Chapter 1


Hey, my name is Isabella Swan. Old fashioned right? Well that's because I'm not from this time period. But know-body knows that. Too them I'm just the freaky, hot, at the same time gorgeous, weird girl who likes to keep herself to herself. I move on before people begin too suspect. Never settle or people will notice you don't change. That's one thing my creator taught me. I've got no family. No friends. Know they died along time ago. Even my creator decided to give up on me. I'm just a shell with no soul. Empty, that's one word to describe me.

I know what you're thinking though, what the hell am I? Well I'm the bad guy. I'm incredibly fast and strong, my skin is pale white and ice cold. I can't go out in the sunlight or someone will no I'm not human. They'll no I'm not… normal. And they'll be right because I'm not. I'm a vampire. But I'm a vegetarian vampire. That's a little inside joke between the Denali coven and me. We don't drink human blood, something very rare for our kind, we hunt animals. My personal favourite, Mountain Lion, however the big grizzlies are fun to tease. Trying to rip you to shreds when really all you feel is a tickle.

Anyway back to my story.

I was dying of the Spanish influenza in 1918 at the age of 17. Forever 17, ever girls wish, except it wasn't mine. Laurent, my creator, only changed the dying. He believed we have souls, believed we can be good. That was until the wolves killed him on his way to Alaska. And yes by that I mean werewolves. Many people believe they don't exist but I know different. Though, how many people do you know that believe in vampires? They're my enemies, the worst element of my existence.

I moved around for a bit after that, trying different animals, seeing different cultures. But I decided to begin to settle, I could stand being around humans for longer now and my eyes were no longer bright red. So I enrolled in school, stayed for a few years then moved on, not to start suspicion. Don't want the Volturi getting involved. That's been my life cycle for the last 100 or so years.

I never had a mate and I never felt the need for one. I'd seen the love in action but I can't say I would want that. But I don't particularly know what it feels like to be loved either. Yeah I had boys begging at my feet, but that's not love. Anyway there just mere humans. Laurent had a mate. Irina they called her. Part of the Denali coven.

She was broken about Laurent and wanted revenge. That was almost as tempting as human blood, but I couldn't I made a treaty with the wolves and I planned on sticking to it. They think there so high and mighty but I could have anyone of them at my feet at any time I wanted it. They acted strong but I saw into there minds they were pretty much worse as the boys at my last school. Typical teenage boys with hormones. Imagining being by my side day after day. How we'd be a strong united force. Disgusting it was. And don't get me started on the smell.

I don't know whether you've figured it out yet but I also have an extra 'gift'. It's more like a punishment if you ask me. Reading people's minds is not all its cracked up to be. Sometimes you just want silence. Except you never get it. All you here is the selfish murmuring of the human mind. That's why I took some time out after my last school. To get peace. However I am slightly nervous about starting school again. I haven't been around humans in a while and it makes me anxious.

And that's my story. How I ended up here in Forks, Washington. Little did I know what I was about to find. And little did I know is that it's what I've been searching for all along