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Chapter One: Welcome to Hueco Mundo, Ben Tennyson.

Ben Tennyson groaned as he slowly opened his eyes.

"What happened?" he asked himself. Last thing he remembered was enjoying a nice smoothie when a strange hole opened up in thin air and he was sucked into it.

Wobbling to his feet, Ben looked around. Much to his surprise, he found himself in some kind of desert. It was night time, obvious from the fact that the sky was dark and there was a crescent moon up there.

"Okay," Ben said. "Where am I?"

He looked to the left, then to the right. Nothing as far as the eye could see. But that changed as soon as he turned around.

"Whoa," he breathed.

Standing in the distance was some kind of massive dome. Ben had never seen that before in his entire life. Did it belong to humans or aliens? Was it safe to go there?

"Well," Ben admitted. "It's better than staying out in the desert and waiting for something to happen." He activated the Ultimatrix and switched the dial to Jet Ray. With that, he slammed down on the dial and transformed into the giant red stingray.

"Jet Ray!" Jet Ray yelled despite the fact that there was no one there to hear it. "Man, I never get tired of that."

Taking off into the sky, Jetray zoomed at his fastest speed to get to the giant dome. As he flew, Jetray thought about the events that brought him to this wasteland.

"Okay, Ben. Think. You were having a smoothy with Gwen and Kevin, then a hole opens up and you get sucked in. But what was that hole in the first place? It didn't look like any portal I had seen before. And what made the portal anyway?"

All this and more jumbled through Ben's mind as he got closer to the giant dome. He wondered what kind of people lived in that dome and if they could help him. But then the possibility that there was no one there at all occurred to Ben. A big dome like that in the middle of a desert? Well, Ben had encountered many bizarre places that turned out not to be deserted. But usually the inhabitants of those places were far from friendly. But just as he was within walking distance of the dome, a giant hand of sand came out of the ground and grabbed Jet Ray in its fist.

"Hey!" Jet Ray yelled. "What in the… Let me go!"

And then Jet Ray saw that the giant hand belong to a giant made of sand. It rose out of the ground and looked at Jet Ray, who was struggling to get out of the giant's clutches.

"Who dares trespass to the sanctity of Las Noches?" the creature bellowed at Jetray. "What manner of creature be you? You are not a Hollow or an Arrancar."

"Las Noches?" Jet Ray asked. "Is that what that dome thing is called?" If he recalled correctly, there was no place on Earth that went by the name of Las Noches. Then again, it sounded Spanish. Did he somehow wind up in Spain? Then he remembered the sand monsters other two questions. "Hollow? Arrancar? What in the world are you talking about? Where am I?"

"Do you jest with me, creature?" the sand giant rumbled. "You expect me to believe that you came to Hueco Mundo by accident."

Hueco Mundo? Ben thought. Was that the name of the desert? Now Ben was really confused. He remembered studying deserts in geography. And he had never heard of a desert called Hueco Mundo.

"Do you take me for a fool, monstrosity?" the sand giant asked.

"Look who's talking," Jet Ray shot back, annoyed that this freak show made of sand had the nerve to call him a monstrosity. "Look, I'm just a little lost that's all. I have no idea where I am or how I got here. Just let me through and see whoever's in charge of this place."

The sand monster bellowed in laughter. "Now I know that you take me for a fool, creature. I allow no intruders to enter the sanctity of Las Noches. Aizen-sama does not need to be bothered by a creature like you."

Jet Ray struggled not to laugh. "Aizen-sama?" he asked. "What kind of a name is that?"

"You dare insult Aizen-sama?" the monster roared. "I'll crush you!"

"Yeah, right," Jet Ray said. He fired neuroshock beams out of his eyes and straight into the sand creature's head. It was a bull's-eye! But Jet Ray's victory was short lived as the beams went through the creature's head and he merely reformed it.

"Uh-oh," was Jet Ray could say.

Roaring, the sand creature raised its fist and slammed it down to the ground. Jet Ray groaned in pain as he struggled to get free. He tried using his beams on the creature's hand. It blasted the fingers, giving Jet Ray enough time to fly out before they reformed. The sand creature tried to swat at Jet Ray, but Jet Ray was much faster and easily his opponents attempts at capturing him. He kept trying his neuroshock blasts on the guy, but it had no effect on the sand body.

"Okay, think," Jet Ray told himself. "Laser beams don't hurt him, so what can?" Then it occurred to him. "Of course."

Jet Ray flew to the ground and landed. The sand creature noticed this and raised its fist again. Quickly, Jetray touched the Ultimatrix dial. In a flash of light, Jet Ray was gone. In his place was a humanoid creature in a redish exo-skeleton with a domed helmet like structure covering the back of his head. Overall, he looked like an oyster or clam on a human-like body.

"Water Hazard!' this new form cried.

"What in all creation…" the sand being said, thrown off the intruder's bizarre transformation.

Thinking quickly, Water Hazard raised his hands.

"You look like you need to cool off," he said and released powerful jets of water out of his hands, drenching the sand being.

"No!" it yelled. "Not water!" It let out a wail of despair that turned into a gurgling.

Water Hazard decided not to take any chances and continued shooting water at it. The sand creature was soon reduced to a pile of mud. Water Hazard took advantage and started running towards the giant dome apparently called Las Noches. Without even looking back to see if the creature had reformed or not, Water Hazard ran towards the wall. He touched the dial and turned into a wide creature with a white front and yellow back.

"Cannonbolt!" he cried before curling up into a ball and smashing through the wall. Seeing that he was inside, Cannonbolt turned back into Ben. He looked at the gaping hole he had just made. He grimaced at the size of it.

"Maybe I should've used Big Chill instead," he said to himself. "That way I could've went through it without smashing it."

Ben decided it was time to look at his surroundings. It looked like some kind of dark tunnel. He couldn't so much as a single thing in front of him. The only light was the light of the moon behind him.

"Oh just great," Ben grumbled. "I can't see a thing in front and I have no idea if there's anyone here who can help me figure out where on Earth am I. That is, if I'm still on Earth."

Ben gulped at the thought. Well, he had never heard of Hueco Mundo and he had no idea what that sand beast was. What really interested him was the fact that his Ultimatrix didn't scan the creature. Just where in the universe had Ben been taken too?

"Well," he finally said. "Guess I have no choice." Taking a deep breath, Ben continued onward into the darkness.

Meanwhile, in another part of Las Noches, a meeting was being held.

"It seems we have an intruder." An intellectual but obnoxious voice said.

"How do you know that, Szayel?" an elder voice asked the first one.

"It was confirmed that our little watchdog at the front gate was defeated?"

"Runuganga was defeated, Zommari?"

"Apparently so, Yammy."

"That's pathetic. What good is a guard if he's can't keep pests out?"

"The question, Nnoitra, is who is this intruder? And why are they here?"

"Do you think Soul Society decided to invade Hueco Mundo?"

"Don't be ridiculous, Yammy. They're still recovering from learning that Aizen-sama was against them. They couldn't have been prepared to attack us so soon."

"Well somebody did, Szayel. And if they were able to defeat Runuganga, then they at least have some skill. No Menos or Gillian would be capable of such a feat."

"An adjuchas, then? It is highly doubtful that it would be a Vasto Lorde."

"Allow me to answer that, my dear Espada."

At once, all the other voice fell silent. This new soft, but more commanding voice spoke now.

"I have already sensed the reiatsu of the intruder. As unique as it seems, the reiatsu belongs to a human."

Gasps were heard all around.

"A human? Aizen-sama, how could a human get to Hueco Mundo, let alone get all the way to Las Noches? A normal human can't even defeat a lowly menos!"

"That is what intrigues me, Nnoitra. This human appears to have potential. But he does not pose a threat to us. So I would like everyone to return to their quarters to await further instructions. I already have plans about to bring in this intruder. Everyone else is too stay out of the way. Is that understood?"

The silence was all the one called Aizen-sama needed to know.


As for Ben, he finally managed to make his way past out of the darkness. Only problem, he found himself in some kind of hallway which broke off in several different directions.

"Aw, man," Ben groaned. "Why can't these things ever be easy for me, just once?"

But Ben knew that complaining wasn't gonna get him out of this. So he debated with himself on which direction he should go.

"Uh," he mumbled. There were so many directions to choose from. He could get lost and possibly be trapped in this strange place forever.

"Something tells me that it might be best if I just stick with going right." Ben decided. Determined to get home as soon as possible, Ben took off with a running start.

Ben was getting frustrated now. He had been running for a long time and it looked like he was getting nowhere fast. The hallway just went on and on.

"Man," Ben whined. "And I though the straight forward way was always the best way."

This was ironic, due to Ben's tendency to jump in without thinking.

But there was something else on Ben's mind besides his annoyance at the unchanging scenery. He was having an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach. Like maybe he shouldn't have come here after all.

"But I need to get home," Ben told himself. "Besides, if anything comes my way, I can handle it."

"Thos are some pretty tough words, Nino," a voice said somewhere above Ben. "I hope you are capable of backing them up."

Ben spun around to see a man leaping across the planks above. A human? Before Ben could do anything, the man did a front flip. But he apparently messed up his timing and wound up slamming his stomach into the next plank. Groaning in man, the strange man fell to the ground. Ben frowned. Who in the world was this guy?

The weird man rose to his feet. He was wearing white clothes with a Spanish sense in them. His hair was arranged to look like horns like the Devil.

"Uh," Ben said. "Who are you?"

The man grinned as he took a fighting stance at Ben. "Allow to me to introduce myself, Nino." He said in a thick Spanish accent. "I am Privaron Espada 103, Dordon Alessandro Del Socacchio."

Ben stared at the man's long name. He also called himself something called a Privaron Espada. What in the world was that? "I'm Ben Tennyson." He was all he could say.

"A pleasure to meet you, Ben Tennyson," Dordonii said. "I hear you're the one who defeated Runuganga."

"Who?" Ben asked in confusion. "Oh you mean that sand guy?"

"Of course," Dordonii said. "You dared to come to the confines of Las Noches, which means you are brave. And you defeated Runuganga, which means that you have fighting skill, Nino. Skills I hope to see in combat."

This threw Ben off. This guy honestly wanted to fight him? No offense to the guy, but he looked like Humungousaur or Fourarms could easily knock him silly. Ben decided to try talking his way out.

"Look," Ben said. "I don't want any trouble. I know this is hard to believe but I just woke up and found myself here. Some portal opened up and dropped me here. I just want to find a way to get back home."

Dordonii's eyes widened in surprise. This boy did not come here of his own free will. Then how did he get here? Was he not the one who defeated Runuganga? Dordonii knew there was only one way to find out.

"Even if you did not come of your own intention, Nino," he told Ben. "You are an intruder. And Aizen-dono does not appreciate intruders."

"Aizen-dono?" Ben asked. "I thought his name was Aizen-sama."

"We all have our different titles of our master Aizen." Dordonii explained. "But you will not get the chance to see him, Nino."

Ben glared at him. "So nothing I say can change your mind?"

"If you manage to defeat me, Nino," Dordonii told him. "Then perhaps I can convince Aizen to let you go home."

This was a complete lie, but Dordonii was hoping that it would motivate Ben.

Show me what you have, Nino. He thought.

Ben let out a groan. This just wasn't his day. Or night. Or whatever.

"Fine," Ben groaned as he activated the Ultimatrix. "But don't come crying to me when I kick your butt."

Dordonii grinned again. "I'm afraid your butt is the one that's going to be kicked, Nino."

Ben grinned now as he activated the Ultimatrix. "We'll see about that."

He slammed the dial down. In a blinding flash of light, Ben was now a big, red, muscular being with four eyes and four massive arms. He wore garments similar to that of a gladiator and a wrestler.

"Fourarms!" he roared.

This took Dordonii by surprise. "What in the world are you, Nino?" he cried out in shock.

Fourarms grinned as he cracked all his knuckles. "I'm the one who's going to kick your butt."

Wasting no time, Fourarms charged at Dordonii. Two of his fists pulled back to punch him. But just as Fourarms was about to land a blow, Dordonii vanished.

"Huh?" Fourarms asked. He stopped his charge in confusion. Suddenly a foot struck him in the back and he went flying forward before crashing into the ground. Groaning, Fourarms got to his feet and turned around to see Dordonii behind him with a smug look on his face.

"One of the biggest rules of fighting, Nino," he said. "Never judge your opponent by his appearance."

Fourarms started. This guy had not only managed to dodge at XLR8's speed, but he kicked with enough force to send Ben flying as Fourarms. Who was this guy?

"Your form appears strong, Nino," Dordonii commented. "But it is far too slow to be a threat to me. And here you were, bragging about going to kick my butt."

Fourarms ignored him and charged again. This time, Dordonii leaped into the air and swung his leg down. Fourarms raised all four of his arms to block the attack, and still he found himself being pushed down. How in the world was this guy so strong?

"If that is all you can do, Nino," Dordonii said. "Then our fight is already over. Pity. I was hoping for more of a challenge."

"You want a challenge?" Fourarms asked. "I'll give you one."

He touched the Ultimatrix dial. This time he transformed into a massive dinosaur.

"Humungousaur!" he roared out. Dorodonii laughed in excitement.

"Ah, so you do have more tricks up your sleeve, Nino." He complimented. "But says doesn't always matter."

"No," Humungousaur agreed. "But it sure does help."

Humungousaur brought one giant fist down on where Dordonii was standing. But once again, the strange man vanished from sight. Humungousaur's fist merely hit the ground, creating a sizable hole in it.

"How is he doing that?" Humungousaur asked aloud. That's when he felt a foot connect with his face. While it wasn't as hard as it was when he was Fourarms, it was enough to numb the side of his face. He growled when he saw Dordonii standing in front of him.

"It is my Sonido, Nino." He told Humungousaur. "You will need more than size and brute strength if you want to get out of here alive, Nino."

Humungousaur growled. Already this guy's stuck up attitude was getting on his nerves. Fine. The guy wanted speed? He'd give him speed. He touched the dial again and turned into Jetray. Before Dordonii could do anything, Jetray fired neuroshock beams out of his eyes. The surprised Dordonii was blasted backwards and off his feet.

"How about that?" Jet Ray asked, satisfied at watching his annoying opponent taking a blow.

"Much better, Nino." Dordonii complimented. "Seems I was the one who underestimated you, this time. Just how many of those things can you turn into?"

"Yeah right," Jet Ray said. "Like I'd tell you that."

"Ah," Dordonii laughed. "Choosing to keep tricks up your sleeve, eh? Good, Nino, good. Now it's my turn to fight seriously."

Jet Ray tensed up.

"Whirl!" Dordonii yelled. "Giralda."

Jet Ray's eyes widened. Dordonii now had strange horn like structures attached to his shoulders now. And wind was blowing out of them to form two strange snake-like creatures.

"Whoa," Jet Ray said. "I didn't see that one coming."

Dordonii laughed. "It seems that we both are full of surprises, Ben Tennyson. Now let us see who truly is the stronger one, Nino!"

The two wind snakes shot forward at Jet Ray, who quickly maneuvered out of the way and began firing blasts out of his tail. Dordonii only gave minor grunts of pain. That's when one of the wind snakes slammed into Jet Ray from behind. But Jet Rat quickly recovered and charged at Dordonnii.

Very impressive, Nino. Instead of attacking the weapon, you choose to attack the wielder. You are very resourceful, Nino.

But Dordonii side stepped at the last minute, causing Jet Ray to miss him. Dordonii took advantage of this to slam a kick in Jet Ray. He slammed into the wall. But he quickly recovered and shot neuroshock blasts out of his eyes. But Dordonii had one of his wind snakes block the attack. But the eye beams managed to cut through the wind snake and shot into Dordonii's shoulder. He hissed in pain.

"Ha!" Jet Ray laughed. "Not so tough now, huh?"

Dordonii smiled at Jet Ray. "I don't remember saying that I give up, Nino."

Jet Ray grinned at him. "What a coincidence. Neither did I."

Dordonii sent his second snake charging at Jet Ray the same time the Aerophibian fired his neuroshock blasts again. Although Jet Ray's blast went through it just like the last one, it apparently didn't kill it. Both snakes charged at Jet Ray, who flew away at the last second. This caused both wind snakes to crash into the wall. Jet Ray immediately took this opportunity to slam Dordonii into the ground.

"Give up, Dordonii," Jet Ray said. "We don't need to fight."

Dordonii looked at Jet Ray. "Have you ever killed before, Ben Tennyson?"

This was one question that Jet Ray never expected.

"Heh," Dordonii said at Jet Ray's silence. "Then you as good as dead, Nino. Even if you defeat me, there are ten far more powerful Arrancar waiting for you. They are the Espada, the most powerful of Aizen-dono's army. To even have a hope of defeating them, you will have to become like the devil himself. Show any compassion in Hueco Mundo, and you will find a blade in your back."

Jet Ray shivered at Dordonii's words. Now he was more determined than ever to get out of here.

"But there is no need for me to talk about you going up against the Espada," Dordonii continued. "Because it looks like you won't even defeat me, Nino."

Jet Ray glared at Dordonii. "Oh no?" he asked before firing neuroshock blasts point black at Dordonii. It didn't kill the Privaron Espada, but the point blank blast to his head certainly did hurt. Not to mention it blasted off a good amount of his frontal hair. Despite this, Dordonii just smiled.

"So, you want to fight dirty, Nino? I can do that."

He slammed a fist into Jet Ray. The blow sent Jet Ray crashing into the ceiling. Grunting in pain, Jet Ray finally found himself fed up.

"Okay," he said. "I starting to get really annoyed."

"Then strike me down, Nino!" Dordonii yelled back to him. "If you can!"

"Fine by me!" Jet Ray yelled. He zoomed down, dodging the wind snakes and fired a triple blast out of his eyes and his tail. The blasts struck Dordonii right in the face, the combined power knocking him off his feet and slamming into the wall. But Jet Ray didn't let off his attack. Once he was certain that the blast had frazzled Dordonii enough, he turned into Humungousaur.

"Nighty night, Dordonii," Humungousaur said. He grabbed the frazzled Dordonii and body slammed him into the ground. He hoped that had been enough to knock Dordonii out, but Dordonii was still standing.

"Will you just stay down?" he asked in annoyance. He considered becoming Ultimate Humungousaur, but decided against it. With no other choice, Humungousaur increased his size until there was hardly any room to move. He raised one gigantic fist and brought it down on Dordonii. The result was a massive crater in the ground. Tired, Ben turned back to normal. Cautiously, he noticed that Dordonii was dazed and stunned, but still not out.

"Man," Ben said. "What is this guy made of?"

But Ben saw that this might be his chance. He had to get out now. The question was, which was should he go? Going forward would most likely bring an encounter with those Espada people he was told about. But going backwards would be nothing but a desert wasteland. As Ben considered his options, he decided to take his chances with the desert rather than meet anyone who was stronger than Dordonii.

But that's when something struck Ben in the back of the neck and darkness covered his vision.

Next thing Ben knew was voices.

"He's just a boy! How did a boy get to Las Noches, let alone Hueco Mundo." Two different said right after another.

"He looks weak," said another voice. "I know Dordonii is nothing more than a Privaron Espada but I didn't think he was weak enough to get beaten by a kid."

"Appearances aren't everything, Nnoitra. You of all people should know that."

"Be quiet, Szayel or I'll…"

"That's enough, Nnoitra."

This last voice sent shivers down Ben's spine. It sounded soft and kind, but there something hidden in the tone that made you frozen with fear.

"I believe our guest has regained consciousness now," the voice said. "You can get up now."

Personally, Ben thought it would be safer if he just played dead. But he had no idea who he was up against and didn't want to find out what they'd do if he didn't listen. So, Ben slowly got to his feet, his vision slowly returning to him.

"Tell me, boy," the voice said. "What is your name?"

"Ben Tennyson," Ben said automatically. He mentally cringed. In the movies, the hero doesn't give the villains his identity.

"Well, Ben Tennyson. Welcome to Las Noches."

Ben could see now that he was in some kind of dimly lit, but extremely massive room.

"Where am I?" Ben asked aloud.

"You are in my throne room, Ben Tennyson."

Ben turned around. In front of him was a large table with ten different people sitting at it. Each one looking at Ben as if sizing him up. They were all wearing white clothing of various nature and Ben could see swords at some of their sides. Ben's hand automatically reached for the Ultimatrix. These people were probably the Espada that Dordonii mentioned.

"Ah," said a new, mocking voice. "No need to get hostile. We're all friends here."

Ben looked at the end of the table to see a man sitting there. He had brown hair that was mostly slicked back except for a single strand. On either side of the man were two different people. One appearead African American with some kind of visor like object covering his eyes. The second man had silverish hair, a creepy smile, and eyes that were in slits so narrow that he couldn't guy if the guy's eyes were closed.

"Hiya, Ben," the silver haired man said. "How are ya?"

Ben didn't say anything. Mainly because he didn't know what to say.

"So tell me, Ben Tennyson," the brown haired man said. "What brings you to Hueco Mundo?"

Gulping, Ben decided to go with honesty. This man had to be this Aizen-sama or dono or whatever that he kept hearing about.

"To be honest, I don't know." He admitted. "One minute, I'm relaxing at Mr. Smoothy. Suddenly this hole opens up and the next thing I knew, I found myself here."

"Really?" the man asked with interest and amusement. "How unfortunate."

"Aizen-sama," said on the men. This one had long black hair, an eye-patch, and a creepy smile that practically screamed danger as soon as Ben laid on eyes on him.

"Yes, Nnoitra," Aizen asked him.

"Are you going to kill him?" the one called Nnoitra asked.

Ben's eyes widened.

"Aizen-sama," said a spectacled man with pinkish hair. "If you have no use for him, I would gladly use him for my experiments. I'm sure I could turn this human into something useful."

"I wanna know how a kid got all the way into Las Noches," said a massive, muscular man with some sort of jawbone attached to his lower one. "And how the heck this guy managed to beat Dordonii."

"Yes," Aizen nodded. "I am curious as to how young Ben Tennyson managed to do so. Would you mind sharing with us, Ben?"

Ben naturally took a step back. The massive one got out from his chair.

"If you want, Aizen-sama, I can make this kid tell us."

"Go ahead, Yammy," Aizen said. "But try to not kill him."

"Heh," the one called Yammy sneered. "That looks like it shouldn't be a problem." He began walking towards Ben.

Quickly, Ben activated the Ultimatrix.

"I don't think so," he cried before slamming down on the dial.

"Humungousaur!" he roared.

Well that got the attention of everybody in the room. They just saw a human boy turn into some kind of dinosaur as big as Yammy.

"What the…" was all Yammy could get out as Humungousaur crashed his fist into Yammy's face. The blow was enough to knock Yammy off his feet and sent him slamming on the table. The others merely watched as Yammy got back up to his feet, extremely mad.

"That does it, kid!" He raised his fist as if to punch Humungousaur. Suddenly a sort of red light formed around his fist. He then punched the air, but the red ball that had formed around his fist shot out as a ball of some kind of energy and slammed into Humungousaur. Humungousaur groaned in pain as it hit him.

"You ticked me off, kid." Yammsent him slamming on the table. The others merely watched as Yammy got back up to his feet, extremely mad.

"That does it, kid!" He raised his fist as if to punch Humungousaur. Suddenly a sort of red light formed around his fist. He then punched the air, but the red ball that had formed around his fist shot out as a ball of some kind of energy and slammed into Humungousaur. Humungousaur groaned in pain as it hit him.

"You ticked me off, kid." Yammy said. "Now I'm gonna pound you within an inch of your life."

He began bombarding Humungousaur with this strange fist attacks. Humungousaur couldn't even get close enough to lay a blow. He knew that he needed some fire power.

"Time to go Ultimate!" he yelled. Twisting the Ultimatrix dial, he slammed it again. This time, his body became wider, green and more like an Ankylousaurus.

"Ultimate Humungousaur!" he yelled. He took advantage of Yammy's stupefied look to turn his hands into missile launchers and began blasting Yammy. The blasts didn't really do significant damage to him, but they were hitting his head and face, so he couldn't really do much. Humungousaur saw his chance and charged forward. By the time Yammy could see anything, Ultimate Humungousaur slammed both of his fists into Yammy's gut. The blow sent him crashing back into the table.

Yammy got back up angrily. Snarling, he was about to pull his sword out when…

"That's enough, Yammy." Aizen said.

Yammy and Ben both looked at Aizen, who continued to have that smile on his face.

"I see now that young Ben is more than capable of defending himself." He said. Then he turned to look at Ben. "That is quite a unique power you have, Ben. I am impressed. You may change back now."

Ultimate Humungousaur didn't budge.

"Aizen-sama gave you an order!" Yammy yelled.

"It's okay, Yammy," Aizen said while sipping from a cup of tea. "Due to our reception, it is understandable for Ben to be cautious. Tell me, Ben. Am I correct in assuming that your "Humungousaur" as you called it, is not the only thing you can turn into?"

Ultimate Humungousaur's eyes widened in surprise.

"You defeated both Runuganga and Dordonii," Aizen explained. "That form alone could not have defeated them. And am I correct in assuming that your power comes from that device that was on your human wrist?"

Ultimate Humungousaur snarled.

"You truly are unique, Ben Tennyson. I have never seen a power like yours. I believe you could have a use for you."

"What?" the one called Nnoitra yelled. "You're want this worthless human to join us?"

"Worthless?" Aizen asked with a smile. "I think not. Young Ben could truly be helpful."

"Look," Ultimate Humungousaur said. "I appreciate the offer but I just wanna get home."

Ultimate Humungousaur tensed when he noticed that some of the Espada, namely Nnoitra and some blue haired guy, were snickering at this. Aizen, however, was focused on Ben.

"I have something I need help with, Ben," Aizen said. "If you help me, I can return you to your home."

Ben turned back to normal. But he was still uneasy. Aizen looked friendly enough, but he had allowed that Yammy guy to try and beat him up. Did Aizen know that he could take of himself? Either way, Ben wanted to go home and if this Aizen guy wanted Ben to do anything shady, he would just refuse to do it. He had the power of the Ultimatrix at this side. He had defeated countless foes and always came out on top. Not even Aizen and his Espada would be able to defeat him.

"Alright," he said. "I'll help you."

Aizen smiled what seemed to be a genuine friendly smile.

"Wonderful. Welcome to Hueco Mundo, Ben Tennyson."

End of Chapter