. I thought maybe father had let him win or was pulling my leg, but I found out first hand just how wrong I was, and not just once, but twice. The first time I couldn't believe that he had gotten so exponentially stronger. Like, he was possessed by a demon or something. And that sword seemed like a mere extension of himself than a weapon. It seemed to seamlessly flow with his attacks, it was like watching art unfolding a great masterpiece. And before I knew it, I found myself getting double-teamed by both Moka and Tsukune, and it was over before it even began. The second time was in the Yuki-onna village, the team of Solo Wing and him, routed us right out of the village. It took Tsukune even less time to defeat me than the last, and for the first time…I was shaking. At first, I didn't know what that feeling was…but then I realized, it was fear…"

"And what happened after that?"

"I saw Tsukune again after Excalibur was fired. I was being given chase by a group of human Eldritch Knights, they were too many in number for me to take on alone. But yet, like a cold angel of death, he swooped in and delivered judgment to them like Razgriz. I thought maybe the demon had complete control over his soul, but he was still the same loving boy that he was before. He…actually saved me…spared me a death I was certain that I was going to meet. At first, I didn't understand why he did, but looking into his eyes…I understood then, the purity in his soul…He isn't like you or I…He's something very special you see…And if I knew where he was, I wish I did…All I want to do is…"

She began to cry in front of me, I kept thinking to myself that this was absolutely perfect. Just absolute gold, I was going to be rich!

"To thank him, to show him gratitude…But, from what I heard of that final battle, neither he nor Pixy survived the soulstone detonation…I know I'm a war criminal, and that eventually, the human knights will hunt me down to the ends of the world…I'm not asking for forgiveness for the atrocities I committed in the name of my father and Fairy Tale…I just want to see Tsukune again…"

Interview #4, "A Vampire of Undying Love", Youkai Academy…

Lilith 1, October 25, 2011…

Moka Akashiya, the Lilith Team's lead fighter, 6th Youkai Division, 3rd Tactical Squadron. She knew the Demon Lord well, she was a friend, confidant, and more importantly, his lover…

I slowly went into her darkened dorm room, the entire room decorated in a sort of pinkish hue. She had an elegant queen-sized bed with silk sheets and coverings. I looked over and saw that she had her own kitchenette and a hot tub within her bathroom. I looked over towards her large plasma screen TV and then to her closet chest. On top were various pictures of her time at the academy along with pictures of her close friends, Kurumu, Ruby, Mizore, and Yukari. But then on her night stand were pictures of her and Tsukune and his Galm Team rank pin. Moka herself sighed as she sat on her bed while I set up my equipment and pulled a chair up, readying myself to take notes. The look of sadness and emptiness had set into the features of her face. I could still see crumpled up tissues soaked in tears littered all around the floor. I looked back to her and what I saw shocked me, it was Moka's true form, her inner form. I watched in awe as I saw her magnificent long silver hair and her red eyes that glowed in the dark room. I couldn't believe it, the Inner Moka was actually…crying.

"From what I can tell, you knew him very well on an intimate level, much more so than the others around him…What can you tell me about the Demon Lord? What was he like on the battlefield, and off of it?"

"You may call him Demon Lord, the rest of the world may know him as such, but to me, he is only Tsukune…My Tsukune, my lover…I…have never been one prone to so much emotion, but he illicits these feelings from me, and as such his absence brings much sadness…"

"And on the battlefield, did he put on a different mask?"

"When I saw him in battle…He was something different. Tsukune was cold, calculating, and without mercy. My eyes at times had a really hard time keeping up with his relentless chasing of the enemy. I won't soon forget how easily he cut down my sisters; and that's something I can't even do on my own power. But yet, he does it so easily."

"You were among the few to witness the last soulstone detonation, what do you think happened to him? And if he survived, where do you suppose he has disappeared to? Do you think he will ever resurface?" I asked her. The vampire hesitated with her answer as she attempted to fight back tears as she wiped her eyes with more tissues. Her hands trembled as she held onto the picture of her lover.

"I could remember the look of horror on his face after the first detonations went off; such destructive power that no living being should posses…Tell me half-breed, have you seen the detonation sites for yourself? There's literally nothing left there but a barren wasteland, and the fallout from the soulstone blasts will continue to render the land uninhabitable. So to answer your original question, given the power of those weapons, it would be hard for a logical person to assume Tsukune might have survived…"

"Moka, do you still hold out any hope? For Tsukune I mean."

"Of course I do…It's the only thing gets me through day-to-day. However slim that chance may be, yes, I do believe in my heart that he survived. But as for whether or not he will resurface again…I don't think my love wants to have anything to do with any of us again…Something about that last battle, even the way he was acting before that battle with Pixy; it changed him in a fundamental way." Moka stated out matter-of-factly, but then sighed and proceeded on. "Pixy was a lot of things, being a traitor among them. But Pixy was not an idiot. To some extent, I could see where he was coming from. Everything in both worlds, the ones who rule over us, regardless of whether or not power was taken by force or by 'elections' are all corrupt. Of course, his ideology led to blinding his judgement But to this degree, I think Pixy changed Tsukune in that last battle. And if it had gone on any longer, it's very possible that I would have, albeit unwillingly, to fight Tsukune as well."

The implications of her last revelation were absolutely huge. This was a totally new perspective only shed light on by the one who was closest to the Demon Lord. Could he have actually considered joining 'A World With No Barriers'? It seemed almost unfathomable that Tsukune, this great hero, could have come so close to becoming viewed as a traitor.

"I still love him greatly. I wish that I could trade everything have to have him by my side again. For as strong as he got, and as much as his new power had given me such a sexual thrill, I still envy the days when he was his normal self. I rather liked the idea of protecting him and him being completely dependant upon me since I relied on him for his blood. At least then I would know that he's safe in his room right now. If you find him, tell him to contact me, please…I miss him…" Moka sobbed as I silently got up and bowed towards her.

"Thank you for the interview, Miss Akashiya. I promise, if I get any word about his whereabouts, you'll be the first to know." I told her, hoping that it would give her some form of limited solace. With that, I took my equipment and left her room and eventually the massive Castle Akashiya. My documentary and research had reached a dead end. I had no further leads on which to go on with, or so I at least thought…

It was only a few days later that I received an anonymous letter from an unnamed man that lived in Oured, Osea in the human world. There was no return address on the outside and when I opened it, it only contained the following:

"You're sniffing around in the wrong places werewolf. If you want a bone, come to this address: 46756 Brampton Dr, Apartment 500, Oured, Osea."

So this was the hidden truth of the war, and it was here that Tsukune's trail ended. The seven soulstone detonations had a devastating impact on this world's psyche, and perhaps this was why the details on the last battle were tightly sealed by all of the Dark Lords. However because of those that witnessed the carnage that day, it did bring about new overtures of peace between both human and youkai. Perhaps deeper still, they were admonishing themselves for all the destruction. Few things were clear on the matter, but what was is that whoever sent me this letter definitely had greater knowledge on the whereabouts of the Demon Lord than I did.

Interview #5, "The Revolutionary", Oured, Osea…

Wizard 1, November 5, 2011…

Joshua Bristowe, Former Captain of the 8th Osean Eldritch Knights Division, 32nd Tactical Squadron. His actions surrounding the battles in the Fairy Tale war are shrouded in mystery, and he is rumored to be one of the founding members of A World With No Barriers. His whereabouts after the battles are unknown but subsequently resurfaced in Osea after receiving his letter.

His apartment building was quite dark, and somewhat cold. The window and large door that led out to the patio were covered completely by his curtains. By personal request, he also asked to have his face darkened over and concealed as to protect his anonymity. I sat upon his couch as he sat back on his own Lazy Boy recliner. Joshua stared me dead into my eyes, and I looked back at him. This was the face of a monster, traitor, and supposed ideologue. Before I even began to speak, he had already cut me off.

"Before we go any further, I'm going to do all of the talking here. You will ask no questions since the account I'm about to provide to you will answer everything. Additionally, my face will not show up in this documentary of yours, do we have a deal, half-breed?" Bristowe asked as I could only nod. "Good. So let's begin…"

I quickly adjusted my camera once more and motioned for him to start speaking.

"This darkness, these four walls, and the two windows are my little world now, and to be honest I'm quite fond of it. The darkness envelops me in a barrier-less world, a world with no barriers…" Joshua continued on as he looked on towards the light's attempted invasion of the apartment, but his curtains keeping them away, almost as if to allow him to avoid God's judgment of light and to keep his past atrocities hidden neatly in the dark. "You see, he was not the reason why we were unable to change the world. No matter what the desired outcome is, the world can still change as long as people expand their knowledge and desire change. Even today's world has changed greatly from what it was back then. Just ask his good buddy, Solo Wing Pixy…That's right, I know where he is…"

Final Interview, "A Brother In Arms", Tauberg, Belka…

Galm 2, November 7, 2011…

Larry Foulke, also known as "Solo Wing Pixy". Galm Team's number two, 6th Ustio Eldritch Knight Division, 66th Tactical Squadron. That's right. This man was his buddy, and his enemy.

The long-winded interview was finally coming to its conclusion. I fixed the camera perfectly upon his face, as to make sure I captured every single emotion, every single word that came from him.

"I should have died that day. But I didn't. I dragged my wounded body and reached ground zero of the soulstone detonations. A barren, empty land. I felt an unbearable sadness when I witnessed that landscape. There were still nekosume living there. They were the ones that saved me. It may be true that the world has no need of barriers. But would getting rid of them really change anything? The world won't change for the better unless we trust people. Trust is vital in a peaceful world. But that will never happen. I'm still on the battlefield. Right now I'm near a border. I want to see for myself what borders really mean and what their volition really is. I may not find what I'm looking for, but I still want to try. Anyway, that's what I've come to believe, and I think that's enough. Will he see this video? If you do meet him, give him a message for me." Pixy smiled and then grinned into the camera. "Yo buddy, still alive? And thanks friend, see you again…"

Present day, Kirwin Islands, Osea…

Another sleepless night for Tsukune haunted him like it had every single night after the final battle with Pixy. Indeed, it was taking its toll on the young warrior but yet he continued to persist onwards. He had just finished watching Naota's documentary on the battles in the Youkai World that seemingly centered around his Demon Lord persona. Who was he? Where was he? He grinned to himself just slightly.

"If only people knew…" Tsukune said to himself out loud. He then looked to Moka's phone number that he wrote down just in case he ever wanted to keep in contact with his old friends back at the academy. He sighed quietly, quickly dismissing the thought but then picked up his phone. Proceeding to dial star, six, and then seven to block his number, he phoned Moka's cellphone. It ringed several times before it finally went to voicemail, while Moka was fast asleep holding onto Tsukune's picture. Tsukune said no more than a few words on the voicemail but did utter them clearly. "You looked beautiful in your scene, maybe it's time I came home…"

With that, he hung up and began to pace around the room, expecting the phone to ring. And it did, Moka had indeed woken up, heard his voicemail and attempted to trace the number back. But Tsukune would not answer it, at least for now. His half-brother servants within the order came in to tend to their master but quickly the Demon Lord dismissed them back to their own chambers. Sighing, he went out towards the large balcony from his room that overlooked the entire compound's courtyard. And just then, a hooded figure approached him from behind as Tsukune turned with his sword drawn.

"So I heard you guys needed some real muscle to help repel the baddies from getting into this world…"

But his face soon turned to shock as he pointed his sword to the ground, almost immediately recognizing the voice.

"Still alive, buddy?" Pixy grinned, his hand extended out to his former enemy and best friend, and very slowly, Tsukune took his hand and embraced his brother once more…

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