In Your Heart

After the 2010 movie, Hatter misses his Alice. Hatter/Alice

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The stars had always been bright in Underland. Always. And Tarrant – 'Hatter' to his friends – had always been fond of them.

Tonight, however, as March Hair, and Mally watched him from the door to the windmill that was their home, neither could see any joy in their friend's stance.

Hatter stood with his head tilted back, hat in his hand, vivid green eyes fixed unwaveringly on the stars above.

"Alice," he whispered, closing his eyes against the welling emotion. "Oh, Alice…"

A few tears escaped before he realized what had happened, but even when he felt them slide down his cheeks, he did not bother to wipe them away.

He missed her. More than he could say, he missed young Alice Kingsley.

In his mind, Hatter touched her porcelain cheek, and she smiled, offering her lips quietly for him. But that was the problem. It was only in his mind. He loved Alice, and would likely never see her again.

So many things he realized he ought to have told her, ought to have done, or shown. Why he hadn't, Tarrant Hightopp would never know.

Especially now. Peace reigned in Underland, and Alice would not return. He would never see her again, but she would always be in his heart.

Still, though, he had to wonder – and that was why he looked to the stars; answers to a painful question

was he in hers?

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Chibi Hatter: I miss Alice…

*picks up chibi Alice from the other end of the couch*

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Chibi's Hatter and Alice: XD