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"This is just regular speech between characters."

"This is someone's thoughts or speech on TV."

This is Inner Moka speaking through the Rosario.

Chapter 1: Razgriz

If one were to look upon the features of Tsukune Aono, one would find him to be average in terms of strength. In such an instance it would be a safe assumption that he would instead focus his attention on improving his intelligence, but rather instead, he chose to pursue advancing his strength. As a result of his dismal grades, he couldn't get into a private school, save for one, the Youkai Academy, a school he hadn't even heard of up until he got in.

As he pursued his education there, he realized that the entire school was made up of magical creatures and monsters, thus making his stay there dangerous at best, not including all the battles with monsters in order to protect his "harem" and Moka especially, though, usually it was Moka (at least her inner self) that ended up doing most of the fighting. Tsukune grew tired of most of the student body making fun of him for having Inner Moka do most of his fighting for him, earning various not-so-nice nicknames, finally one day, he had reached his breaking point once again…

Three guys, one Cyclops monster, and the other two were werewolf creatures had approached Tsukune. Naturally they were jealous of Tsukune's harem, especially Moka, that followed him around and were delivering a beating to him.

"How come a little scrawny punkass like you gets all the hot chicks in this school? Well that's about to fucking change today!" yelled one of the werewolf creatures as he clawed deeply into Tsukune's back. In the distance, Tsukune could see Moka running over to him, clearly worried, anxious for Tsukune to get back up and remove her rosario to unleash Inner Moka to save him. As much as she hated to admit it, Inner Moka loved Tsukune deeply.

"Tsukune! Please get up! Remove my rosario so my inner half can take care of this!" pleaded the Outer Moka, but all Tsukune did was look up at her and shook his blooded face.

"N-n-no…n-n-not this time…" uttered Tsukune as he lost consciousness.

Hours later he woke up in the school's infirmary as the school's doctor approached both Moka and Tsukune.

"Well, Tsukune here sustained quite the beating with significant head trauma. There was some, minor nerve damage, and he may not regain any feeling to certain parts of his head and chest, but all-in-all, we should all be thankful that he's still alive." The doctor explained to them, Moka clearly worried still. "Tsukune, you're under strict bedrest today. You are to rest and not move an inch, understood?"

Tsukune felt ashamed that he couldn't stick up and fight for himself and said nothing back. Though he failed to notice that it wasn't the Outer Moka that was sitting next to his bed, it was the silver-haired Inner Moka.

"You know what you did back there was quite stupid and idiotic! You could have had something much worse happen to you, do you realize that?" scolded Moka, again, Tsukune said nothing as he looked out towards the window. "Just, rest up and get better soon, Tsukune…"

With that, Inner Moka walked out, still very worried about him as Tsukune himself sighed. Not even five minutes had passed as Moka turned back around, only to be shocked that Tsukune himself had completely disappeared with the window wide open…

"What? Tsukune? TSUKUNE WHERE ARE YOU?" yelled the Inner Moka.

With that, Kurumu-chan, Mizore, Ruby, and Yukari ran into the room with a dumbfounded Moka as Tsukune ran off school grounds, whizzing right past Gin, the Newspaper Club president. After some time, Tsukune finally made it to the bus stop, at 4:44pm to be exact. The bus driver gave his usual grin as he saw Tsukune step onto the bus, though noting his injured form.

"So, it looks like you took quite a beating there son…Headed home for a while?"

"…" Tsukune said nothing back as he took his seat, and after some more time had passed they had finally arrived back in the human world. The smog of the city reached Tsukune's lungs, still badly injured from earlier, but somehow maintaining consciousness through all of that excruciating pain. It was as if being protected by Moka and the rest of his harem was the very thing eating at the very fiber of his being and the force that allowed him to walk. In the distance however, Tsukune would spot something that snap him out of his internal turmoil.

"Hey man! Please, just take the money and just leave me alone! I swear I won't tell the cops anything!" pleaded a young boy as three bullies from a nearby high school snatched the boy's money from his pockets and proceeded to push the boy down. Tsukune decided he had seen enough and promptly jumped in.

"Let the boy go, cowards." Said Tsukune as he removed his bandages, revealing his wounds from earlier.

"Oh? You and what army?" replied on of the thugs as Tsukune charged in and punched one of them right in the face, knocking his hat over. However, the numbers game eventually caught up to Tsukune and again he found himself face down on the concrete as the thugs got away. The immense pain finally over taking Tsukune as the other boy went over to him.

"Hey dude! You alright man? You look like hell!" said the boy as other bystanders came by, which was the last thing Tsukune remembered before he slowly opened his eyelids the next morning in a very familiar place. He looked around to see various posters around his room of various manga characters and other heroes, including but not limited to Kobe Bryant of the October City Lakers, Sidney Crosby of the Apito Penguins, Char Aznable with his red Zaku II from Mobile Suit Gundam, Ichigo from Bleach, Super Saiyan Goku from DragonBall Z, Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII, Naruto, a Dark Knight poster with the Joker, Harvey Dent as Two-Face, and Batman, and of course, Iron Man. He very quietly groaned as he felt the excruciating pain once again as his mother walked in.

"Oh my! You're awake finally, I was beginning to worry! You looked really beat up last night when the medics came and got you, I do hope you aren't getting into too many fights at school…" said his mother as she set his breakfast plate in front of him which contained a bowl of rice, two fried eggs, freshly cut pickles, and some sort of soup that Tsukune couldn't really make out.

"I couldn't even if I wanted to…I can never fight for myself anyway…I'm too weak…" said Tsukune as he looked away towards the window, disgusted with himself.

"Oh now I'm sure that isn't true. Now hurry on and eat your breakfast or else you won't be able to get better, dear." Said Tsukune's mother as she smiled as Tsukune smiled and nodded. He had to admit, it was nice being home again after being away for so long as he began eating. "Either way, I'm glad your back home for the time being. Speaking of which, that Moka Akashiya girlfriend of yours, you didn't by any chance bring her along with you too?"

Tsukune nearly choked on his food when she brought up the subject about Moka. He suddenly remembered how he ran out from the rest of his friends, but more importantly, the girlfriend part made him choke as a rush of feelings flowed to the surface, his face redder than a cherry.

"Mom! It isn't like that at all!" exclaimed Tsukune as his mother giggled.

"That's a shame, I really wanted to meet her again too, and Tsukune, sooner or later, you'll realize girls don't want to ever be 'just friends'."

"Isn't that the truth…" a hint of sarcasm escaping his mouth as he ate, thinking back to the crazy antics of his harem. "So where's pops?"

Tsukune's mother's expression soon changed as she looked to the ground slowly as she sighed heavily.

"I guess over there at Youkai Academy, they don't really deliver the letters there…Tsukune, about 4 months ago, your father moved to Osea, he wanted to move the entire family there and become Osean citizens since the Osean Federation military gave him a job as a weapons researcher. Well, before he could do that, he was sent out on an assignment on Sand Island…I don't know if you get any news from this world over there, but there was an incident on Sand Island involving a Yuktobanian air raid, and your father was giving a presentation there to some Osean pilots until the ambush happened and…"

"…What happened?..."

"Your father was killed in one of the blasts, Tsukune…"

"WHAT?" yelled Tsukune as he dropped his food, shaken by the news he just couldn't seem to digest or even process. "No…this is a joke…right? Pops is going to walk through the door and we're all going to laugh about this, right?"

"Oh Tsukune, dear I'm sorry…" said her mother as she held Tsukune tightly, her son unable to say much else as he silently starting tearing up. "Your auntie was nice enough to move in with me to help keep this house. Your cousin even pitched in a little and she's living on her own right now, they've really helped me out a lot…I'm sorry you had to find out this way so late…"

For a few moments, there was silence, that eerie calm before the violent storm, before Tsukune screamed out in agony. Meanwhile Moka zoned out during class, almost as if she could hear Tsukune's agonizing scream.

"Tsukune.." Moka said to herself.

Some more hours had passed as it began to rain outside, depression digging its ugly claws into Tsukune's being, his auntie and his mother were downstairs making dinner. Still laying back on his bed as he channel surfed on his TV.

"And a nice alley-oop by Gasol from Kobe, and the Lakers have the 96-87 lead over the St. Hewlitt Celtics! Wow! That just made Rajon Rondo look foolish on that one-"

"A pass from Malkin onto Crosby's tape, driving his way towards the net and beats Simeon Varlamov! What a goal!-"

"Four months have passed since the incident at Sand Island between the Osean Federation and Yuktobania and both sides are still at a stalemate. The Prime Minster of Japan is set to meet President Harling at the end of this month to discuss possible Japanese troop deployment to bolster Osea's offensive thrust to the heart of the Yuktobanian mainland, sources within the Parliament-"

He sighed as he thought about his now deceased father, until of course his phone began to ring.

"Hello?" said Tsukune.

"Hey bro, long time no talk, I heard you got back home finally." Said Kyouko.

"Yea…I got back in yesterday…"

"Let's meet up later tonight, okay? We need to catch up!" said Kyouko as she giggled as she hung up. Tsukune sighed, unsure of what was going on anymore as the world around him that he once knew was crumbling to pieces. Slowly he got up, rather painfully however, though he strangely felt better somehow as he made his way downstairs.

"Hey, I'm going out for a while, don't wait up." Said Tsukune as he walked out the door as he walked to the diner that he and Kyouko typically hung out at. He looked around and finally spotted his cousin who was waving to him.

"Hey! Tsukii!" Kyouko yelled out as she got up and hugged Tsukune tightly. "I've missed you! Is everything going okay for you at that strange school of yours?"

"I've missed you too…and…yea, I guess…I'm just back home for a few days is all…So what's been going on with you lately?" asked Tsukune.

"Not much really, other than work and classes. So how is that vampire girlfriend of yours, Moka was it?"

"She's just a friend!" Tsukune blurted out, though he himself wasn't entirely sure of the true answer.

"Your answer would seem to indicate otherwise, Tsukii!" his cousin giggled as she sipped on her milkshake. She then began to pull out a long object covered up with several blankets and towels. "I found this in my mother's old attic before she moved in with auntie, and I wanted to show it to you."

"What is it?" asked Tsukune as he watched her unwrap the blankets to reveal a large sword, the blade itself was made of a dark blue metallic material of an unknown composition, the handle itself was a turquoise blue but the rest was a bright silver, on it had many inscriptions, much of it iconography of a lion. Some words were written on the blade: "When history witnesses a great change, Razgriz reveals itself... First, as a dark demon. As a demon, it uses its power to rain death upon the land, and then it dies. However after a period of slumber, Razgriz returns, but this time, as a great hero." and on the handle was written: "Coeur de Lion"

Tsukune took a long hard look at it, as if he had seen the sword some time long ago, and right then, he began to have a series of flashbacks, sights of a battlefield from long ago during medieval times. He could see knights clad in chainmail with red flags and golden lions upon the standards, and a king riding a lion-esque creature. He could see the cavalry charging head on into a column of other spearmen, arrows peppering the landscape and blotting out the sun. He could see that there was much death and destruction, but through it all a grand sense of glory.

"This sword, it belonged to the great Osean hero, King Ryo Godfrey I, the Coeur de Lion, or as the Osean's better knew him, the Lionheart. He lead many battles for Osea against the Belkan Empire, and lead the Third Crusade to retake the holy city of Antioch. But there's more to this sword, legend has it that this sword was made from the remnants of another sword, the very same sword that was wielded by Razgriz, the demon of the North Sea." Tsukune said, as if he innately knew all of this.

"You mean that old fairy tale that your mother used to tell us to get us to go to bed?" asked Kyouko. "And I'm surprised you knew all of that, you were never that good with history."

"Yes, Kyo-chan." Said Tsukune, though what he was about to say shocked her. "And I never said that I knew anything about it beforehand…It all just, kind of came to me…I don't really know. Kyo-chan, do you mind if I keep this sword with me?"

"Umm, I guess if you really want it." Said Kyouko as Tsukune got up with the sword, preparing to leave. "Tsukii! Where are you going?"

"I'm feeling kind of tired, just meet me at my house tomorrow, I'll be around for a few more days before I go back to Youkai Academy. See you around Kyo-chan." Said Tsukune as he left with the Blade of Razgriz in his hand. He continued down the street towards his house until he came across the same three thugs from the other night, this time they were harassing a young woman in a dark alley, presumably to get money, or something far more sinister. Almost out of instinct, Ryo pulled out the large-sized sword and pointed it towards the three.

"I've had enough of you three, I think it's time you all left." Tsukune couldn't believe what was coming out of his mouth, he wanted to run, but for some odd reason, he could not, as if some divine force within the sword wouldn't allow him to. "Let the girl go, and you will all be spared retribution."

"You're the little twerp we beat the shit out of last night! Oh this is going to be fun, again!" grinned one of the thugs.

"I'll warn you for the last time…" threatened Tsukune as the wind began to inexplicably pick up, his eyes glowing a dark blue, his hair turning a golden blonde, and his size increased as well, he was actually transforming into Razgriz of the demon legends.

"O-O-Oh y-y-yea? You and w-w-what army punk?" stammered the thug who was now obviously frightened.

"This one." Tsukune responded, though at this point he was more of an avatar for demon as he swung his sword, the sheer wind force emanating from the blade knocking the three thugs into a brick wall, thus allowing the woman to run away and escape. Tsukune took a step closer to the three as they tucked tail and ran off scared. With that he took a deep breath as he changed back into himself. He looked around, slightly confused by what had just transpired.

"Wha? What the hell just happened?" Tsukune said to himself as he looked around dumbfounded. Completely lost at that point, he just decided to head back home for the night.


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